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Guardian pulls “a Moyes” on transfer deadline day

The global transfer window has made fools of many a football club; the looming deadline calls for nerves of steel, meticulous planning and, most of all, shrewd negotiating skill. Of course, not everyone has it.

While new Manchester United boss David Moyes chased a largely unknown, scrawny 24-year-old kid from Bilbao named Ander Herrera; wily Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger signed 24-year-old Real Madrid star and former La Liga winner, Mesut “King Fish” Ozil.

Photo: German midfield star Mesut Ozil
Photo: German midfield star Mesut Ozil

Ozil has 47 caps for Germany, a La Liga title and has already proven himself in the European Champions League as well as on the international stage at the Euro Championship and World Cup. Herrera watches Spain play on television like the rest of us.

At least Manchester United did not let its two best investigative reporters, Anika Gumbs-Sandiford and Denyse Renne, and sharp columnist, Dr Sheila Rampersad, leave and replaced them with PP-compatible political scientist Dr Hamid Ghany. The Trinidad Guardian did though.

So, as the Trinidad Express paraded the authors of scoops like Reshmi Ramnarine and Section 34, Guardian is trying to convince staff that it is lucky to have the man who once wrote that the “developed world” supports the People’s Partnership’s State of Emergency and hoped to take lessons from “Kamla’s defining moment.”

That should end speculation about political interference in the Guardian newsroom. Ghany was tipped to become Speaker of the House in January; maybe he just finally landed the job.

Someone else at the Guardian was happy to get in on the transfer action.

Photo: Gareth Bale must be rubbish... The Trinidad Guardian expects Real Madrid to loan him straight out to AC Milan.
Photo: Gareth Bale must be rubbish… The Trinidad Guardian expects Real Madrid to loan him straight out to AC Milan.

The daily newspaper’s back page today suggested that Welsh star Gareth Bale had just completed a record move to Milan and not Real Madrid. At least Guardian has not lost its ability to pull off stunning scoops.

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  1. LL,
    This is briliant stuff, not just having the idea for the association but the ability to pull it off. You are truly gifted.

  2. ohhhhh sheittttt

  3. The Guardian signed Bale to Milan, well done Guardian.

  4. Lester Henry

    Yes, the Guardian is playing “bite-for-bite” with an aligator in the form of the PP non-government. They will soon discover (if not already) that it never pays to give the Aligator the first bite!!

  5. Rhoda Bharath

    You have me rolling here, Wired.