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Action man wows Beverly Hills

Laventille was left in awe of the “Action Man” this weekend as, within hours of promising a National Security branch in Beverly Hills, excavators were already clearing the land.

“I must say that it is very good and he showing that for a minister, he care about the people and he answering our cries for help,” Motivational Movers president Kwesi Sealy told the Trinidad Express. “I mean one day he was here and the next he organised for things to happen.”

Motivational Movers is one of two contracting firms reportedly hired for work on the project.

Sealy admitted that there was no completion date or costing for the job.

“We still needed to sort out everything,” said Sealy.

National Security Minister and ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner—or, as he prefers, the “Action Man”—has made a habit of refusing to be bogged down by abstract terms like budgets, tendering processes and long-term planning. It is only taxpayers’ money after all.

Laventille also has its share of enterprising residents who ignore the law for short-term gain. Only, in their cases, such buccaneering spirit rarely leads to a long-term career.

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  1. How ridiculous can one get! Imagine starting a project before it is even planned!

  2. Whoppee! Fool some of the people some of the time!

  3. Oh yes, why worry about such mundane things as budgets and tendering? That would put a damper on his “action” plans…too much time and thought involved…