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Wired868TV (Video): Howzat?! Hillview College seek to maintain cricket stranglehold

Can Hillview College maintain their stranglehold over the Secondary Schools Cricket League?

Wired868TV and the Tunapuna Piarco Regional Corporation seek out the secret of their success as we talk to captain Navin Bidaisee, senior player Kirstan Kallicharan, coach Richard Kelly and teacher Adesh Ragoo for Chasing Goals

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  1. You should have asked how many of those players actually passed for the school. The answer may well be none. Hillview has been recruiting from other schools for years to ensure they have the best team. In my humble opinion they are transferring titles in because all of their main players have either transferred in or waited to enter in sixth form. I can tell you from MATCH scorecards I’ve personally seen that this is the case. If you are a young boy passing for that school and hoping to make that senior team one day you might be in for a lot of heartache