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Tobago love?! LiveWire does the maths as Sport Ministry spends TT$91K on weekend excursion

First, the good news. Thank God that Tourism Minister Shamfa Cudjoe didn’t ask her Cabinet colleague, Darryl Smith, to tag along to the Bahamas.

There has been precious little worth celebrating at the Ministry of Sport ever since the super-sized Diego Martin Central MP squeezed through the front door and started allegedly chasing after female staffers as though they were made out of chocolate.

Photo: The hand of god? Sport Minister Darryl Smith (right) takes a hands-on approach to communication at the ministry with employee Kate Balthazar.
Photo: The hand of god?
Sport Minister Darryl Smith (right) takes a hands-on approach to communication at the ministry with employee Kate Balthazar.

But, frankly, this is starting to get ridiculous. An investigative report by veteran journalist Sharmain Baboolal revealed that Smith had his Ministry spend TT$91,910.43 to hand out a solitary trophy in an event, the THA Sports Awards, that lasted barely an hour and 15 minutes on Saturday May 20.

Maybe you didn’t get that part. The Ministry of Sport was asked to hand out one trophy at the THA Sports Awards and Smith spent the equivalent of an Olympic athlete’s annual funding disbursement to do so.

So much for austere times, eh, Colm? Although, to be fair, it would take a brave man to try and tighten Smith’s belt.

When asked about the need to fly to Tobago for a nondescript event with more people than the total number of athletes to be honoured that night, Smith told CNC3 that he was only responsible for his personal assistant—the aptly named Cindy Cupid—and they should ask his Permanent Secretary, Natasha Barrow, about the rest, which included his communications officer and sometimes squeeze, Kate Balthazar, and advisor Garvin Warwick.

He didn’t even hesitate, under the most gentle of cross-examinations. Even Peter had to be asked three times before he disavowed Jesus. Smith served up Barrow like she was a side of fries.

Barrow weakly suggested that the three day Tobago excursion included several important meetings. But several staffers who spoke to Wired868 contradicted her account.

Photo: Fore! Cindy Cupid, the Sport Minister's personal assistant, shares a photo on Instagram of a "staff meeting" at the Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort in Tobago.
Photo: Fore! Cindy Cupid, the Sport Minister’s personal assistant, shares a photo on Instagram of a “staff meeting” at the Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort in Tobago.

The only other notable appointment that weekend in Tobago was an inspection of the Dwight Yorke Stadium in Bacolet and less than half of Smith’s 12 staffers attended while the Minister himself was absent.

And, crucially, the main people for that site visit—including CEO Adam Montserin—came from Trinidad and returned on the same day. Otherwise, God knows what Smith and his dirty dozen were up to.

Smith did offer some consolation to the Trinidad and Tobago public on his Ministry’s use of taxpayers’ money at the Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort.

“Ent is the government’s hotel?” Smith asked rhetorically. “So the money staying in the system.”

It betrayed a level of economic ignorance that was so brazenly repulsive and insulting and yet, at the same time, full of such absolute childish ignorance that one had to stop and stare, open-mouthed—like looking at a stool the size of a papaw in a public restroom.

Keithos, can we have a courtesy flush at the Ministry of Sport, please?

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Sport Minister Darryl Smith (left) has a laugh with NAAA president Ephraim Serrette at the 2016 NAAA Open Championships at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain on 25 June 2016. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Sport Minister Darryl Smith (left) has a laugh with NAAA president Ephraim Serrette at the 2016 NAAA Open Championships at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain on 25 June 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

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    • Gosh I cringe every time they use the 3rd person to say what they think?. Manning used to to do the same crap. All it does is make him appear arrogant

      “This Prime Minister has very high standards and it is very difficult for him to be satisfied.”

  1. That’s What You All Vote For,Take That Now,

  2. You know people asked who was moor corrupted. I think is the Pnm they invented corruption remember the unc was only there for five years how long the Pnm government in power for over fourth years so they learn from the best and continue to do so the problem is it has to stop one way or the other.

  3. Am wondering what size of trophy was being given , that it (the trophy) took twelve (12) people to help present it (the trophy) in Tobago.

  4. Say strong Mr. Smith…….and learn from your mistakes.

  5. That’s where accountability start..let shamfa pay her roaming fees..let smith pay ..leadership/management is about making decisions that are prudent .leading by example..but he giving these Lil children responsibilities that they clearly can’t handle..he fired nicole &marlene..let’s see how this unfolds…

  6. How about a glass door in the airport that cost $95000…or was it $96000?

  7. Trinidad politicians are the worst

  8. Great is d PNM i say Great is d PNM

  9. what so wrong with that kamla did worse with 10 million who she was with in the hotel room can’t remember that eh and anil with his girls smoking ganja talk nah .


  11. That must have been one very large trophy for twelve people to lift.

  12. Same old story…from one set of thieves to the next and we are masochists who.continue to.pay their bills as we suffer in silence.

  13. The stadium has an OSHA warning.

  14. why hasnt Akeem been able to “access” DYS?

  15. And these people studying how to fete with the money. Steupse

  16. Wonder why he took a king size bed

  17. Great is the PNM. Give allyuh any carp and we take it. Where is Roget and band? If was Kamla we calling for the heads though

  18. I am fed up with the two teams at firs Team 1the UNC and Team 2The PNM none better than none to Govern this Country same old khaki pants.same Tune they singing in the same choir

  19. Pay your Taxes to support these Ministers lavish lifestyles.You don know, ha ha.Same cut from the Cloth.

  20. All them Minister of sports is the same thing, come on Darryl Smith, if you know that you come out to shame this gov’t like that big mouth one who the UNC had, Anil Roberts, take your Georgie bundle and go, we don’t need that, and Kamla your gov’t was the worst so just shut up, if you all wasn’t so dam greedy you all would of been in power still, when you use the word corruption you should choke, who was more corrupted than the nasty UNC, Keith Rowley, get Darryl Smith ass out, fire him now, he and the one from Tobago who run up the phone bill, get rid of them, they only making you look bad, the ass they themselves playing,,

  21. Wen wud Trinidad an Tobago really get a govt to look after d people , an not dem selves , wen ,wen wen , wen lord????

  22. I didn’t do well with mathematics in school. So can someone tell me the difference between $500 million and $91,000..

  23. And how did Livewire arrive at that 91,000 figure. People allyuh meed to stop falling for sensational non meritous headlines.

  24. “Chasing after female staffers as though they were made out of chocolate”. Ey watch it dey with that thinly veiled racist color reference. Clearly your prejudice come shining thru. Ah dunno how d readers don’t see your true colors Mr. Livewire.

  25. I was woundering why they did not go after the last government for their doings and now I know ……..their turn reach

  26. This was so infruiating to read and watch i had to laugh…… but that cover photo tho wdma his hand on the girl arse and shes smiling wtf something really in the water they drinking at that ministry ent Anil

  27. SAMSON biblical warrior: in the Bible, an Israelite judge and warrior. He used his enormous strength to fight the Philistines, to whom he was ultimately betrayed by his mistress, Delilah(Judges 13-16) .

  28. Let him pay back this money! What the hell is going on here…….people catching hell and 91 thousand one one fker….bullshit!

  29. Any vacancies up for grabs yet? I actually qualified

  30. This ministry is cursed, needs an exorcism. Hunt, Roberts, and now Smith.

  31. I had the experience of working in government Ministry for the first time 2 years 2014-2016.whew what an experience. The PS was mad and spent how she wanted. the Minster was weak so she shut him down, In the end there was no accountability ,All TAX payers money, but who cares? New government, new Ministry and PS just simply moved on. Alls well that ends well, sweet T&T

  32. All the corruption of the last government according to Monoilal was public servants fault. the PS signed off. Its time the clear lines of demarcation be given to Ministers and PS. Let me play devil’s advocate if you were a PS and your Minister came to you with the bill similar to what Darryl took to the PS, How many of you would have had backbone to say NO. it easy to talk when you not tin the hot seat, but there are lessons here to be learnt and applicable to ones’ life.. what does it say about Darryl as a person, and similarly the PS and those who went on the joy ride. TRinis have sunk so low, we talk about poltiicans , but they are you and me. Its upward mobility in a place of power and temptation is strong , but is how you respond. what do you have internally. Darrly you was wrong , wrong wrong. likewise the PS

    • I would have said NO. As a matter of fact, I have terminated employees for being complicit. Ignorance is no excuse. I expect absolute integrity. If you see something say something regardless of whom committing the offense. If I am suggesting you do something that you believe is inappropriate I expect you to stand firm and say something. I am not afraid of learning something new. The problem is too many MPs and bosses in T&T walk around with chips on their shoulders and as a result commit embarrassing and compromising offenses.

  33. I have long said people in T&T have chosen sides of the political fence. Leaking email is a norm. what confidentiality clause in the work place. non existent.Desmond Cartey said ” “all ah we thief” and i add,No jail

  34. Way you see the PM and the opposition leader fighting to stay, or to get back in power, and the people calling for blood with everything going haywire, that minister ent have long to survive. Remember when the people called for blood from the then opposition? How much again was the number of scapegoats and guilty ones Kamla shafted?

  35. Ok I’m not the most IT savvy person here, but isn’t this kind of a dumbass way to check for a leaker?

  36. The permanent secretary had no back bone. She knew it was wrong and should have said “NO” but because the Minister of Sports made the request she cowered. Typical behavior of subordinates in T&T hence the reason corruption is so prevalent. Many T&T employees reasoned that as long as they could say the boss ordered or requested it that they are safe.

  37. There is no justification for this, it is simple, it was wrong and the PS must also answer

  38. Must have been a big trophy and the minister hands busy so he needed help

  39. Mr.Minister..Sir..if i were you i wont say anything anymore..$92.000 and that photograph says it all..then again i am not you…

  40. His ass needs to be fired after he and his 11 cohorts pay the hotel bill bunch of green fig idiots

  41. gul this idiot belly bigger than yours , but you have more guts to take up a man like this LOL

  42. Take she on a honeymoon in bago bai

  43. Look where his hand is she really is his ass sistant

  44. I was at the Magdalena that same weekend. My eyes were closed and now my lips are sealed.
    I had a seminar there related to distance running and yoga …. I wonder if any of the ‘entourage’ attended?
    Now if the Minister had signed up for the seminar his rate would have been $1,090 TT a night including breakfast.

  45. This government talk about belt tightening and Property Tax.
    Practice what you Preaching.

  46. Well written and enlightening​….. keep it up Mr. Live Wire

  47. Sooooooo, is this one of those situations in which we should just tell the Minister to pay the bill because #youcanaffordtotakealoss, like the AG told business people at a meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in Jan 2017?

  48. when they say tighten your belt is to give these bastards slack to spend your hard earned money! Same shit different blasted pile!

  49. If his assistant is not a public servant, what they doing there on taxpayers’ dime? same problem people had with Kamla’s sister

  50. Mel, let Richard Thompson tell about how fell Sport Minister performs…
    “When our minds should have been in training mode and preparing for Rio, they were directly derailing our focus with issues that should not have been.
    “The Ministry has a system in place that is intended to help and facilitate athletes representing the country, but instead we feel as though they are against us and have become directly vindictive in the process of trying to stiff-arm us.”
    The following press statement on deteriorating relations between the Ministry of Sport, Sport Minister Darryl Smith and Trinidad and Tobago international athletes was submitted by three-time Olympic sprinter and medalist Richard “Torpedo” Thompson:

  51. Didn’t Shorters (aka Minister of Finance) say something about reducing expenditure, austerity, belt-tightening, fiscal responsibility, blah blah blah … and wasn”t there some story about some puplic servants having to walk with teepee from home?

    • Those measures are usually for us the plebs

    • As well as the PM-else how the whole country know bout ‘belt tightening’.
      Yup Mel Lissa, animal farm is our policy document-all animals are equal, some more than others.
      You recall the uproar the whole country was in when doubles went up by $1?
      This minister living la vida loca for a weekend on more money than a lot of people make in 1 year inno-just to put it into perspective nah-and we okay with that?

    • And Shamfa – don’t forget her

    • Yup, can’t. In all fairness, we can’t blame her for more than stupidity or irresponsibility.
      Does the country ever find out what happened at these conferences?
      Aside from maybe some photo ops (a few minutes work). How do we know these people were not out enjoying themselves and left someone to stand in?
      For Smith, I would have said the same (stupid and irresponsible), except for the last minute inclusion of additional members which seemed a tad calculated as it would -coincidentally be after the P.S. approved, and where is the official agenda?

  52. They need to eliminate the Ministry of Sport.

  53. Lasana look the man say we jealous because he ‘performing’. What exactly is he referring to?


  54. What is the difference between a personal assistant and a personal secretary? Why would one person need both?

  55. Oliver Joseph I am a volunteer with a blind NGO who are in operation for over 20 yrs. they SAVE the Gov’t millions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ each year for the work they do for/with the blind…since PNM Gov’t came to office in September, 2015…up to now they have not received a penny of their subvention…they are facing eviction right now…becaused they cannot pay their rent & their staff…

  56. No money for the poor in hospital and this fat pig spending taxpayers monies like running water

  57. Look at the picture and see where his right hand is this was no employee

  58. Gosh Lasana this was brutal. But to be fair to Smith though. Is like he’s 3 people so 3X3 is 9 for the weekend….so add 9 to the divisor….carry de 1…. Maybe de maths will look better

  59. “So much for austere times, eh, Colm? Although, to be fair, it would take a brave man to try and tighten Smith’s belt.”

  60. Schools crying out for funds ..the hospitals crying out for meds ….but PAPA Rowley and the babies spending like wildfire.

  61. No matter how u package it …it is STILL bullshit. And more amazing …the red is ready to defend it. Tobago suffering for groceries and the Minister and friends having a lavish time. When he going to cut back?

  62. After this….. all sporting functions must be held at the stadiums (no overnight stay).They must carpool or use PTSC buses for transport. They must walk with their food. Money will be saved…..no more embarrassment.

  63. anybody took a glance at room assignments? asking for a fren…

  64. As I said before, Darryl is like a fat kid in a candy store.

  65. We taxpayers must pay for this !!! We have to tighten out belts and the Ministers are squandering money

  66. Gone on Government? Doing Good. We you all say the country have no money what do you all mean? Let me guess. You mean there is no money for us ordinary citizens, but there is money for the ministers to spend stupidly. Eg roaming charges, Tobago trip, paintings, Brian Lara Stadium. This list can go on and on.

  67. this is just another reminder that we cannot go anywhere as a people until political parties (pyramid organisations) are banned by our constitution. It is too easy to manipulate the small group at the top of the pyramid. we cannot have a functioning democracy until each area representative represents ONLY her constituents.

  68. Use your time in office wisely sir for nothing lasts forever.

  69. Isn’t that not the same picture that was circulating early last year?;

  70. I don’t have the words to express my anger and disappointment in The sports minister. Easily give people the ammunition to sink you.

  71. all are we are trinidadians, what is the difference

  72. I have zero issue here EXCEPT the number of people for what was needed. That is potentially where the wastage comes in

  73. Strictly speaking we don’t know what’s going on with the assistant.

  74. Where is TT going?????? No food cards for the POOR citizens, NGOs are not getting their “subventions” for the past 20 months – No medications in the Hospitals, feeding the patient noodles everyday…Shamfa 4 days phone bill $59,000.00…Daryl Smith 3 days SPLURGE in Tobago $94,000.00…why is the PM SILENT??????

  75. I hope next time a school invites a Sports Ministry official to their Sports Day, they don’t blank since clearly there are enough people in the Ministry to put in an appearance.

  76. It may be quite simply a matter of assembly.Each one carried a part.What is the problem ?

    • It seems that only those who refused to condone the obscene theft and corruption of the PP wanted true change and a better T&T. Such a disappointment, the whole lot.

  77. Keeping my property tax money for my carnival costume next year… since it’s all the same system.

  78. Oh geezeanages Lasana my jaw hurtin from laughing from start to finish…Then when I finally stop I started reading the comments…Well yes it have some people you could spit on them tell them it raining AND sell them an umbrella too oui

  79. Where was Ms Squeeze during the campaign trail? Was she having sleepless nights, not being able to kiss her children goodnight because she was out until wee hours of the morning supporting him? Where was she the night when the votes were being counted? Was she nervous, flittering from one Diego Martin constituency office to another? I never saw her! He is an addle-brained, ungrateful goon!

  80. the major portion of the bill was for food, must be,!He’s getting bigger by the month. What kind of example is he setting for the youth.

  81. all kicks aside…
    typical room at Magdalena Grand + meals is USD$225/day
    typical rental of SUV is $650/day
    it doesn’t appear out of the ordinary that Smith and co were extravagant in this trip. Seems standard fare.
    I cannot speculate on why 12 people went or what they did while there. That’s for the ministry to answer. But at first glance, this bill is not extraordinary in any way.

  82. Love the piece. He’s a damn ass. He should be stripped of his ministry

  83. He kinda too fat to be a sport minister in the first place. lol

  84. Minister remember it is a crime in T&T to hug people. Keep your hands in your pocket.

    • No it won’t be.whether it is photo shop or otherwise..I would never forget what they did to the photo with Usain Bolt’s hustler and Dr Keith Rowley.. Damn despicable people around. One does not know what is true or false. .

  85. Ah tell all yuh long time, all yuh not paying taxes all yuh paying tribute!

  86. Congratulations to Sharmain Baboolal for her demonstration of true investigative journalism.

  87. Is like we stick on repeat cause it is the same selfish shit we facing one government after another. Once these self serving assholes get into office they living the life, staying in Magdalena, eating at $300 buffets, playing rounds of golf while the man on the street can’t afford to even go to a movie. And of course our PM couldn’t care less , turning a blind eye to his own being stranded at the port day after day, sleeping on concrete bench in night dew while his partners flying in and out comfortable, comfortable. Time people stop bumping gums and do something…the more we take the more they going to continue giving it to us in the backside without grease.

  88. Why he looking like a thusty man so in this pic

  89. In less than two years this PNM government is unraveling!

  90. So what power do citizens have to ensure it stops, since its the same thing over and over. Galavanize as a unified people and demand accountability. Are we prepared to do so or simply talk on face book, where we are not seen because of fear.

  91. Tobago engagement, Miami wedding.no invite, but we have to pay for it.

  92. Wouldn’t lie nah….we as a people so mentally lackadaisical that it isn’t funny….our impressive ability to quickly forget things increases our tolerance to take bullshit…..give this two weeks, bet you won’t hear a word again….Shamfa phone issue done closed ent….lol….trinbago, sweetest people wee….

  93. You nailed it Kenneth, this behavior is across the board, in all parties, and only those who genuinely care about the nation’s development will protest no matter who is involved….

    • The two independents. There are more?

    • yes absolutely. they can dominate at the polls with (relatively) small numbers, and ignore the rest of the populace, and indeed, be rude about the flagrant abuse of public trust.

    • And the new technologies being made available to political parties now allow them to hone in on people who are likely to be moved by their message.
      Which is another way of saying it lets them totally ignore the hard sells like us.
      The system is spitting us out entirely. Eh Spencer Crouch? There is less and less room in a democracy now for the independent voices.

  94. I am not surprised one bit. Regardless of the political party in charge of governing Trinidad and Tobago we have thieves flying here and there, galavanting and splurging at the T&T citizens’ expense. How easily we forget the extravagance enjoyed by previous administrations! Seems only when it’s our preferred party we doe mind but let the other party do the same and we scream bloody murder. What’s good for the goose is certainly not good for the gander when it comes to politics in T&T.

  95. It would appear that the newcomers are running close competition with the old guard when it comes to wasteful expenditure of public monies…..this is a deeply ingrained cultural problem, politicians in TT believe the public purse is theirs to squander and until someone is seriously punished for it, this distasteful behavior will continue….

  96. This is normal for all governments. they simply don’t care., its not their monies. they feel its an entitlement. I worked in a Ministry and on three occasions Boards were announced and all three times a ceremony was held either at Hilton and Hyatt. I thought it was a simple exercise, call them into the Board room and give them letters of appointment. No thousands were spent. Consultations were held at Radison, Jack Warner Centre of Excellence etc It appears that the Magdalena Grand hotel and Hyatt are loved by all Governments, since they use them for every and anything. It appears that Dr Rowley knows to cut cost but these neophytes (Shamfa and Smith) are on a joy ride. Hold them accountable They just don’t care, so the nonsense continues. yes you want to give young people a chance, but it seems you have to give them a course in financial management. when the money is not yours. The temptation is high.

  97. This is what happens when we have a bag ah jackasses who think they still dealing with an illiterate population as in the days of my parents (I’m 62); many people who were unable to read or write. The world has changed yet ppl like imps-butt, Smith, Ms Roma et al get offended when we learn of their lavish lifestyles at the cost of taxpayers dollars. To quote Martin Daly, they are all suffering from “position-itis.” OR as the old folks would say, “never-see-come-see.”

  98. He was interviewed by Hema this morning and he gave a different version , justifying everything of course.Said the reports are incorrect .

    • I just got the gist of it. Was fixing breakfast and the tv was on. He said he takes his personal assistant everywhere , that the THA invited people , not him , that the THA provided drivers because they had to visit some place , that he is not in a relationship with the lady , that there is a lot of lies and sabotage because he is doing such a great job and the youth love him . That’s the bit I heard . He was digressing a lot and Hema was trying to get him to answer certain questions .

  99. All yuh better form a new political party else is UNC/PP in your pwenwen again since voting for PNM just because you are a PNM is quite asinine at the moment.

  100. 4 cars for 12 persons? Dey doh know how to squeeze up?

  101. At the end of the day anyone in charge of the cookie jar seems to always steel the cookies.

  102. Love the article Lasana Liburd. Time to get rid of him. Ridiculous

  103. The Sports Ministry is a slush fund for whichever administration is in power, from the crazy flagpole incident to the monstrous Sports Company and its financial scandals and now this ….

  104. Steups. It’s been time for this dude to go. He been acting the fool for awhile and he has given ppl nuff ammunition to destroy him. He just lucky they gave him this length of rope to play himself with.

  105. Steups. It’s been time for this dude to go. He been acting the fool for awhile and he has give ppl nuff ammunition to destroy him. He just lucky they gave him this length of rope to play himself with.

  106. The question is on whose advice were the THA invitations issued because it’s not by vaps! They said there were other meetings, ok, let’s see some minutes from those meetings, they are not private or confidential. Until pertinent questions are answered it would seem like a ministerial team went for a fun weekend in Tobago.

    I’m seeing calls to shut down the Sport Ministry, hysterical! Isn’t the photo in the Express from 2015? Nice touch, lol, well I suppose they had no other photos available.

    Is the Prime Minister going to condone the transferring of funds from the ministry to other state enterprises (CAL, Magdelena Grand), with what appears to be freeloading joy riders in between?

  107. Really would like to support a government in this country… Really, really would like to be inspired… Not be words but by deeds… Smh…

    • Ihu. As I posted elsewhere, on the night of elections, I said to my friend, this gov’t needs to hit the ground running because this is a critical time for the country and there is no room for failure as the future of the country is literally in their hands.
      What disturbs me is that we seem to continually be duped by governance by PR, not performance.

    • Honestly, I think on a scale of 1-10, the current adminstration might be around a 4 compared to the previous adminstration’s 8…The PP were spending like there was no tomorrow, throwing money around for a cheap photo opportunity… I just don’t think it is wise for the PNM to preach austerity to their citizens while not being cautious about spending themselves. I want them to succeed – which is why they need to be more careful…

  108. Never see come see behaviour in this sweet country of ours. Where the employers (the voters) live worst that employees (our tax payers hard earn money). Same old khaki pants.

  109. What about honouring the arrangement with the Cascadia bill re: the ‘Sports Desk Youth Forum’? You have to invest in the youths.

  110. Big joke right ….. there is no medication in our hospitals

  111. Sports Ministry again huh … seriously, can anyone outline their achievements in the last few years? What is their budgetary allocation and where is the ROI? TT seems incapable of learning from past erors, it’s time to shut this ministry down….

  112. Lasana Liburd not to defend anyone in this case. But the Minister don’t have oversight on expenditures in the ministries eh.?

  113. This place sweet, yes. Carry on folks

  114. Stop ‘squeezing’ them eh. That comment last night was the worse.

  115. Where is the big fat Steups emoji???

  116. Waiting patiently to see the action that will be taken on this

  117. Justify the expenses and the amount of staff

  118. But wait -why all our comments are replies to Spencer? lolol

  119. Marcus Daniel I love the taste of sarcasm mixed with journalism in the morning

  120. Excellent article, Lasana. To think that I spent so much time walking around during the election campaign, encouraging people to vote for this clown. Well we live and we learn.

  121. “So much for austere times, eh Colm? Although, to be fair, it will be a brave man to try and tighten Smith’s belt.” Woke up every sleeping dog in the neighbourhood with that one…

  122. Why all yuh so..Of course he could only present ONE trophy. Look at the photo of him with his ’employee’..He had much in/at hand.

  123. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

  124. If it is not legitimate, he needs to repay it and call in the Police. It is my (the taxpayers’ $) and please God I demand accountability.

  125. Kirwin Weston, read on about his arrogance, because what I got from this response is, nothing to see here, move on!
    And if this is ‘nothing’, one wonders about what we missing.

  126. That now explains why the Minister couldn’t accept the invitation to attend and present the trophy at the biggest Caribbean club football tournament in 2017 in his own back yard.

  127. His explanation of it being a government is worst excuse yet. Arrogance in his tone made it worse.

  128. “He didn’t even hesitate, under the most gentle of cross-examinations. Even Peter had to be asked three times before he squealed on Jesus. Smith served up Barrow like she was a side of fries.” =D

  129. The arrogance of Smith can only be compared to that of Shamfa Cudjoe. Can’t figure out the winner here. You took your time and chose well Mr Prime Minister. Full marks for your austerity plan