TTFA pays four match fees but Warriors maintain strike threat; DJW urged to reveal contracts with foreign FAs

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The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) has paid match fees to its Men’s National Senior Team players for four of six outstanding games, although president David John-Williams is believed to remain some distance from mending his relationship with the Soca Warriors.

On Tuesday 18 December, Wired868 revealed exclusively that the TTFA owed players for outings against Mexico (6 October 2017), USA (10 October 2017), Grenada (11 November 2017), United Arab Emirates (6 September 2018), Thailand (14 October 2018) and Iran (15 November 2018).

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago right back Alvin Jones (right) smashes a long ranged free kick towards the USA goal during 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 10 October 2017.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

The players were owed US$1,500 for their World Cup qualifying win over the United States and US$1,000 for their qualifying loss to Mexico, while all their remaining matches were valued at US$300 each.

On the same day of Wired868’s report, a player—who spoke on condition of anonymity—said John-Williams finally authorised payment for their games away to Thailand and Iran. Ironically, the controversial administrator then paid for the Mexico and UAE fixtures within hours of our second story on Christmas Eve. As a result, this article was updated to reflect the fact that the TTFA has now paid four match fees, as opposed to two.

However, thus far, the Warriors remain adamant that they will not represent their country in a friendly international away to Wales on 20 March 2019 unless the TTFA wipes out its entire debt to players and staff, which was given at TT$707,000 before last week’s payment.

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Even if the TTFA’s meets its financial obligation to players on time, there is growing dissent regarding the US$300 match fees offered by John-Williams, which is less than a third of the US$1,000 per game provided by his predecessor, Raymond Tim Kee.

Last November, Minnesota United attacking midfielder Kevin Molino allegedly refused to play for the current match fee. And, after John-Williams boasted about getting his players to accept the vastly reduced sum—during a TV6 interview—at least one other overseas-based player vowed to join Molino on the sidelines in 2019.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago playmaker Kevin Molino (left) celebrates his goal against Costa Rica with teammate Joevin Jones during 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the National Stadium in San José on 13 June 2017.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA Images/Wired868)

An anonymous National Senior Team player said they will again approach John-Williams on the matter. Last November, the players asked the TTFA to at least pay US$800 per game. Several players told Wired868 that the football president promised to pay US$500 and to raise the fee to US$600, as soon as the body’s financial health improved.

However, John-Williams allegedly reneged on his verbal proposal and continued to offer US$300 match fees.

“We have to speak about match fees,” said the player. “I don’t think much of the players are willing to play for US$300 anymore.”

Part of the players’ concern is that the TTFA received appearance fees from their away matches against the UAE, Thailand and Iran. So why were they not immediately paid from that money?

Board member Keith Look Loy confirmed that the TTFA’s match contracts were never brought before the board and, over the weekend, he urged John-Williams to be transparent about financial arrangements for the international games.

“I have read with alarm recent reports regarding he non-payment of outstanding match fees to MSNT players, dating back to our last WC 2020 qualifying match against USA,” Look Loy stated in a letter to John-Williams, which was copied to the entire board. “As we are all aware, the TTFA Board has had no involvement with the recent round of international friendlies being played by our SMNT, nor has it approved any contact for same.

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (right) smiles with fourth official Cecile Hinds before the First Citizens Bank Cup final between Defence Force and Ma Pau Stars at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 2 December 2016.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

“I would, therefore, appreciate a copy of any contract for the matches played recently, or to be played in 2019, i.e. against Thailand, UAE, Iran, Wales.

“Further, given the problems with the participation of our national teams at all levels in international competition, I wish to know how you propose [the] TTFA should proceed on this front in 2019 and beyond.

“I await your response.”

Thus far, John-Williams has not responded to his board or Wired868 regarding the unpaid fees or international match contracts for National Senior Team matches.

John-Williams further irked local stakeholders last week when he travelled to the FIFA Forward Programme 2.0 Workshop at Barbados’ Hilton hotel with former Trinidad and Tobago Super League (TTSL) general secretary Camara David for company.

According to FIFA, the workshop—which is meant to bring member associations “up to speed with the new funding opportunities available”—is designed for “presidents, general secretaries, development officers and finance directors” of the various associations.

However, John-Williams did not invite current general secretary Justin Latapy-George and took David instead.

Photo: TTFA general secretary Justin Latapy-George (left) chats with ex-TTSL general secretary Camara David at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on 10 April 2017.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

John-Williams and Latapy-George have had a strained relationship over the past three months with the TTFA general secretary sensationally revealing, two months ago, that his president ordered him to hide the resignation of vice-president Joanne Salazar from the board.

John-Williams subsequently advised Latapy-George, whose contract expired last month, to start looking for a new job. The football president is expected to decide on the general secretary matter when the marathon AGM ends with the final reconvened meeting next month.

In the TTFA’s reconvened AGM on 9 December, Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association vice-president Osmond Downer moved a motion urging John-Williams to take Latapy-George’s satisfactory work into account when considering the renewal of his contract.

The meeting voted in favour of the motion.

Look Loy suggested that John-Williams’ decision to take David—who is widely regarded as the president’s new man of business and general secretary-in-waiting—to the FIFA workshop was disrespectful to the will of the membership and classless, considering that Latapy-George remains on the job.

“The continuous duplicity of DJW is a stain on our country, our football and our football association,” Look Loy told Wired868. “How is it possible that the leaders of football—the members of the ttfa board and general meeting—could continue to accept the president’s never ending disrespect for the constitution and institutions of the TTFA, even in the face of his almost daily mismanagement and deceit?

Photo: Then TTSL interim executive (From left to right) Lt Ryan Ottley (TTSL interim VP), Keith Look Loy (TTSL interim President), Minister Darryl Smith, Camara David (TTSL Secretary), Kester Lendor (TTSL interim Assistant Secretary) and Quincy Jones (interim Board member).
(Courtesy TTSL)

“Camara David does not exist within the framework of our football. He holds no office nor is he employed anywhere in football. Surely, his tagging along with DJW to Barbados was an act completely lacking in ethics and legality.

“[…] The blame for all of DJW’s shenanigans rests squarely on the drooping shoulders of the TTFA board and the TTFA general meeting, which both refuse to rein him in, and dismiss him as he should be.”

Central Football Association (CFA) general secretary Clynt Taylor also called for clarity from John-Williams on the fate of his general secretary while FC Santa Rosa official Jason Laban described the TTFA president’s behaviour as grossly disrespectful.

However if, as expected, John-Williams recommends that David replace Latapy-George next month, he will have some support from the TTFA constitution.

At the reconvened AGM earlier this month, the John-Williams pointed to article 36(f) of the constitution which states that the board of directors: “shall appoint or dismiss the General Secretary on the proposal of the President.”

Downer, one of the framers of the constitution, told John-Williams then that his interpretation of his powers on the issue was a violation of the spirit of the constitution.

Photo: (From right) TTFA president David John-Williams, Sport Minister Shamfa Cudjoe and FIFA official Veron Mosengo-Omba inspect the TTFA’s Home of Football in Couva on 20 August 2018.
(Courtesy MSYA)

“That is an error; it should be shall consider the appointment of dismissal of the General Secretary on the proposal of the President,” Downer told the meeting. “Otherwise why go to the board with it at all? It must be up to the board to make the final consideration for appointment or dismissal; otherwise the president can select anybody he wants—even members of his family—and it must be done because of the word ‘shall’.”

Without an amendment to the constitution, John-Williams is likely to win that war although it could mean that David’s official tenure starts on awkward footing.

David, arguably, has already began to act as general secretary, even with Latapy-George still on the job.

Editor’s Note: TTFA president David John-Williams completed payment of match fees for the Mexico and UAE friendlies AFTER our second report on the issue on 24 December. This article has been updated to reflect the football body’s current liability to its players.

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    My ques­tion is: does it not wor­ry the Sports Com­pa­ny, the Min­istry of Sport, and al­so the TTOC that the im­age of our ma­jor team sport has gained so many neg­a­tives be­cause of this aw­ful predica­ment?

    • Nigel Myers cognitive dissonance?

    • As echoed in Maestro’s “Mr. Trinidad”.

    • Hmmm. From all accounts, DJW is a PNM party card holding man. Allegedly, he has been the recipient of government contracts and it would be interesting to confirm if he ever had to tender at all for any of them..

    • What did I just read, that he said that the clubs are to be blamed eh, well Alvin you along with other Coaches should take plenty blame to because the Players and Coaches Associations should have been up and running many many moons ago especially in the corrupted Jack Warner and his cronies era , but instead yourself along with two others jumped ship so that Alyuh cudda receive the benefits that was offered by the corrupted Jack Warner eh, so don’t come now and play Mr Holy eh a matter of fact why don’t you organize a serious protest and get everybody out on the streets the same how our people was in their glory and playing plenty music on a big truck while dancing and rolling on the ground while celebrating the drug dealer Buju Banton when he was finally released from serving his jail time eh and we.will see how many people in our sweet country is really serious about finally standing up for or sports men and women eh Alvin Corneal really good yes

    • D ttff books in order?some of these sporting organisations never have any accountability and always want funding.

  2. Whey..sah…an dis man aint get thrown out…Mr Keith Look Loy…ur fellow BOD an voting delegates love d non sense that is goin on an while ppl are being diplomatic in goin about his removal…he continuous to show blatant disrespect an dishonour to d TTFA body d players an d football fans of T&T…if this continues we will make world football news again for d wrong reason…TTFA BOD….get him out an save T&T Football plz

  3. Why aren’t players paid upfront? The money is given by FIFA, Concacaf, the Government (the taxpayer) to pay them. Why does it go into an account that only DJW has control over for whatever reason, be it micromanagement, powertrip, to get interest from? Some minor changes would save a lot of people feeling disrespected and undervalued on the grounds of financial mismanagement etc. Sounds like it would prevent the TTFA being sued and paying legal fees over and over. Isn’t there enough disrespect and secrecy in other areas of that ‘organisation’?

  4. Did the Women get their money yet?

  5. Carlos Lee, This one is for you sarcasm or not

  6. I wonder when the women will receive our checks from CONCACF in October next smh. Merry Christmas everyone! My hope for the new year is equality and professionalism for all our Trinidad and Tobago Football!

  7. Editor’s Note: TTFA president David John-Williams completed payment of match fees for the Mexico and UAE friendlies AFTER our second report on the issue on 24 December. This article has been updated to reflect the football body’s current liability to its players.

  8. ..Well good, if true. He has a hostile relationship with the truth. But the threat of a boycott is shaking money loose from somewhere. He better pay the futsal boys too..

  9. John-Williams said the senior national footballers have been paid outstanding fees for more than two matches. While he did not go into details about the payments made or payments to be made, John-Williams did indicate that the TTFA will be addressing the matter soon.

  10. I checked out for a couple hours, when I checked back in Ancil LeRoy James still repeating the same thing over and over, I can only suspect he is unable or unwilling to process the information/facts presented by the various commentators. Therefore, is intentions are not for the players, he does protest…

  11. ..Doh worry with them. Slaves also have power..

  12. One threat produce 2 stipend payments.

  13. ..Cowards and agents provocateur here trying to derail a discussion of the Big Boss’ failure..

  14. I realise there is a lot of misinformation on this thread regarding whether players are destroying their own careers by standing up for themselves and refusing to play for T&T if they are unhappy with the treatment they are getting.
    So, with only a quick look at one or two Wired868 archived stories, here is a list of players who took strike action before and went on to play professionally abroad and/or become household names regardless:
    Leroy De Leon, Everald “Gally” Cummings, Wilfred “Bound to Score” Cave, Warren “Laga” Archibald, Anthony Rougier, Angus Eve, Ansil Elcock, Kelvin Jack, Cyd Gray, Brent Sancho, Travis Mulraine, Gary Glasgow and Cornell Glen.
    All of these players were based in Trinidad when they stood up against the TTFA for perceived mistreatment.
    If you have heard of any of these players, then that is proof that a player can stand up for his rights and go on to make something of himself.

  15. …The PLAYERS say they will strike. You disrespecting their position and misrepresenting what people saying in support. Tricks..

  16. I am tired and fed up of the continuing madness with respect to our players and our football in our sweet country and yes I always was for my dictator president only because of his acomplishments with his professional team W- Connection, but I knew that it wudda also be a conflict in interest but didn’t thought that it wudda be so bad eh, so let us show them what the police can do nah man, let’s start the “Players Association” and it will be a done deal. Kurtwyn Baird Them realy good yes.

  17. Hahaha!D Boss Earl Mango Pierre Look how long have you seen this Corruption going on and Not one Senior Official and his friends took the fight on behalf of the players,I am not going to mislead any player to abandon the Nation football team to fight a cause that has been DEMOCRATICALLY Supported by the Majority of Citizens,you were also in favor of DJW I clearly remember‍♂️.
    However I am totally disgusted with the treatment and disrespect shown towards or players…I hope to return soon,I also remembered our players playing in the World Cup and asking for their money owed/ promised by JW , they were blacklisted and to this date players are still playing what would be any different if these players strike ? Am I the devils advocate

    • Facts the president has his support and he was democratically elected and many who have to worse to say about him now supported him but ask them whenever did they support the players! Encouraging them to protest when they get blacklisted these same ppl wont fight for them. So any player best option is to play you never know what opportunities may open from one match. TTFA has problems but as you say how can you mislead any player to abandon the national team to fight a cause against someone who has been elected in a democratic manner. Vote him out an enforce change dont encourage young footballers to become the only losers in this scenario

  18. And I am not done with you as yet eh Kurtwyn Baird I am very disappointed in you by what you said , hence the reason why our Indian communities is so powerful because their ancestors sacrificed a whole generation working and planting in the gardens , sugar cane fields, while our people was having a good time drinking plenty rum running down plenty women and partying to the song ” Black man like to party ” LOL, yes I saw them with my own eyes while always heading to the airport over there by Macoya where the fields was located before the lands was sold to the business men to build, and when I got to the airport I use to see their mother ,father, grand mother and grand father, sister, brothers , the goat, the cows, the chickens all at the airport wishing their loved ones goodbye on the planes and when the planes returned to our sweet country they came back as doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc etc so maybe now is the time that these young players send a serious message to the corrupted TTFA so that our future young footballers won’t be exploited anymore why you don’t rounds up a few good people in our sweet country for the Players Association to be up and running in our sweet country eh so that our same young players wont have to ever go through this madness and just think about the football and making it professionally in the real professional leagues abroad and as you know that I will always defend and support until the good Lord calls me home eh Them really good yes

  19. Kurtwyn Baird The TRUTH to what you mentioned is that the players did strike and the corrupted Jack Warner and the TTFA had to turn to the police and soldiers and they were very unsuccessful hence a meeting was called with Mr Arthur Suite and the politician look him here in this bomb squad picture Sir Ellis Clarke (R.I.P.) and after some persuasion Mr Arthur Suite backed off and ended his professional league so that our better players cudda represent our national team which allowed the corrupted Jack Warner and his cronies to take over the football in order to steal plenty millions of monies hence the reason for the state of our football today , had Mr Arthur Suite allowed to do his thing each community wudda have their own team and home field and plenty more players wudda be playing in the real professional leagues abroad from a very long time ago eh Them really good yes

  20. Weak heart by telling young men seek their interest. Protest and get what? No pay? They already not getting paid at least they might go out there or any other game for the national side and somebody might see them and like what they see. Protest and stay home get no money get no exposure! Apparently this is the only solution youll can offer these players. Any young man who wants to be a professional go out there an play thats the only way you are going to be seen. The money will come if you keep working towards it. You cant be seen home in your house. By playing doesnt show you support the president or anybody on the FA it shows you support you future go out and play for it.

  21. ..In any event, the SMNT is one of a THOUSAND issues of mismanagement and duplicity by the Big Boss. He is a failure hiding behind concrete and tiles at his monument in Couva. I gone..

  22. Ah feel this man Ancil LeRoy James come on here to learn about football and he using the devil’s advocate approach to pry open mouths and to keep the fire under this convo.
    I just scanned through your comment history on FB and I cannot point to one subject area where he’s shown any depth of knowledge or piercing insight.
    Debating him is wasting time.

    • Steups. Sad that youll believe that having these young men protest is going to help their football progression. I should come on here and chose a side. The side i chose is to encourage young men to concentrate on football because thats your way out. Do some research and see how many of them oppose to DJW today were his supporters recently. These same ppl have been in the FA for years now. Then come here and tell us what have they done to improve football in this country. One thing i dont depend on is FB to get knowledge. Their quite a few young men who play this game in know and they wish they get these chances. But hey what do i know no subject matter i am verse in an i cant give any insight or in depth knowledge to comment here. So youll keep on and encourage young men stay home dont play the block is a better opption you will achieve everything on the streets of Trinidad

  23. ..And Wales will pay for that? Allyuh weak hearted for real yes..

  24. Striking would do no good for the young Players,It happened in JW time I cannot remember the year but they took the Army and Police players to play.

  25. ..And what are YOU DOING to help our football?..

  26. .Rubbish. You alseep. I, for one, never voted for the Big Boss. Rubbish..

  27. Stop listening to these ppl they are all part of the FA they elected DJW and they know he wasnt any good for our football. Football is your choice try and find your best way to feed your family. TTFA will provide you with games take them and see how far you can go. Until you can play locally and go to bank and buy a home look for every chance you get. They will tell you to protest but remember this a professional has a short shelf life these administrators of football have been in it for over 30yrs. They just change positions in the FA. One time they are here next time they are there but they still remain part of the FA. Playing football is your business concentrate on that and look for your chance to get where you want to be. Let these administrators fight amongst themselves.

  28. I like your Introduction to the the article Lasana Liburd well put forward

  29. ..FC Santa Rosa just sent two players to Mexico on trial. QPCC just hosted Atlanta FC. As I said, you asleep..

  30. I would like to see how many young men playing in the Super league or pro league actually moved on to any lucrative contracts within the last five years! But we saying ppl seeing our leagues. Every young man that want to play look for your way out. There is no future in representing these local clubs. Take your chances make a better life for yourselves.

  31. My Christmas wish is for the replacement of this bungling TTFA administration…

  32. ..Well said. He knows what good for them better than they know. I support the players. I was one. And if we agree something, then deliver it as I must deliver my performances. No coward could convince me otherwise….

  33. It now sounds like you are trying to tell the players what to do rather than support them in their stand against abuse and exploitation.

    • Support is always hey go protest. I can carry you by some of our national footballers homes now and you will see how they live after playing for our local clubs. Sometimes its best to put your head down and work to get out. Never have in all my life seen any improvement in local football and how the TTFA treats its players. From way back then to now players travel with the national team and have to beg for their monies. This is not a new problem. Any young man who thinks this should be his profession has to be real with his self and know that playing here you go nowhere and when chances presents themselves take them.

    • Ancil LeRoy James You would have made the perfect slave and slavery would have never ended with your kind of mind set.

    • Ian Socapro Henry – those kind of comments are uncalled for. Lasana – when are you going to step in?

    • My comments are based on knowing the history of a certain kind of mind set and behaviour that would have seen slavery last much longer than it did if it was more prevalent during slavery days. I am seeing that same sort of mind set being promoted here as something positive when it is not.
      Don’t blame me for drawing the logical parallel when it clearly jumps to mind to anyone who is aware of Caribbean and Trinidad & Tobago history. Masa days done should always be our guiding slogan if we want to avoid ending up back in a modern form of slavery once again.

    • Ian Socapro Henry just be careful to avoid personal attacks. Parallels are okay but I don’t like comments like Uncle Tom and so on because those are often misused today and won’t be fair for a discussion on players’ rights in 2018.

    • Knowing something and understanding it is two different things. One game can change a young mans future for the better one video clip can create curiosity in a player. By telling these young men stay home protest shows that youll dont understand history. How many scouts actually are here watching our local leagues. There might be one scout there to watch the Wales team but one of our players catches his eye lil do you know he is playing for tnt. But if he had stay home who would have seen him. Dwight Yorke was seen on national duty, he an another national player went on trial the same time can anyone tell me who was the other player? Most cant because he didnt seize his opportunity. Keiron Pollard had one good inning in 2009 IPL champions league look where he is today because he used the national cricket team to secure his future. Now we are here telling young men here protest stay home n somehow they will fix the problems they have been facing since the 90’s. Let those who on here who are in the FA fix the FA let these young men play football and get every chance they deserve to secure a better future.

    • Lasana Liburd I didn’t call anyone any names doh did I?
      I simply drew a parallel that a similar mind set being dominant would have led to slavery lasting much longer than it did. If someone is hurt by my parallel example then they are choosing to not learn from history which is their issue and not mines.

    • Ancil LeRoy James, Dwight Yorke was not seen on national duty. He was seen in a Tobago XI game against Aston Villa. You’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. So be careful with that.

    • Ancil LeRoy James The other player you is speaking about is in this photo can you make him out?

    • Ancil LeRoy James Colvin Hutchinson I believe.. also played for Signal Hill.. he was the playmaker.. DW the goal scorer??

  34. ..But they come to the Super League. And the Super League comes to them live on tv and on ppv. You asleep. You think everyone ignoring the Big Boss shit and propping him up will improve our football? His own club won the title in front of an empty stadium and the league his club plays in terminally sick. If he can’t help that he could help our football?..

  35. It so sad that these young men finish playing with local clubs and have nothing to show. Look how many of them have nothing after campaigning in the pro league. Young men take every opportunity offered to youll to showcase what you have. All these ppl who are encouraging youll to protest are set for life. Look at how many africans are in Europe playing, Africa has some of the worst FA’s in the world, did you think it stop them from going out an play. They knew that been seen can change their lives. Play your football an take every chance given. Let those ppl who are fighting fight. Play your football train hard look for your chances and take them. Sitting here nobody is going see you because nobody is coming to watch our pro league.

  36. ..Is the Big Boss who agrees to pay AND THEN DOESN’T. You have no problem with that apparently. Like Massa, he lies and deceives to secure free labour. Any problem with that? Apparently none, because you urge the players to continue taking that exploitation and abuse..

  37. ..You listening to yourself. I haven’t told any player anything. IS THE PLAYERS WHO SAY THEY WILL STRIKE. STOP LISTENING TO YOURSELF..

  38. In the past tell which one of our local league any young man can play in and be able to buy a house an take care of a family? When you can tell me that then you can say with all authority someone is living in the past! None of our local leagues can support any player financially. Why do you think players are travelling with the national team and cant afford a meal. TTFA not paying them clubs paying them next to nothing but yet youll wanna tell these young men dont go to Wales where you might be seen a liked an offered a better contract not to play.

    • Supporting the players for taking a stand does not mean that you or I are telling them what to do.
      I believe our players have minds of their own and have simply had enough of the abuse and enslavement by the TTFA who is supposed to be valuing and looking after them rather than abusing and exploiting them.

    • Ancil LeRoy James, there were Pro League players earning up to $20k a week and players here who never played abroad that owned homes in the Crossings in Arima for instance.

  39. ..”A sleeping people awakens to slavery”, Kemal Ataturk..

  40. …The most cowardly and corrupted of all the Caribbean peoples is Trini. Won’t stand up for anything if it involves one little IOTA of sacrifice.

  41. ..You stuck in the past. Keep looking back and don’t look at what right in front of you. Dont vex with me. Is the PLAYERS, the SENIOR players, who say they intend to strike. You more concerned about their future than they are?..

  42. Apparently by not playing going stop the abuse youll good yes. I have never known a time when our footballers were ever treated with respect. I will never advise any young man who sees football as there source of income to not take this chance to show their talent, because none of them can really take care of themselves far less a family playing football locally. If football is your way out go out there and put on a show. Playing for £2500 per month out there is much better than playing for $2500tt here any day. Leave these ppl to make all their bad decisions on their own football is what you wanna play to make money take your chances. None of these ppl in the FA really represents you as a footballer none.

  43. ..”A sleeping people awakens to slavery”, Kemal Ataturk..

  44. ..And forget the abuse of the Big Boss. Forget the players coming behind you. Take the shit and forget your professional dignity..

  45. I will advised any young man who sees football as there career use this opportunity going to Wales as a showcase of your talent you never know who is watching. Go out there and make the best of it. Yes playing without pay is totally unacceptable and should never happen, but if you believe in your talent go out there and show it off. Dont stay here and depend on pro league and super league these are ran by the same ppl how has TTFA in the state it is today. All games for the national team is your audition to possibly getting out there to play for real money where you can really take care of your family.

    • Ancil LeRoy James that is level UNCLE TOM ting. That makes TTFA stronger. A few have to die for the majority to survive. Read the Art of War.

    • By look after your future thats being an Uncle Tom? After they protest they get paid for the games they didnt get paid for might get an increase in match fees what will stop this from happening again? Because if you ever followed local football from at least 1988 to now you will know how many times this same scenario took place but here in 2018 we still at it! I will encourage any young man take every chance you get u never know what is waiting for u if u do. If thats being an Uncle Tom then i take it as a compliment because i know many of these young men need a break and they never know if this will be it.

    • That’s being selfish. They are young!! Think about ALL the others who will benefit from change in the administration of football. And Rosa Parks had a choice. Dr King had a choice and Kampernick had a choice. They stood (or kneeled) for principle. That’s what changes things. And for your information, I’ve been following Trinidad football before BOBBY SOOKRAM was the most feared striker in T&T and put 6 past the great Lincoln Phillips on Apex ground. Sooo, stay in yuh lane and make a stand for the right thing. That is progress for all future footballers. Change the system quickly and the young men “needing the beeak” will get a better one. And I’m ashamed to hear someone is proud to be an Uncle Tom. Rise above that

  46. ..Lemme tell you how this will go:

    These cowardly and corrupted so called “football leaders” will do nothing about all of this. They will remain silent and find a rationale to accept it and to forget quarrelsome Look Loy, who “feel he know everything and must have his way”.

    Democratic process, proper protocol and transparency matter; or they should. But not in TTFA. People deserve the government they get..

  47. The corrupted TTFA only pay our players for two games and still owes them for 4 more well that is a good reason to strike and not play anymore games until they are fully paid , not only striking because one of the players doesn’t have any monies to travel eh Them really good yes

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