Fraud squad moves on Fyzabad forgery; grills staff, players and SSFL officials

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Fyzabad Secondary principal Troy Jebodhsingh, vice-principal Suresh Roopnarine and physical education teacher Nigel Lakhan were grilled by the Fraud Squad today, as the Police stepped up investigations into the improper registration of footballers, Dez Jones and Maurice Dick.

Jones, the Fyzabad football team captain, and Dick were registered as lower sixth form students last month based on fraudulent exam certificates.

Photo: Fyzabad Secondary team manager Nigel Lakhan.
(Courtesy Expression House Media/Wired868)

Lakhan and Roopnarine told the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) Disciplinary Committee that the players fooled the administrators with forged documents. However, Jones and Dick denied this and insisted they handed over original transcripts to Lakhan and did know if they were altered afterwards.

Jones had two O’ level passes while Dick had one. Both were enrolled in lower sixth form with certificates that claimed they had four passes each.

The SSFL suspended Fyzabad from the league, roughly two weeks ago, as a result of the deception while the matter was subsequently transferred to the Ministry of the Education and then the Police Service.

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Wired868 understands the Fraud Squad interviewed SSFL president William Wallace and general secretary Azaad Khan yesterday as well as the two teenagers before they moved on the school today. It is uncertain whether the Police have also visited school supervisor, Zabeedah Abid.

According to one school official, the dodgy credentials would have passed through a screening committee at Fyzabad as well as Roopnarine and Jebodhsingh before being sent to Abid to secure the boys a position in sixth form.

Photo: The Fyzabad Secondary team pose before kick off against Trinity College East on 20 September at Trincity.
Maurice Dick (bottom row, far left) and Dez Jones (top row, far right) were both in the starting line-up.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

Once Abid gave the go-ahead, Fyzabad would then approach the SSFL Credentials Committee to have the boys registered to play.

The certificate proffered suggested that Dick and Jones wrote their CXC exams in January 2017, which is off the Fyzabad school compound. However, the centre numbers on the certificates were from June 2016—when the boys did exams at Moruga Secondary and Siparia respectively.

Somehow, Trinity College Moka got wind of the fraudulent activity and lodged a protest with the SSFL Disciplinary Committee, which set a train in motion that led to a small army of Fraud Squad officers turning up at the Fyzabad school.

Bizarrely, despite having discovered the fraud, the SSFL Disciplinary Committee—which is headed by Khan—initially chose to deduct points from the “Fyzo Tigers” and allow them to continue in the league. Fyzabad would almost certainly have still done enough to avoid relegation from the Premier Division.

However, Wallace raised the issue with the SSFL’s executive committee which overruled the Disciplinary Committee and suspended Fyzabad.

Photo: Fyzabad Secondary head coach Brian Williams gives instruction to his squad during SSFL action against Trinity College East on 20 September at Trincity.
Looking on are (from right to left) assistant coach Kerry Jamerson, team manager Nigel Lakhan and principal Troy Jebodhsingh.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

The Fyzabad principal, Jebodhsingh, subsequently suspended football at the school—boys and girls teams—for the rest of the year so as to verify the legitimacy of all other school players.

The Police intend to get to the bottom of the Dick and Jones case first.

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    Earl Mango Pierre…your comment is distasteful. Why does it have to boil down to race? I as a Trini East Indian take great offence here.
    Lasana Liburd… you allowing these hate posts? I am indeed flabbergasted

  2. Why the indian teacher allowed that madness to happen to the boys anyway , he should be shot with shit and then be charged for stinkness eh. Them really good yes. hahahahaha

  3. I wonder what the sponsors are thinking?

  4. I agree with you Rosanna Glasgow.
    Not condoning wrong but it ot were a prestige school it wulda be put under the carpet.
    See wat happen to the “pranksters” at Fatima?

    While a fraud may have been done, these boys have parents? The Principal signed off on it; the SS111 signed off. Come on. Are the boys so daft that they did not know that they did not have the qualifications for Form 6?
    And now people condeming the teacher because he is indian? Get ah life people.

  5. And just imagine the Ex Nationals over 40 team entered the Trinidad Masters tournament for the first time and mashed up the people tournament yes and guess who”s team that is eh the ex corrupted sports minister eh but why these people always have to be corrupted so eh. Them really good yes.

  6. I suppose this is true… How on earth could a Principal, and V/Principal be so dishonest….Again if this is true…what motivates these people…supposedly honest respectable people…to do such nonsense..???

  7. Interesting comments””this is not new” so it was known to those in authority for a long time. this practice has been ongoing for decades and everyone kept silent. Like everything in T&T is cover up.Now SFSS is the scape goat.Suddenly lets use this as an example so no other school will attempt . Really ,When I hear these comments I’m convinced not only politicians feel we the citizens stupid, but other citizens themselves. In this imbroglio every one is being careful in what they so and do. Bunch of jokers

    • Imagine interfering with someones boy child and Garcia and Fatima principal tells us it was a prank. So all these pranks at Childrens homes, YTC, Jail etc is just a prank, Trins like to bury their heads in the sand like an ostrich and refuse to accept we have ‘sickos'” among us including paedophiles, incest , sex perverts etc. The GAMES continue.

  8. Lasana, it is so sad that if we analyze our activities, we are all in some way guilty of corruption, or at least allowing it to thrive.
    It has now reached a point in this country that unless we all use the influence of friends in high places to get simple things done, that as citizens we are entitled to, it will not get done.
    Why can we not ALL do things the proper way?
    Because there is no proper way. Everything has been corrupted by the powers that be.
    Indiscipline Rules.

  9. Once a particular type of race involve in anything there is alwys involve in fraud and corruption .

  10. Check all the schools! All ah dem in this nonsense long time! Imagine letting a child go back in form 5 over and over cuz de minister is dey fren! Imagine form six children who can’t even string words together to make a proper sentence! It is a crime…

  11. I must say what the school did was morally wrong but this has Been going on since Russell Latapy was playing secondary school football . But !!!! . Look at how fraud squad drilling them I wonder if ministers and top executives get drill so

  12. It has been happening in cricket as well. Check the schools you will find evidence.

  13. Forgery on all aspects of life in Trinidad. Very sad

  14. Shame on the school officials responsible for this fiasco. Further investigation will unearth other types of fraud that are not sports related

  15. Football is big business!! In a system where there are no other avenues for a talented young football player other than school football, problems will always arise with good footballers and all athletes by extension in attending schools to promote the school’s sporting agendas. As a “first time officially in the public eye” situation, care should be taken going forward. Now is not a time to be naive. This situation is endemic in the national psyche. It’s well known that entry into to the police army etc is not bound by the “normal” yardstick!! Bottom line is, we need a national policy for young promising sportsmen that can keep them seriously focused without the daily ‘grind’.

  16. These shameless f..kers from Fyzabad school actually blaming the children. Hear what I think happen…these shameless adults from that school wanted these two boys in the team bad and when they realized the boy did not possess the academic requirement told the boys “Doh worry ’bout nutten. Leave everything to us.’ Then forge the exam results on the boys’ documents and submitted the forged documents. Now that they get ‘ketch wit dey pants dong’ they trying to blame the boys. What utter shamelessness.

  17. How about those who didn’t even pass for the secondary schools but got accepted to the schools because they could play football, even before writing SEA.

  18. As a child growing up in Trinbago we were taught “cheaters, cheaters never prosper.” I guess they didn’t have wise folks raising them like we did.

  19. Fraud squad need to investigated them theifing reff n them

  20. Not only students who are into sports with 1 or 2 subjects get accepted for Form 6, what about principal and teachers friends and family children also.

  21. I think the police have every right to investigate this. Fraud is fraud on any level and little CSEC fraud leads to big UWI fraud. Too many times we put plaster on little sores n then they fester to become cancerous. Those certificates had to be altered somewhere in an official capacity to be deemed passable. It has to start somewhere in order to stop. My son got a full certificate of 8 subjects and entrance into his 6th Form wasn’t guaranteed and he played football for his 5 years before this. Its appalling to me how students get into 6th Form even with a forged 4 Olevels. We have to stop selling these children football dreams and give them the reality of academia takes you places as well.

  22. This is so prevalent in schools even the prestige schools but no one investigated until now.
    It’s obvious that these boys are being made the scapegoats just to avoid school officials getting charged and lose their jobs.

  23. no body “grilled” for fake oil but they want to lock up two dunce….or dunces??

  24. Nowhere in any school, a child could be accepted for Form 6 with one or two csec passes. They could be playing football as good as latapy. The school on stupidness.

  25. Not only in the Schools in all other places when you find out this is not alleged

  26. While I appreciate the investigation, because this situation has become ridiculous now, i get the impression that most of the blame is being placed squarely on the backs of the students, when I think the school officials should take the responsibility for this debacle.

  27. SSFL hs to raise their standard of entry …c’mn 4′ Os for 6th form … in my day yu wud b lucky if yu get to repeat 5th wth that … also a student shud b enrolled in the schl for at least 3 academic years b4 eligibility to represent the schl … the nonsense hs to stp , coaches , principals etc scouting for plyrs …any yes I kno prsnly , it hs he been going on yrs nw … he do yu think one schl cn win the title 4+ yrs straight…. my all schls tho , I’m proud to say my alma mater hd no part in that , …prob why they hv been fighting off relegation

  28. It’s about time. This type of fraud has been around for too long!

  29. This league is shrouded in controversy. They might as well not play football and just set up an appeals court.

  30. This is important to investigate????….what a dam waste

  31. I love how serious the authorities are taking the situation. Fraud shouldn’t be accepted

  32. The fact that this has been the first school to be interrogated and investigated for such fraudulent activities gives hope for a more fair and just league in the future. It also opens a can of worms for the others who have done this same thing in the past! My question is, would those caught in the act be the only ones to pay for their actions now? OR is this the penalty also for those who are accustomed to this practice and are yet to be ‘caught/protested’?

  33. Hope they check out triple transfer too. Because no way in hell Naps want a boy from Malick except for football. I want to know how come Dennis.

  34. i was told by extremely credible sources…that this has been happening in cricket as well…i went to a national opening ceremony…and ah man come…take out ah security uniform and put on ah school uniform…wont say which school…

  35. I can’t quite understand how any student or their parent can think 1 or 2 passes allows for acceptance into an A’ level class.. did they not question how?!

  36. Hmmmm another “Dick” in problems. First Marisa now Maurice…..

  37. Nice in this town we find it too easy to do the wrong thing

  38. Its interesting how SFSS is being grilled , fraud squad called in,(I winder if this was prestige well known colleges , if the action would have been so swift, Mind you I not condoning the wrong doing , but this has been going on for decades , and nothing. Suddenly SFSS is the scape goat, Oh how the goal posts shifts in sweet T&T, is laughable.I”m reminded of the recent post on social media re Fatima College, I heard the Minster said the Principal investigated and said it was a prank. Story done. Really!, I want someone, anyone to tell me if this was one of the Secondary schools, the response would have been the same. Keep fooling yourselves people that stratification is non-existent in work ad schools in T&T and keep blaming it on colonialism, they left the shores centuries ago and left locals in charge.

    • Well said. This is simply a microcosm of society in Trini

    • Well the school was visited by the TTPS as well as the Child Protection Agency. And this was done in fairly quick time once the video surfaced.

    • If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a merry Christmas. You speak about moving goalpost, but you want to lump prestige schools in a crime that does not involve a prestige school. Why? No wonder our country is the way it is. This case has absolutely nothing to do with a prestige school.

      • Earl Best

        Junior, I wonder about your definition of “prestige school.” Naps and Pres don’t qualify? QRC and Fatima lodged protests? Is that not involvement. As did Naps. Or are you saying that, in the instant case, no prestige school is involved?

    • How this suddenly become a class thing? Ever since this story break you singing the same tired refrain that this is nothing new/it going on all the time/why people shocked. Clearly nothing like this has ever happened on this scale and at this (secondary school) level. Cheating might have been going on forever but this time people get ketch red handed. The apparent involvement of adults in perpetrating this degree of fraud over some hope at meaningless glory casts the activity in even harsher light.

    • Ent Nigel?! Dem really good yes!

    • Really? Mr Scott so you want to tell me this ‘racket has not occurred in the top prestige schools, over the last 40 years. Also getting back to the so call’sex video’ at Fatima College, you agree that it was a prank among boys?. You believe if this had taken place in a Secondary school the response would be the same by the former Principal school (MR GARCIA).we all know in this country many ‘incidents happen in the prestige school which never makes the media, because of the school or Mr and Mrs so’ and so’ is the parent of the child. A whole can of worms is in existence regarding this issue. However, remember other children talk, so all the so call dirty hidden secrets are know by the small man. However, its always the secondary schools highlighted by the Media (who are they owners). We can play ostrich and bury our heads in the sand, yes, in T&T everything is politics, race ,class and status.

    • Rosanna….the laws of the land has been broken.. by Teacher/s and presumably Principal…wrong doing in school football has always been an issue across d board…no matter what school it may be…but the SSFL rules were always able to deal with such….when u step outside the rules of the SSFL and break the laws of the land…broken by the Authority in charge of the entire school.. in the manner un which it was done…thats when we know we have serious problems in an Institution…

    • I don’t know why some people choosing to blame the media for highlighting schools that in bobol. Leave that for Trump and dem. With social media what it is and information so readily available it’s really hard to hide stuff. It’s great that wrongdoing is being highlighted now even if people tried hard to hide it in the past. That is supposed to be a good thing. No idea why people beating up over it and calling it prestige school issue…class issue…maybe even race issue?. It’s a “bobol” issue

    • So what you are telling me the laws of the lands was not broken more than a decade ago regarded this scam in schools football. It has been functional long before you and has continued and nothing was done. Mr Cyrus all the institutions in T&T have been broken down for a long time, with cover up by those in authority. As a country the schools football league is no different. Principals and teachers recruiting these young men must share blame, because they knew. then we wonder what’s wrong with kids today, where is the exemplars, when they themselves are “bandits” in authority?We have been doing the same things over and over and getting the same result and on one has the testicular fortitude to do the right thing. We are so corrupt in every sphere in this country that it has become the norm. No ethics, morality or integrity, because we are COWARDS and the almighty PAY check and position comes first. What’s they saying “everybody has price, everyone can be bought” and we have seen that for decades in T&T. Apparently its’ easier to turn a blind eye. You stand up for what is right and you are ridiculed, maligned and shut down.

    • I hav never turned a blind eye at anything in my life….
      You are hitting nails on the head…and i fully agree with u….everything u r saying carries truth and weight…but u r speaking about systematic change…that has to be done as a group ….but not just any group…but the group with the power dynamic….
      In this case we hav to realise that we must start somewhere…Rossana

    • Which power groups are you referring to, citizens are passive and those in the inner circle turn a blind eye. Lets be real here how many of us knew what was going on in TTFA and did absolutely nothing, I began following football as a young teenager from Curepe,since the days of mettle box where Centre of Excelelnce is currently located, Following the Grayson , brothers , Earl carter (goalkeeper) etc Russell Tesheira and so many others, I remember the Suite brothers involvement in football. Then along the way things change JCONCAF and FIFA with Jack Warner for Secretary to FIFA big boy WE all knew the corruption and buried our heads in the sand. I cease attending football in this country along time ago.By the way this is not in football but across the sporting association in T&T , when nepotism is high. I saw young school boys picked up by scouts and then discarded, abused and maligned when they did not cower to the big boys. Many had to seek their livelihood outside thanks for that , but its a sacrifice away form their families. Notably the stench emanating from football associations have left a pungent smell in the young men noses and we the spectators so many of sport love in this country This issue has been on going for a long time and who you say is going to change it? I wait with abated breath. Which of the upright boys hands not in the cookie jar.

    • I am agreeing with u…i am jus trying to tell u that we hav to start somewhere

  39. Wondering if Trinity Moka thought it would have been all of this when they lodged their protest…

  40. I’m always anxious for justice but wouldn’t demotion and the teachers penalized by the MoE be far enough? I find the Fraud Squad is a bit far…they already over burdened with FCB IPO, Clico and so many unresolved matters.

    • Not too far at all in my opinion. I say penalise to the full extent of the law. That’s the only way to understand the consequences of one’s actions.

    • Lasana Well its illegal so I completely agree with you there.

    • Nicholas…the fraud squad can only intervene if its fraud they are investigating….so how is it too far if a fraudulent act was committed ….i know u r not suggesting to turn a blind eye….
      The laws of the land has been broken…

    • Not at all Dexter [turning a blind eye] What I am saying is I would have hoped something like this could have been handled by the School, MoE & the SSFL.

    • Once u hav read the story…u wud realise that it is beyond all these entities now…
      Also…it has been handled by MOE and SSFL…thats y they r not playing any more…the issue with the fraudulent Certificates…is out of the Ministry’s hands

    • That’s what I didn’t grasp…the charge/s on fraud for the individuals. How is that decided/ranked penalty wise etc.? hence was hoping it could have been solved within…since school/players suffered already

    • Nicholas…i hope u r speaking from a pisition of ignorance…bcuz u must realise if a situation if this nature is handled from within…then its a Cover Up…u do know that right

    • Nicholas I’m a bit confused. What exactly about this situation suggests to you that nothing illegal has happened here?

    • Folks…to me this was clear & fraudulent breach [two certificates] involving two parties [not a mega network] and it wasn’t solved within the School, SSFL, SSFL Com. or the MoE…who I thought would have had the teeth to deal with this.

    • Nicholas If I were anyone in those organizations you named, I would call the police.

    • Nicholas…Fyzabad is out of the competition…SSFL did their part…and then they handed their findings over to the MOE…they in turn did their part by handing it over to the Police…..
      The teeth u r making mention of…is what exactly…you cannot deal with something out of your durasdiction….
      From the moment you decide to deal with a legal matter that is over your head….you have inmediately become a conspiritor..
      So if you are saying that the SSFL and the MOE should have had the teeth to handle this without involving the Police…then u r blatantly saying that they should have covered it up…
      The person/persons in the SSFL and MOE that would have found out this information and decided to handle it internally….has made themselves a conspiritor to fraud….are you saying that they should have Fraudulently handled Fraud…

  41. As a PE teacher I can say that this is a sad sad day for school sport

    • Well that would still depend on what the police finds. But the fact that boys were registered with false documents in the first place shows something went horribly wrong at Fyzabad.

    • Well it isn’t just about the registering with false documents eh it is more than that so Alyuh just stay tuned in nah. Them really good yes.

    • They to damn corrupted , they all should be fired and then face the courts and then plenty jail time steeuuppss. Them really good yes.

    • I don’t think putting anyone in jail solves any problems. Perhaps a permanent ban from school sports and a fine might be appropriate. But putting someone in jail for this offense is senseless to me.

    • When you finally hear about the rest of the madness that they both are involved in then you will understand why I said to lock up their backsides. Them really good yes.

    • Fair enough…. but based on what we know this far, I’d hate to see someone’s life get destroyed over it

    • Well they must never commiti the crime if they doesn’t want to do anytime eh

    • That’s part of the problem. Jail isn’t always the solution

    • Name sake/Family…the biggest issue for me is that they are willing to undermine Black People’s children for the sake of a Championship….you look and see if anybody/player of their ethnicity is involved in this diatribe….and people are professing that putting people behind bars for this offence is senseless…as far as I’m concerned this is a Criminal act simply because this type of behavior lends to delinquency…when those guys are done with school what tools do they have to go out into a world where they are now required to earn a living….the purpose of school is to provide Students with an Education/opportunity to become productive citizen of this Country….let the chips fall where they may…

    • Well said Brian Pierre Them really good yes.

    • Had the very same issue with my daughter…but I choose to send her to a University in the US rather than have her stay here and attend UTT in order to play with the National Team as was suggested by one of the then officials of the Sporting body…guess what ethnicity he belongs to….that advice he would have never given to anyone of his children or his ethnicity….

    • Brian you have no proof that anything here was race related. Maybe you can argue that he manufactured three passes for someone of a different race who wouldn’t have otherwise got them.
      Did KKK go around giving blacks high school diplomas or university degrees?

    • I don’t???? then Lasana you show me what other ethnicity across all schools that has ever been embroiled in a fiasco such as this and it has been going on for some time now… I don’t put the blame squarly on the shoulders of the schools Administers but parents had a great part to play also… whatever happened to ensuring young students to bring their Academics up to par in order to play…. I can’t fix KKK but I can sure as hell try to fix what’s in my own back yard…we do that constantly…we take refuge behind statements such as “I have no proof”…the conversation needs to be had… I pose this question to you Lasana…do you think that anyone of the individuals involved would have done what they did to any Children of their own or ethnicity…dealings such as these tantamount to one thing…exploitation…. and it doesn’t end their we also do it to ourselves check out the Pro League/National Teams but I guess I don’t believe I have to direct you in that direction because I know for a fact that you are well aware… I stand by my statement…????

    • You preaching really great Brian Pierre and as the fella in the movie said “Some people just cannot handle the “TRUTH” …Them really good yes.

    • Like Chalkdust said in song… “I in town too long”…

    • Let’s not act like these “kids” don’t know right from wrong as well. Where are their parents? Not saying what the teachers/schools aren’t wrong but I don’t buy the argument that the kids are always being exploited either.

    • Bro…what a lot of people don’t realize… I have been in and around the Soccer and school system both as a Player, Administrator and in my Professional capacity… I played in the Charlie Spoo… Winston B Phillip… Sammy Lewellyn…Ron LaForest era… I played in the Arthur Sweet league… I also represented my Club when Jack Austin Warner was told he had to have a Professional League up and running in Trinidad and Tobago in order to secure the World youth Championship some year a back which featured Latapy and these guys… I was prevy to a total shut down of a Semi- pro league by Jack Warner which was gaining strength and momentum despite being shown the wisdom of keeping it in place as a feeder for the intended Pro-league… I have been there done that…not a fore-front person… prefer to observe…but when I see we continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result…we all know what that is the definition of????if you look at sporting organizations around the world…check the administrative staff and tally the ages you would find over a 1000 years of experience working together to formulate a sporting policy that would take them well into the future…our Pool is not that big but we still have an abundance of resources/personnel that we could tap into…yet we cannot bring all these people to the table to develop and projection for the future and this spreads across all Sporting disciplines in T&T…we have a shining example right in our own back yard (JAMAICA ATHLETICS) and we cannot take a page from their books..their athletic Program begins at Primary level and bears fruit at International Championships…not what took place in our Secondary School Soccer program…and people want to give all sorts of lame excuses for that behavior…what examples are we setting for the next generation…look I have much more than I care too because I really don’t see any thing changing in the near or distant future…just my take…

    • Brent Bennett what ever rum yuh drinking change the brand nah man or maybe you yourself is brainwashed because the bootleg administrators, principals, teachers, coaches knows all of the players that not suppose to be playing for the schools and they allows it to happen anyway and yes it is call exploitation eh. Them really good yes.

    • Brent Bennett and I can also give you a little history about what use to also happen back in the days to our black players in my second sweetest country when they was recruited to play the sports for the colleges/universities especially the American Football and yes the teachers use to give them good grades just to keep them at the schools eh, until somebody finally said that madness was enough and new rules came about with respect that the players had to make certain that they had good grades in order to represent the schools and also to keep their scholarships and yes that was called exploitation to eh, so time for you to wake up and smell the coffee that our black people has been going through this madness for many moons ago and is till taking place in our sweet country today. Them really good yes.

    • Truth be told Bro….truth be told….

    • I am not absolving the admins from fault, I am simply saying let us not come with the poor kid nonsense. You telling me a kid with 1 or 2 passes don’t know the qualifications for 6th form? Also the reference to the US system is a poor one. If I went to JMU and every teacher give me grades and I come out with a degree I’m better off (not that I am condoning it). We These kids coming out with absolutely zero in trini. If I went to university on a free ride and don’t game advantage of it, I’m to blame, no one else.

    • The exploiters are the only ones to be blame because they all know that all some of the kids just want to play football/ sports and they will also play for a box of chicken and chips and a red solo for our national team the same and I done talk. Them really good yes.

    • Brian Pierre doesn’t the fact that similar problems occur at Pro League level like you said where the administrators and players are not of different ethnicities from each other suggest that race isn’t the issue here?
      I’m trying to see your logic.

    • So it’s ok to allow yourself to be exploited? Shame on your ignorance then

    • Brian Pierre do you know Dom Basil Matthews’ ethnicity?

    • Brent Bennett but you yourself acting like you never allowed yourself to be exploited while playing the beautiful game and the exploiters always went to the bank smiling and buying their posh vehicles and houses, do you remember the Caribbean Cup in Crooklyn when you represented our Soca Worries team eh and the exploiters made over $100 US each season and the players never got 1 cent from the gate receipts eh well I myself went through that same madness when I use to play for the same Soca Worries in the Five Borough league that make plenty of monies and as I said before this happened because the exploiters knew that we just loved to play the beautiful game even just for a box of chicken and chips and a red solo while they are always eating the steaks and drinking the finest wine. Them really good yes.

    • Hence the reason why I am so so eager for the Players Association to finally be up and running in our sweet country in order to defend our players rights and educate them amongst other things and finally put an end to all the madness that is done to them especially the ones who lacks the education. All the players needs to do is concentrate on their football and their education or trade and leave the rest up to the Association, they need a voice and I bet you that all the exploiters will always think twice before they decided to continue with their madness. Them really good yes.

    • Let’s get this straight boss, I’ve never allow myself to be exploited. If I did something it’s because either i did it for the greater good or it benefited me in some way. Football paid for my education and for that I am forever grateful.

    • Lasana… I do know of Don Basil’s ethnicity…and my statement was not made to try to convince you or anyone else for that matter… I made my statement because it’s a reality…based on my experience with my daughter and I was able to protect her from falling prey to similar situation of which I speak…the sad thing is that there are quite a lot of vulnerable youths out there who do not have the benefit of a strong/stable family foundation and who would always fall prey to unscrupulous dealings…you can point me to any thing that you choose..the KKK…Dom Basil Mathews etc…etc…nothing is going to change my opinion…wether you understand/agree with me or not…as alluded to earlier my statement was made due to personal experiences… I consider you a sports reporter of very high repute….you do some digging and you tell me what you come up with…as for continuing to engage in this discussion… I have said more than a mouthful….????

    • I don’t doubt what personal experience you might have Brian. It is just dangerous to suggest that because one person (or more) from a particular ethnicity behaved in a particular way that everyone from that ethnicity is the same. That’s all.
      I don’t want to invalidate your personal experience.

    • Ok Bro…that fine by me… one last bit…it would even more dangerous if it is proven to be true….just saying….

  42. excellent. hope someone makes a jail because of this. we have to start totake things seriously in this place.

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