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Dear Editor: A Tale of Two Critics; why Bourdain’s T&T review was ultimately tasty

“[Anthony] Bourdain doesn’t concern himself about whether the food is too much for his ‘tummy’—as [Megan Ogilvie gripes—he explores and situates the cuisine within Trinidad’s history: doubles, roti, fish, kibbeh, pastelles, souse, callaloo, crab and dumplings… the delicious and unique list goes on.” The following Letter to the Editor was submitted …

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The Troll War: Obama losing ground in new age Russian battle

Even former US Republican vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, is probably aware that there is something going on in Syria these days. Yesterday, United Nations investigators confirmed that Syrian rebels were subjected to the worst chemical attack witnessed in 25 years and the trajectory of the rockets shows they were fired …

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Moonilal leaves Canada dry on SNC-Lavalin contract

The People’s Partnership insisted, during the last general election campaign, that they would stop foreign “smart men” from plundering the treasury and, arguably, got off to a good start by elevating home-grown smart man Jack Warner to a series of senior Cabinet positions. But the State might have slipped back …

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Guardian pulls “a Moyes” on transfer deadline day

The global transfer window has made fools of many a football club; the looming deadline calls for nerves of steel, meticulous planning and, most of all, shrewd negotiating skill. Of course, not everyone has it. While new Manchester United boss David Moyes chased a largely unknown, scrawny 24-year-old kid from …

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Good God: Would T&T politicians follow papal example?

Pope Emeritus, who was born Joseph Ratzinger, grew up to become Pope Benedict XVI but then opted for a final name change before his death, has allegedly revealed the truth behind his stunning resignation as Pope. “God told me to do it,” the ex-Pope supposedly told an unnamed visitor, according …

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