Motorists lose chunk of highway and good manners

The sudden collapse of six feet of the Beetham Highway yesterday afternoon prompted concerned Sea Lots resident Gabriel Garraway to race on to the road to warn motorists.

According to Trinidad Express reporter Joel Julien, Garraway was cheerily and graciously greeted by one driver who told him: “Get out of the f***ing road, you figure you are police or what?!”

Ironically, if Garraway was a law officer and chose to alert the motorist to danger with a slap across the chops as sumptuous as a Brian Lara hook, the driver is unlikely to have been pleased either.

Wired868 believes all possible causes of road rage should be thoroughly investigated including the volume of lead fumes on the highways, excessive political commentary by radio stations and failure to check our Good Morning segment daily.

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  1. LOL So typical of many ignorant and “ignorant” Trini drivers! Trying to help them is usually not greeted with anything close to gratitude!

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