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Carlos’ Miracle on 34th Street

Carlos John, the former UNC Minister of Works, is a firm believer in the spirit of Christmas.

In December 2010, John, who faces fraud charges for his role in the Piarco Airport scandal, applied to the Transport Commissioner to reserve number 34 for his next vehicle, which was a two-door silver Mercedes Benz for his daughter.

He told the Trinidad Express that he could not recall the reason for his choice.

Incidentally, that same December, AG Anand Ramlogan decided not to appeal for the extradition of John’s alleged co-conspirators, Ish Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson, and, weeks later, he announced that the Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act would soon be brought to Parliament.

That Act was eventually proclaimed early hours before Independence Day 2012, under the direction of Justice Minister Herbert Volney, with the controversial section 34 inserted that could yet allow the likes of John, Galbaransingh and company to walk free.

John, oddly enough, was Volney’s campaign manager in the May 2010 general election.

I know what you’re thinking. That there is no Santa Claus, right?

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that, in December 2010, John had just rented “Miracle on 34th Street” in which that jolly round fellow—Santa not Volney—was cross-examined by sceptics.

Photo: Are you Kris Kringle in disguise?

“If this court finds that Mr. Kringle is not who he says he is, that there is no Santa,” said Kris Kringle’s attorney, Bryan Bedford. “I ask the court to judge which is worse: A lie that draws a smile or a truth that draws a tear.”

Overcome by emotion, John probably called the Transport Commissioner and booked number 34. Volney, who we cannot confirm to have been John’s movie date, might have been similarly moved.

For Trinidad and Tobago citizens who trust in that magical time of the year, Wired868 urges you to end this witch hunt.

For those who do not believe in flying reindeer and a fat philanthropist who sneaks down chimneys, please feel free to keep on cross-examining.

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  1. Of course he cannot “recall”, cause we chupid rite?!?

  2. Keep on cross-examining, yes! 🙂