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Gopeesingh wrongs Wight; police not serious

Education Minister Tim Gopeesingh, who is famed for his condescending lectures to teachers, union representatives and parents, was presumably left red-faced after a video showed his cutlass-wielding son, Shane Gopeesingh, apparently assaulting the 56-year-old Gregory Wight outside Brooklyn Bar.

At least “humble pie” is a safer treat than doubles these days.

In other news, the local police reported a 100 percent drop in serious crime in Woodbrook.

Wired868 can only assume that the violent conclusion to Wight’s doubles meal is being treated as a health issue. Either that or the Police Service is as shaky in mathematics as it is in investigative work.



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  1. Steups. This is such an idiotic post… You are not funny.

  2. Shame on Shane! If Gopeesingh cannot even instill anything resembling good values in his son, what hope our education system could have in him?