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Soca Warriors vow to boycott Wales match due to unkept DJW promises; still unpaid for USA win in October 2017

Trinidad and Tobago’s National Senior Team players have had enough of alleged broken promises by Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams and will not play against Wales next March unless all debts are wiped off.

At present—according to four senior players who spoke on condition of anonymity—the TTFA owes players and staff a combined TT$707,000 with the largest single payment due to a player believed to be TT$24,000.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago right back Alvin Jones (second from left) celebrates with teammates after his stunning goal against the United States during 2018 World Cup qualifying action in Couva on 10 October 2017.
(Copyright AFP 2017/Luis Acosta)

Remarkably, the Soca Warriors still have not been paid for their 2-1 World Cup qualifying win over the United States in Couva on 10 October 2017—a result which won global attention and remains the biggest triumph of the DJW-led TTFA administration to date.

The players—who all have over 30 international caps and represented Trinidad and Tobago for over a decade, counting national youth duty—believe they have shown good faith and patience to John-Williams and have only been met with discourtesy and dishonesty in return. Now, they want the public to know the extent of their discomfort.

“The players are just fed up,” said one anonymous player. “It’s over a year now we are just running on promises; and players are leaving their families and travelling far distances because we love our football and we can’t take it anymore.

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“It is just one person who is doing this to us. He is always going back on his promises.”

Another accused John-Williams of playing politics with the players by offering false promises to keep them silent until after the TTFA AGM, at which he faced a motion for his dismissal.

In September, John-Williams offered to pay up all his debts on 30 November, which was a week after the AGM. However, when the AGM was reconvened for 9 December, he again shifted the date for his payment to the players.

Once FC Santa Rosa’s motion to remove John-Williams was defeated, however, the football president reneged again on 14 December and didn’t even bother to offer a new deadline. Four days later, the players have decided to air their dirty laundry in public.

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (right) presents a Wired868 token of appreciation to “Soca Warriors” supporter Peter Cumberbatch during the 4th Annual Wired868 Football Festival at UWI SPEC Grounds, St Augustine on Saturday 2 January 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)

“On December 1, we had a chat with the coach [Dennis Lawrence] and manager [Richard Piper] and told them that we were going to the press,” said the second player. “And the president called all of us personally and said we would be paid all our money within 14 days. So we all agreed to give him more time; but now when we’re calling him, we can’t even get a response.

“So now we think the whole thing was just a plot to keep us quiet until after the AGM.”

The issue of unpaid debts and John-Williams’ supposedly bullish attitude to employees has been an oft-repeated criticism from technical directors Kendall Walkes and Anton Corneal to National Under-20 coach Russell Latapy and many in-between.

Last month, Primary School coaches complained that they were unpaid for six months of service to the TTFA; although, according to a well-informed source, the title sponsor for the programme, Nu-Iron, has already paid the local football body in full for not only 2018 but 2019 as well.

At present, the Soca Warriors are owed match fees for outings against Mexico (6 October 2017), USA (10 October 2017), Grenada (11 November 2017), United Arab Emirates (6 September 2018), Thailand (14 October 2018) and Iran (15 November 2018).

The players are due US$1,500 for their win over USA and US$1,000 for their loss away to Mexico; all the other games are valued at US$300 each.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago left back Kevon Villaroel (left) tackles USA midfielder Christian Pulisic during 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 10 October 2017.
I95.5FM was paid to cover all of Trinidad and Tobago’s football matches, inclusive of travel and accommodation, rather than the other way around.
(Copyright AFP 2017/Luis Acosta)

The national players initially agreed a deal for US$1,500 for each game in the Concacaf Hex with an additional US$1,000 per win and US$500 per draw. However, according to a third player, then team captain Kenwyne Jones and vice-captain Jan-Michael Williams accepted a suggestion from John-Williams that they drop their fees as soon as the team was out of contention for qualifying.

This concession from the players meant the value of their win over USA—in direct financial terms—was slashed by nearly half from US$2,500 to US$1,500.

“The players were always willing to try and find a solution because we understand the [financial] situation,” said the third player. “But when you agree to play for less money and you’re still not getting your money, players will obviously become unsettled.”

John-Williams did not respond to a request for comments from Wired868 on his debt to the national players and what his administration was doing to address it. However, during the day, the players said the TTFA president sent word that he would offer them match fees for two of the friendly games at US$300 each.

Unanimously, the players told Wired868 they rejected the offer and would only accept full payment now. The second player said he now doubts even the sincerity of such approaches from John-Williams.

“He probably only offered to pay for those [two] games so that, if anything comes out in the press, he can say it was us who rejected him,” said the anonymous player. “It is always games with him. We know for sure that the TTFA got appearance fees for our games against UAE, Thailand and Iran. So what did they do with that money?

“Why didn’t they pay us?”

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams enjoys himself at former head coach Tom Saintfiet’s maiden training session at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain on 15 December 2016.
(Courtesy Nicholas Williams/Wired868)

The issue of the US$300 match fee for friendlies is one that divides even the playing squad.

The third player revealed that when the Warriors were offered US$300 to play against Grenada and Guyana in November 2017, ace midfielder Kevin Molino immediately said to count him out.

“Molino went to Dennis [Lawrence] and said he is not playing for US$300,” said the third player. “And Dennis said okay he respects that, and he will tell the media that Molino was injured [for the friendly against Guyana on 14 November].

“So we made a decision not to embarrass the TTFA then.”

John-Williams met the squad on the issue that same month. The players said that, going forward, they would not play for less than US$800—which was still below the US$1,000 mark that national players generally received for international friendlies since the turn of the millennium.

The football president, according to the third player, vowed to raise the fee to US$500 while he would bump it up to US$800 as soon as the financial health of the local football body improved.

Instead, John-Williams allegedly went back on his word by their next international engagement as the promised fee remained US$300. And, after three outings against Guadeloupe, Martinique and Panama, suddenly the players were receiving nothing at all—as they would wait for TTFA payments to hit their accounts, only to be left disappointed.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago captain Kevin Molino (centre) weighs up his options during international friendly action against Grenada at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 11 November 2017.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

The situation was exacerbated, over a month ago, when John-Williams appeared on a TV6 programme and told the host that he convinced the Warriors to play for just US$300.

“When [John-Williams] jumped out and boasted that he can ‘proudly say’ his players are playing for US$300,” said the second player, “we were so angry about that…”

The first player swore that, due to John-Williams’ behaviour, he is now unwilling to ever play for US$300 or even US$500 again.

“All the time the standard price was US$1,000 under [former TTFA president Raymond] Tim Kee and just so he want to change it and still he is not paying us,” said the first players. “And for him to go on tv and boast about paying us that; I will never come to play for that again!

“And I am playing away but think about the local players who have to pay for their own gas to attend training and the TTFA doesn’t even provide meals. And all that for US$300 that you’re not even sure to get.

“[…] If my club asks me how much we play for, I wouldn’t even be able to tell them. I would be too embarrassed.

“If my plane is delayed and I have to change flights or something, that US$300 won’t even cover that.”

A fourth player revealed that, for their last trips away to Thailand and Iran, some of the foreign-based players had to dip in their own pockets so that the younger Pro League players could even get something to eat at the airport.

Photo: Club Sando players (from left) Jayson Joseph, Akeem Humphrey and Akeem Roach celebrate during their 2-0 Digicel Pro Bowl quarterfinal win over Ma Pau Stars at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 9 February 2017.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

“Some of us were having a meal and we noticed that one player (name called) was just outside sitting down and not doing anything,” said the fourth player. “So when we called him to talk, we found out that he had no money for the trip. You’re talking about players travelling for 14 hours by six hours and they can’t even afford to get something to eat.

“[…] We just can’t take this anymore. If we don’t get our money, we are not playing!”

The non-payment of match fees, according to the third anonymous player, was just one of several perceived slights that Soca Warriors players endure at present. He said a shortage of ‘hotel wear’—which they are mandated to wear for meals and meetings—and travelling gear was another sore point.

“Most times, they give us one jersey and one pants to wear for the whole camp as hotel wear and obviously it gets a scent after a while,” he said. “We are asked to turn up at breakfast and everything else with that one tee-shirt.

“For the Iran game, we were not even given any travelling clothes so we had to use one of the game uniforms instead. We feel like a minor league team!

“[…] As far as the senior guys are concerned, it is a disrespect to ask us to make these kind of sacrifices. Normally with an international break, we would get three or four days off, which is time we can spend with our families. Instead, we fly all over the world to play for our National Team and this is the kind of thing we have to put up with.”

Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team say a prayer at practice in San José on 12 June 2017.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA Images/Wired868)

All the players who spoke to Wired868 said they were accustomed to being owed by the TTFA and having to put up with the occasional shabby treatment, but they suggested that John-Williams was worse than his predecessors because of his attitude.

“It is worse now than before,” said the second player. “Tim Kee didn’t always have the funds but he would always talk to you and try to sort out things for us. Under John-Williams, it seems like he just doesn’t care.”

The first player, who is a former W Connection employee, blamed John-Williams for the demise of all the national teams as well as for forcing out former coach Stephen Hart.

“From the beginning [of his term as president] there was never a time when Coach Hart wasn’t under pressure,” he said, “and there was a time when ‘Pressie’ was [allegedly] telling him who to pick. I know of one player (name called) for sure who he pressured Hart to pick.

“[…] Since ‘Pressie’ come in, everything is going bad with the senior team, the girls team, the youth teams, etc. And he is getting too comfortable with giving us this kind of bad treatment.”

The fourth player moaned about John-Williams’ supposed focus on his controversial Home of Football project at the expense of everything else.

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (left) shows FIFA official Veron Mosengo-Omba around the Home of Football in Couva.
(Courtesy TTFA Media)

“I understand he wants to build this Home of Football but he is bypassing all these current problems and issues to fix that instead,” he said. “He is showing us that he doesn’t care. When we told him we will go the media, he told us it doesn’t matter and it wouldn’t solve anything as we will still have the same problem after.

“The president has no respect for his players. Some of us have 80 caps and anywhere else in the world, a player with that number of caps would at least get some respect from his federation. But not in Trinidad.”

So where does head coach Dennis Lawrence—who supposedly turned down an offer from England National League club Wrexham AFC to stay with the Warriors—stand in the impasse between players and the president?

The third player suggested Lawrence and manager Richard Piper have been professional and sympathetic, although he suggested that not all players are convinced.

“Some players see it as he is on the side of the TTFA but I think he is on both sides, in terms of trying to find a solution,” he said. “I think he really tries to help the players and I will continue to give 100 per cent for Dennis.

“It is hard for him because John-Williams will tell him something and he will relay that to us; and then ‘Pressie’ would up and do something else and leave him and Piper in a shit position.”

The players claimed they have had enough now and said their position is mirrored by their teammates who they speak to regularly via What’s App.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago defender Aubrey David (centre) leads protests to Guyanese referee Sherwin Johnson (left) about Jamaica’s winning goal during international friendly action at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain on 24 August 2017.
T&T coach Dennis Lawrence admitted after that the referee got it right.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)

“Since ‘Pressie’ came in, it is just a whole set of run around and we never showed him up,” said the first player. “I think this is the right time to let everyone know what is happening. Next year is an important one for us with the Gold Cup and the Nations League; and we want to go into it with the right frame of mind.

“We want to go into the New Year stress free.”

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Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the managing director and chief editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. He needs to wake up and smell the coffee or change the brand of rum that he is drinking Carlos Lee really good yes

  2. Hoping Carlos Lee is just being the the devil’s advocate because his comments are truly amazing.

  3. I didn’t think I would comment on the state of our national team because It’s the same story just different time period….
    didn’t even read everything because it’s the same story…
    I’m even tired of saying how SAD it is!!!

    SLAVERY is the word for this!!!

    Being called up to the national team has become more like a PUNISHMENT than an HONOR.

    When will we realize that the players are the most important part of this all????

    Their development as human beings, players and their well being should be the most important thing…

    • Being called for national team duty is punishment? Seriously? Tell that to all the young men out there that would do anything for a senior team call up. That’s probably why our team is struggling. Some of our experienced players play for the money rather than the honor of wearing the national team colors.

    • Carlos Lee for many of these men who have had promises broken, and who rely on the earned income, it feels like punishment. I totally understand if this is their way of earning a living and supporting themselves and their families..

    • Brian – from national team duties?

    • National team duties afforded these players a platform to showcase their talent to professional clubs thereby allowing them to subsequent land professional contracts. By continuing to play for the national team they are provided with an opportunity to increase their value and hopefully gain better contracts and better opportunities. Now they see it as punishment. Wdf is that. If that’s how they feel then they should all retire and allow the young hungry players an opportunity to have that stage.

    • Carlos Lee It may not be punishment but for all the upside you reference you can understand the administrators action before, during and after the call ups is at a minimum abusive. The power is held by the administrators so the call up is the carrot being dangled often creating an environment for abuse.

    • Carlos Sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm!
      After reading the article nah man???

    • Sean – I honestly don’t understand how you can even define things as abusive. It’s the reality of the situation. The organization is bankrupt. The team’s performance on the field is poor. Fans do not support the national team. And corporate Tnt just don’t understand anything about corporate responsibility. The players need to make some additional sacrifices as the organization tries to find solution to the current predicament.

    • Carlos Lee they make their money playing football, inclusive of the national team. I am sure when they go away, there are expenses incurred, both here and abroad which they are still liable for.. when most of us work for a promised salary, it should be expected upon completion. Don’t promise me a salary and after I am finished the job, tell me you are bankrupt.. that is nonsense..

    • Carlos Lee the TTFA making promises and not living up to them is the fault of the fans?
      In three years, DJW is yet to install and marketing, finance or fund raising committee.
      So it’s the private sector’s fault for not showing up with suitcases of money regardless?
      Seems like everyone is to blame except the people that are regularly losing cases in the high court for bad business practice and repulsive behavior.
      Wanna try to defend them in court?

    • Playing for a/the national team should be solely a labor of love? Ok…lets say I accept that, then tell the players that upfront. Don’t promise them a single dollar. Because love or not, if I’m promised a dollar for playing for my country, I surely want it.

    • Carlos Lee There are many bankrupt entities that pay their employees, bankruptcy does not mean their is not cash nor cash flow it simply means they are unable to pay all outstanding debts. To me asking players to make more sacrifice is abusive because the players are generating the revenue. Can we ask the administrators to make some sacrifices? I have traveled with national U17 and U20 teams where an abundance of useless and invisible administrators, communications and chargé d’affaires are present but the kids eating McDonald’s and parents buying cases of water. The U17 and U20 teams rarely if ever are paid their stipends. Furthermore, the TTFA and DJW is boasting that all costs including player bonuses have been paid by hosting FAs for the National Mens Team due to his superb negotiating. So why not pay the players? Where we money gone?

    • Sean Powder exactly, and false promises are never the way to go.

    • Sean Powder – you know exactly where the money went. In Jack Warner’s pocket.

    • Carlos Lee why make a promise of payment over and over?

    • Maybe because you’re expecting to receive monies that is yet to be paid.

    • Carlos Lee with millions being spent on the home of football. What should players think?

    • Carlos Lee im sorry you are making same ridiculous arguments people make in cricket fraternity of playing for country solely on pride when the people running the administration of national team are poor

      This is why ?? cricket stars like Bravo, Pollard, Narine have escaped this local ignorance & become US$ millionaires via IPL T20 leagues instead of playing for West Indies or Trindad

      If our top football players had a version of IPL or could get big league contracts in premier league, la liga, serie A, bundesliga

      Or Maylee Johnson playing in European womens leagues – they too like cricketers might have retired from Soca warriors duty long ago instead of having to deal with such crap

      Be realistic please

      Choy Aping Lasana Liburd Keith Look Loy Kevin Harrison Kelvin Jack Dennis Allen Bruce Aanensen Kion S Williams Kirwin Weston Leslie Fitzpatrick Amiel FullyFocus Mutilal Ricarda Nelson Stephon Nicholas Sherdon Ifm Pierre Shawn Charles Che Abrams Terence William Fenwick Davis Melville Chica Emery Roneil K Walcott Roxie Nicki Gialdo Richard Zen O’Brien Oba Gulston Stefano Monti

    • Colin Benjamin . Why allyuh wasting time debating a man WHO WALKED OUT ON HIS SUPER LEAGUE CLUB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON? A man without knowledge of how football works or how players think? Who only talks from his delusionary exile about Trini football? Who had one chance to DO something in Trini football and run half way? Steups. To paraphrase his buddy, allyuh really good yes.

    • Colin Benjamin why are you tagging me under this mans idiotic opinions. We all know it’s not a birth right to represent our country it’s an honor and privilege. However when you’re dealing with evil human beings who are selfish and egotistical, players will eventually get fed up of the terrible status quo and the people that runs it!!!!

    • Maylee Johnson Keith Look Loy I wasn’t aware that this talking point was gaining ground in football community & was shocked to see a discussion on it as well

      hence the tags – so just doing my media part to squash idea dead before it gets bigger – before I next start hearing football players start being accused of being mercenaries like the cricket players ridiculously

    • Football in TnT is still relevant?
      I wasn’t even sure we had a National Team still.

    • ..The players right. They dont make that much money anyway, so give them the pittance you agreed to pay them. Who can’t understand that we need to forget..

    • Keith Look Loy the basic point I’m simply cautioning here is we have a 10 year sporting example from cricket of what players striking for money & fan reaction looks like

      It’s not a foregone conclusion that if the warriors team indeed strike for Wales ??????? game – that everyone in ?? football fraternity will be on their side, despite a few persons posting here on wired rightfully agreeing with such a likely scenario

      History tells us the nonsense Carlos Lee said will be a viewpoint held by a lot of people & then suddenly Joevin Jones, Molino suddenly gets mercenaries tagged on them for rest of careers stupidly like Bravo & Pollard

    • Maylee – my idiotic opinions? Lol. Feel free to challenge my opinions but don’t disrespect me. Let’s keep it civilized.

    • If your opinion is idiotic, it doesn’t mean you are an idiot so I not seeing where you got disrespected ?

    • Colin Benjamin ..I wouldn’t worry about that. Is big men. They have to know what they for. We always so worried about what people will think, ,what they will say, how they will vote. Doing the right thing comes at a price. Is either you could pay it or you can’t. If the former, go through. If the latter, doh bluff .

    • Keith Look Loy the football players need to know that if they are going pay this price – by turning down playing for ?? what public support they have as the star cricketers have had to learn and experience

      This is where a lack of players association in football can be an issue – right now players just have a trusted media source in Lasana Liburd to say this to

      And notably the players don’t want to speak on record – all anonymous so this is obvious case of trying to gauge the pulse of football fraternity b4 deciding what to do in March

      If Molino had gone public with his choice to not want to play for small money instead of coach Lawrence squashing it behind scenes and that was big back page news in all papers & all night sports shows – that would have been a game changing moment

    • Colin Benjamin As I said. Is big men. And every man got to walk his own path…

    • Carlos Lee Come on you blaming Uncle JW? How many presidents ago was that? What year was he special advisor? I am talking about the money that has come in since DJW term began. Fifa money can’t be used to service debt, GOTT has serviced the debt on multiple occasions, so where the money gone since DJW term began? DJW and the whole world knew what happened before, DJW presented a manifesto to solve the problems of the past and put football on the road to the future. Truth is by any measure he has taken our football backwards

    • Sean Powder Still with this guy who knows nothing about the realities of our football?..

    • Keith Look Loy I live abroad and know better, he is smart enough to know better so I am trying to understand why he is taking this approach? It reminds me of TTFA Board members that know better but taking a similar approach.

    • Carlos Lee your views are very myopic and asinine and its exactly why football CANNOT EVOLVE until the older generation leaves office. I have a agreed with you on one previous occasion but after reading this thread I’m astoned at your perspective. Firstly I am fed up of hearing “corporate responsibility”. You people get it horribly wrong, no one owes you shit it must be a mutual agreement and the way sports organisations go into companies demanding sponsorship without any plan or idea of how the sponsorship can benefit both parties apart from looking good in the public eyes no one will sponsor you, so stop using that excuse its simply poor management on the sporting organisation’s part so stop blaming corporate trinidad for y’all mess. Secondly sport in this day and age is about money if you cant see that you should simply get out of the industry. I spent money, time and resources studying for my degree and further education within sport yet you’re saying we should represent our country with pride for nothing? That’s stupid. Besides myself these players invest their talents into perfecting the sport and your saying they should not be rewarded for their services? That’s ridiculous. I’ve worked in the environment and its despicable, i personally struggled since instead of focusing on my job I had to think about how to side hustle to survive. Its heartbreaking because there’s so much potential, but again poor management and horrible work ethics has led to our demise.

    • Trey Hart Some years ago when I was fighting for the Players in Brooklyn to be paid for representing our sweet country and other countries representing the Caribbean Cup tournament that made thousands of monies in the summer some folks said that I was hostaging the league ,even one player from our sweet country coming all the way from New Jersey told me that it wasn’t about the monies but it was about representing our sweet country and mind you after the game looking for passage sometimes gas monies or something to eat eh, while the organizers of the league from St Vincent, Guayana, and Jamaica, always going to the bank smiling, buying new cars and houses to eh so it isn’t only Carlos Lee have that kind of mentality about our players representing our sweet country for only a box of chicken and chips and a red solo eh, and still especially in these had times for some of the players in our sweet country Them really good yes

    • Or and I agree with you 1000% about what you said and especially about corporate sponsors and not only that they doesn’t owe anyone anything but also they doesn’t TRUST them especially the corrupted TTFA or even some of the professional and the Supper league teams owners . Them really good yes Trey Hart

    • Trey Hart well said! You hit every nail on its head and quite well. I also hate reading this senseless crap but it tells me how out of touch we are

  4. I remembered somewhere I read where the corrupted TTFA also have the Players Association and someone is in charge, so my question is what is his functions and what is he doing for the Players especially in this case where a player or players doesn’t have any monies in their pockets when they travels with our national team am I right about that Mr Live Wire. Them really good yes

  5. Mr. Davis should learn from DJW not to answer his phone. Totally ill equipped.

  6. ..Out of touch. Doesn’t care. Too busy flying to know.

  7. Wow this is a national tragedy. I support the players in bringing this to light, JW should be fired.

  8. VICE-PRESIDENT of the TT Football Association (TTFA) Ewing Davis says he was unaware of the crisis involving the men’s footballers who have threatened to strike owing to unpaid match fees for over a year.

    • Nigel “”From where we are, we are doing everything possible to generate income, all things being equal. If that materialises, we may be in a better position to promote football the way we would like. However, FIFA says (at a minimum) only two national teams that you must have, and if we can only have two then we might have to revert to that. I can’t say that yet,” Davis said.”
      All we need is two national teams and the home of football I suppose…

    • Or two sapodilla and ah nine inch banana

    • Sound disingenuous. Talking about the state of finances of the association and not knowing if the players were getting paid or not.

  9. DJW said that all off the DP money from FIFA has been put into HOF (US$750000/yr). But there is no info on the US$500000/yr, for recurrent or operational expenses? Most likely board members wont have this answer, but is any of that being used to pay debt. Most of that debt would be inherited from the days of Camps and Warner except what he would have incurred from all his legal losses. However, as has been proven, FIFA is one of the most corrupt organisations in the world and the above money which RTK couldn’t access, DJW got after openly supporting Infantino for president. Even without any consultations with the rest of CFU, which he then wanted to lead. Getting that money had nothing to do with presenting audited financials which even board members have not seen. Those who are there to eat a food, would end up with stomach complications like a now deceased former TD.

  10. as man…if this TTFA say they will pay a Coke and a smile yuh ain eeem bong to get the smile–far less the coke.
    Is about time we call this hand and make the necessary moves.
    IFFFF the football was going in the right direction…sure..
    IFFFF the players were seeing opportunities abroad for one or two guys in the bigs…sure…
    IFFFF we, as a country was seeing where this culture of personal sacrifice was paying dividends for our national psyche and feelings of self worth…sure..
    but by what objective measure are we supposed to feel good about any of what’s going on here?

  11. Downward spiral has no end…shame!

  12. As a patriot and a die hard fan I feel real ashamed and disgusted reading this. Like this current TTFA administration out to lick up national football…come come, better than that!