Sike!!! Rowley sacks Smith after “new information” in coldest icing since Benny Blanco from the Bronx

In one of the coldest hits since Benny Blanco (John Leguizamo) iced Carlito Brigante (Al Pacino) in Carlito’s Way, the political career of Diego Martin Central MP Darryl Smith was snuffed out this afternoon—presumably just before he could form his first queue of desperate women seeking government housing.

Smith, who allegedly chased after female employees like they were made of chocolate at the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, was sacked as a Cabinet member this afternoon, just 24 hours after receiving a position as Minister in the Ministry of Housing.

Photo: Darro, remember me? Benny Blanco from the Bronx…

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley informed President Paula-Mae Weeks to revoke Smith’s instrument this afternoon, after a meeting which involved Smith and Minister of Planning and Development, Chief Whip and Women’s League chair Camille Robinson-Regis.

Sadly—for Diego Martin Central’s female constituents—the “instrument” in question does not include two sapodillas and a nine-inch banana.

Rowley claimed that his decision was made “after new information came to the attention of the Prime Minister.”

Considering that the media—and, in particular, the Trinidad Newsday and Express newspapers and Wired868—had already previously revealed everything shy of “Heavy D’s” waist size, Mr Live Wire cannot confirm whether the “new information” is that Smith is the most universally disliked thing since Zika.

The Office of the Prime Minister stated: “The meeting also resulted in the appointment of a committee to thoroughly review the circumstances surrounding the dismissal and payment of compensation to Ms Carrie-Ann Moreau at the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs.

Photo: The Hand of God?
Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Darryl Smith (right) takes a hands-on approach with a then staff member.

“The committee is to be chaired by former Permanent Secretary and Human Resource Expert, Ms Jackie Wilson, and includes Ms Folade Mutota of WINAD and Attorney-at-Law, Ms Elaine Greene. The committee is expected to report in two weeks.

“It is anticipated that all parties involved in any non-disclosure arrangement in this matter will lift such impediment so as to allow the fullest examination of the facts for the benefit of the public.”

The news is likely to be met with tears of joy by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development’s female employees and their loved ones—including a certain Carrie-Ann Moreau, who works at UDECOTT and must have been wondering what priests she killed in a past life.

In the end, it was Smith who could not outrun his karma.

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm whether Rowley told Smith: “I am happy to have you as Housing Minister… Sike!!!!”

Photo: I’m Karma, bitch!
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  1. Lasana how yuh go do ‘we’ dat?

  2. “Robinson-Regis said the allegations surrounding Smith were just that—allegations hence there was no need for his resignation [as MP].

    Asked what was this new information the PM got, Robinson-Regis pointedly said, “You expect me to answer that. I’m not answering that.”

  3. Lmfaol….#RellLoud
    The #BarrelBuss, leaking bad…rell bad!! #DeddAss✅

  4. Ppl rejoicing,,,this is jus for a time,,,jus like Marlene,, he’ll b back,an yuh kno wat,,we can’t do nothing,,jus like how we can’t do anything bout him bringing bk Marlene,,so really,, who’s having the last laugh,,,

  5. Better late than never. Now the $150.000 must be paid back with interest worked out by the hour.

  6. Better late than never. Now the $150.000 must be paid back with interest worked out by the hour.

  7. New info my ass, since the old info surfaced he should of been gone. Giving him a new portfolio knowing there were allegations against him made u look very unprofessional and just for that you should go too. #fedupofincompetence #whovexloss #doecomefuhmeifmenasendforyou

  8. 2 months he will be back like marlene….dont trust pnm

  9. Another committee that will unearth nothing reveal nothing,and will never be heard of again.

  10. Does this eclipse Marlene’s cobeau sweat record? Is he travelling faster than Michelle Ahyee?

  11. No one is above the law. Based on this article one can say that Mr. Smith did not handle his position of power well. He simply lost it.

  12. Let’s not forget the PM fired Ms. McDonald eh…

    • Hello, that was only a sham. Where is she now? The PNM party like the UNC is more than a political party, they are firstly a lodge, where dissident members are protected from the law and prosecution at all cost. Do you really believe that Rowley is unaware that Al Rawi erred in the incident concerning his children? or Camille misused her privilege? or that McDonald is under the eyes of the police for fraud and misconduct concerning the Calabar Foundation? But what does he do? He claims he has full confidence in them still, people with dents on their character.People who are bold and brazen enough as to evade justice, those are the people that make decisions regarding my daily living. A bunch of scamps and corrupt entities.

      • Mike, I think you missed the real point of what you just said.

        Surely the issue is not whether he has confidence in them– I think we have to take him at his word. The issue is this: that he still has confidence in them, in spite of all the evidence available which you have cited here, so much confidence indeed that they are allowed to continue making decisions for all of us.

        For me , THAT is the frightening bit!

    • Mike Penco I, was referring to her firing and rehiring, and the same might happen to Mr. Smith. I totally agree with your comment.

  13. While this certainly is no laughing matter, after all, someone has lost their job and if everything goes as planned his wife in the near future, it does, however, bring a sobering end to a rather embarrassing situation. It should serve as a practical lesson to all ministers, the guilty and the guiltless, the PNM and UNC that the people will not fail to expose any mischief in public office or corrupt deeds attributed to them and that all, from Attorney General to Chief Bottle Washer will have to give to the people an account of their doings when the appointed time is called. Ask Darryl. “Mr Smith ship sank fast”! Kate, if ever there was a time that he needs you is now. Go gently on him, wipe his brow and let him know that behind every dark cloud, there’s a silver lining, only his will be filled with “Playboy bunnies” Bless his soul!

  14. Lol the comparison to carlito was rubbish tho ..maybe shoulda said joe pesci and his brother in Casino.

  15. Padarath have(has) d last laugh on Smith

  16. “New information” is a euphemism for “there is no more ways to spin this and continue on”

  17. Where can I get tickets for this comedy show called P.N.M.?

    • No cover charge….free entry and drinks 24/7.

    • Just bring your own plant-like substance. It seems that you and your peers are the only ones able to peddle it without being charged

    • Roger Collin Pierre just for the records. Kamla’s residence was occupied by the security forces and was more or less a public place while she was prime minister. Therefore many people had access to her premises. Your so called plant like substance was allegedly found on an open section of the premises. If it were a totally private property, then the owner would have been responsible for it. PNM FAKE NEWS AND PROPAGANDA AT IT’S BEST. Btw many soldiers are known ganja smokers. Could it have been planted by PNM operatives who also planted the cocaine and guns in former UNC minister Sadiq Baksh water tank.

  18. This just in, Smith’s removal from the sport ministry to housing, was leaked to the Barcelona football team by ‘Russians’ hired by Roma, minutes before kickoff today. This explains everything.

  19. Dunno who busier these days…Mr Livewire or Madam President.

  20. He must be made to pay back $150,000.00 of taxpayer’s money plus the exorbitant funds squandered on the Tobago fun in the sun.A reasonable sum can be applied,the rest should be added to the $150K and reimbursed.

    • Never will happen. I sent in an email with why the law permits the employer to be held liable for the actions of the employee. Hopefully this will be published soon and you will see that Smith will never be held accountable for the money.

  21. Mr. Live Wire, thank you for publishing these articles as well! The public may have never known!

  22. God doh sleep! Take that Darryl “Barrel of Bile” Smith! I’m also very proud of the young lady for speaking up about the issue and taking it to the court. It seems the public scorn of Darryl Smith was enough to stink up and vacate his appointment!

  23. Do you mean “psyche”?

  24. “They shoulda never gave you ni**as a Ministry!”

  25. Lasana Liburd I am dying here.

  26. Great article Lasana…not many will agree with me, but I think that firing errant Public Officials or obtaining their resignation has not been an effective solution. We will soon see if that is still the case in this Darryl Smith matter.

    My reason for saying so is that the culture we have is one which is a very forgiving one in which the fact that someone ‘lost their job’ upon having been found in error is widely-viewed as being enough punishment. The result is that even when the calls for resignations or firings are successful, the actual outcome is doubtful if there is no real prospect of further action. Are robust steps ever taken to recover Public Money? Are criminal charges and/or lawsuits ever pursued so that the offenders have to face the Courts? Are the ‘fired/resigned’ Public Officials re-appointed to favoured positions in short order?

    Ask yourself these things…the inescapable fact is that we seldom, if ever, follow-through on these matters, given the propensity to forgive those who have ‘paid the price’. So they continue to have it nice…

  27. The new information is just to save their face after what Camille spoke last week and kr defended him. What else is there that we don’t know already?

    Ministers get a copy of all the dailies in their office Sunday to Sunday. They have cellphones with social media which taxpayers pay for. You mean to tell me they didn’t know. Look eh… bout new information…

    • Hello hello hello wha u say the dailes giving information u must be mean fabricated information u good yes come again

    • No one can take anything read in the news at face value. The Prime Minister needed to do his own investigation before taking action and he did. Mr Smith misconstrued his position of service to be one of master of all he surveyed and paid the price.

    • Yep when the shit the fan, every corrupt arrogant nepotist to himself

    • Bernadette, what “action” did the Prime minister take after doing his own investigations? Relocate Smith to another ministry as a junior under him (the Prime Minister) It was only after receiving the vast amount of criticism that he did two things. Fired Smith and issued a statement from his office: The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago takes all allegations of sexual harassment seriously.” That statement was released yesterday despite the Angostura issue that happened last year, so “concerned” he is. There is no “new” information, that was said to hide the embarrassment that Camille and his party suffered.

  28. “It’s Benny, Benny Blanco from the Bronx!”

  29. Damn, Darryl! Got bowled for a first-ball duck! Wow! Instant karma’s gonna get you! Gonna get you right in the face!

  30. yeah boi yuh quicker than michelle ayee

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