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East PoS gets six for a nine

East Port of Spain residents were hopping mad yesterday and took to the streets to protest about getting a six for a nine from National Security Minister Jack Warner. Literally.

Last week, Warner said that his “People and Projects for Progress” would create jobs, end poverty and reduce crime in East Port of Spain. Residents argue that, not for the first time, the former FIFA vice-president got his figures wrong.

“They say they want peace in the community but how it could have peace in the community and you paying we $69 a day,” said one female resident, “while I hear them gang leaders and them getting $4,000 a fortnight.”

Mr Live Wire cannot remember so many people getting hot and bothered about a 69 since a local beauty queen lost a home-made video and ended up embroiled in a sex scandal.

Angry residents vowed to keep protesting until the remuneration package is suitably adjusted. In the meantime, Wired868 suggests that, regardless of age or sex, the protestors should all register teams in the “Hoops of Life” competition.

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