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Wired868TV Presents (Video): SSFL champs, Shiva Boys Hindu College

Defending Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) Premier Division champions, Shiva Boys Hindu College, take Wired868 behind the scenes at their Penal base:

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  1. People just trying to pull them down, because them from penal…that’s all….

  2. I not taking credit away from anyone however i really thought shiv boys was a well coached taticacaly sound unit however it is not as i have seen it is just a bunch of individuals very talented .and as individuals can distroy any defence on a good day .

  3. No home games wdf lol Seriously?

  4. Shiva to the world they can do what they want to try an stop them but it would not happen trust me on this

    • Exactly… The can do or try to do whatever they want to hamper us from defending our title but shiva gonna rock their world and defend their SSFL title.. I’m very confident they will defend their title.. I have fate on the boy’s..
      #SHIVANATION ???

  5. Suraj Sakal Suresh Sakal your daddy

  6. look at this ground and its surroundings you see anyone looking threatened or and unfit ground ?our villagers just like any other have a passion for their team and love ones playing ..the game ..no more home games but that still would stop us nor our team ..all the way shiva …

    • They just making excuses to ban us from our home game’s.. Team’s are afraid to come to penal not because of unfit ground or because the surroundings and fan’s are threatening but because they know it’s impossible to come in our fortress and take point’s from us hence the reason team’s voted to ban us from our home game’s… The fight down is real…

      But we #rallyingstill

  7. So proud right now sbhc all d way great team ,great ppl great football