Sport Ministry hands TTOC TT$3 million for Commonwealth, CAC and Youth Olympic Games

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The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) declared that local athletes will participate in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, CAC Games and Youth Olympic Games, after receiving a TT$3 million cash injection from the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs.

The Commonwealth Games will be held in Australia in April while the CAC Games and Youth Olympic Games are scheduled for Colombia and Argentina in August and October respectively.

Photo: Sport Minister Darryl Smith (right) presents a symbolic $3 million cheque to TTOC president Brian Lewis (centre) and general secretary Annette Knott at the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs on 9 January 2017.
(Courtesy MYSA)

Trinidad and Tobago has won a total of 52 medals in 17 Commonwealth Games since 1934 while the two-island republic has 220 medals in 16 CAC Games since 1946 and three medals from two Youth Olympic Games appearances.

TTOC president Brian Lewis thanked the Sport Ministry for its support.

“Given the harsh economic climate, it is important that the Government renews its commitment to the nation’s athletes,” said Lewis, via a media statement. “Not only is this a contribution to sport and those who have dedicated their lives to it but it is also a demonstration of the value the government places on the tangible and intangible benefits of participation in sport at the highest level.”

Sport Minister Darryl Smith, who has studiously avoided engaging the media and even athletes—particularly on matters of state funding—said the Government was always happy to assist sport.

“We have always maintained our athlete-centred approach to sport administration and this contribution to the effort is no different,” said Smith. “Trinidad and Tobago’s athletes have proven their worth time and again on the international stage and it is incumbent on the government to provide the necessary support.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago 4×400-metre gold medallists (from left to right) Lalonde Gordon, Machel Cedenio, Jereem Richards and Jarrin Solomon pose on the podium during the medal ceremony at the 2017 IAAF World Championships in London on 13 August 2017.
(Copyright AFP 2017/Glyn Kirk)

“There’s also no greater feeling for us as citizens than to see the national flag represented and to revel in the success of our athletes when they mount the podium.

“After our gold and silver medals (sic) at the World Championships last year, we’re hoping for a lot more of that glory from our athletes in 2018 at the Commonwealth and CAC Games.”

Editor’s note: The T&T 4X400m men’s relay team won gold and Jereem Richards won bronze in the 200m.

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  2. I hope that money will be well managed. Brian Lewis please shape your afro.

  3. Tony the TTOC is a federation…It does not operate individual disciplines…This money should come into play to facilitate training and development under the IOC banner. Or assist in meeting expenses of national affiliates to host meets or travel .So even if an individual sport is given U$50m. tomorrow night buy the IOC or FIFA and it is poorly organised or not well run the result will be/has been corruption . Many persons in track and field do not know there is also Pan American funding available,

  4. Ok thanks Kion S Williams okay I get it. Those are multi sport Games.

  5. TTOC will be responsible for everything for those games in terms accommodation, transport, pre camp prep, on site logistics etc . The NAAA will be responsible for determining who qualifies. Certain games like commonwealth will not only be athletics as well

  6. I am confused. How do we separate the teams. I am looking for information so don’t think I should know everything. The NAAA sets the standards, run the trials and selects the teams for all the Games, I am not sure how there can be a separation. Budgets for CAC, and Commonwealth are set by the NAAA so am I to believe that this money is going to the Olympic Committee. Help me understand this.

  7. Hopefully some of this will be allocated to the CARIFTA games team.
    CARIFTA has been the foundation for building young Under 20 athletes.

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