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Acting CoP loses his bearings

“Reprehensible, unacceptable, unprofessional.”

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams was referring to the slap meted out by a plainclothes police officer to citizen Terrence Augustine, which was posted on youtube, rather than his own decision to make a public statement on a matter that is still being investigated.

Williams was not so bold when asked about Collin “I’m not drunk” Partap.

Partap lost his Cabinet portfolio and became a part-time KMC-impersonator on 26 August 2012 after reaching to turn on his air condition and mistakenly initiating the police lights, requesting water but getting champagne, ringing his lawyer but ending up with the acting Police Commissioner and allegedly believing he could wait until he sobered up before taking the breathalyser.

Hey, mistakes happen when you’re intoxicated.

Williams was not so flippant with an opinion on Partap though and said he would not try that matter in public.

Wired868 is uncertain whether Williams meant to reprimand his feisty plainclothes officer or give him grounds for an appeal by speaking out of turn. Or whether the Police Service is deliberately keeping its cards hidden from Partap.

Or perhaps someone else had a sip from Partap’s water bottle and got confused.

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  1. Part-time KMC impersonator! lol