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Police corner Facebook taggers… Criminals are next

Ever tagged anyone on Facebook without asking first? Please turn yourself in at the nearest Police Station.

Wired868 exaggerates only slightly; Police Service public information officer, Sgt Wayne Mystar, conceded yesterday that a solitary tag might be overlooked as some people “make mistakes.” More than one, though, and you can have the Cyber Crime Unit on your tail.

“I have been reliably told by one of our experts about the issue of tagging,” said Sgt Mystar, at yesterday’s press briefing. “… For tagging photos, you need to get authorisation. The whole aspect of seeking permission for the person to say that I want my picture here or I don’t want my picture here, those are simple integrity issues that need to be addressed.”

If one wanted to restore the country’s integrity, who can argue that Facebook is the best starting point rather than say crime-stricken neighbourhoods or at political or CFU gatherings?

Mystar said the Cyber unit, which decided to allow “poking”, has its hands full.

“They are over-worked and have a lot of cases coming to hand and are working feverishly to get on top of things and make the necessary arrests,” said Mystar.

Wired868 recommends that anyone perturbed by taggers should stop whining and change his or her privacy settings. And, on behalf of our readers, we beg Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs to order his officers off Facebook during work hours.

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