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Live Wire: Sport Minister files for divorce from the truth; threatens to throw wife out of home

If chivalry really is dead, maybe the Police Service should consider bringing in Sport Minister Darryl Smith for questioning.

The Diego Martin Central MP set a new mark for family values today—and Mr Live Wire is thinking ‘skid mark’—when he took to Facebook to threaten to throw his wife of 12 years and mother of his four children out of the family home.

Smith’s public threat followed the leaking of a video which showed the super-sized sweetman getting frisky with former Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs PRO Kate Balthazar.

Photo: Sport Minister Darryl Smith (right) takes a hands-on approach to his staffers, as he poses with then communications officer Kate Balthazar.

“Frisky” is relative, of course. Smith lay on his back on a couch—as though waiting for the tide to come back in—while Kate did all the legwork. Minus the kissing, it was probably a perfect metaphor for his time as Sport Minister so far.

Smith, who blamed his “ex wife” for the leaked video, claimed to be setting the record straight via the social media.

“The facts are as follows: I am the person in the video footage inside my own home,” stated Smith, who would have been spot on if he stopped right there. But he didn’t.

“It is imperative to note,” said the Sport Minister, “that my marriage was dissolved by Order of the Family Court more than seven (7) months ago…”

Only, it wasn’t. Smith began divorce proceedings in early 2017 but, Wired868 was reliably informed, is still married and will be for another two months at least.

The Sport Minister is separated but not divorced. But, like most politicians, he tried to have it both ways. So, without explicitly using the word “divorced” in his press statement, he referred to his partner as “ex-wife”.

Photo: Sport Minister Darryl Smith (right) makes a pass at Minister of Public Utilities Fitzgerald Hinds at the Hasely Crawford Stadium training ground on 20 January 2017.
Hinds did not press charges.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Not that Smith trying to have it both ways would come as a surprise to anyone who has followed his exploits at the Sport Ministry.

The inconvenient truth that Smith also neglected to mention in his statement was that the romantic interlude with his former employee—she has since swapped ministries—was taking place in the house that he shares, at present, with his wife while she was out.

Presumably without irony, Smith also said “my entire focus continues to be on the emotional well-being of my children” and followed that up with “my attorneys have written to [my wife] again, advising her that an application for an exclusion order will be forthcoming.”

So Smith will petition the court to have his wife and four children—ages nine, eight, six and three—tossed out ahead of schedule on the alleged grounds that she embarrassed him by leaking footage of what he got up to in their home.

Too bad Justice Rolston Nelson can’t take that one.

Photo: FIFA president Gianni Infantino (centre) and TTFA president David John-Williams (left) turn the sod at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 10 April 2017 while Sport Minister Darryl Smith, as usual, pretends to help.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Smith’s statement:

On Friday December 22nd 2017, specific video footage from my home security system was taken by my ex-wife and leaked via social media.

It is imperative to note that my marriage was dissolved by Order of the Family Court more than seven (7) months ago.

[…] My entire focus continues to be on the emotional well-being of my children but I have now been forced by this leak and the further embellishment of this story to clarify the facts.

The facts are as follows:

  1. I am the person in the video footage inside my own home.
  2. This was a family setting in which my father and other family members were present. The rest of video footage (deliberately not leaked) clearly portrays context.
  3. It is uncanny that the footage was leaked on the very day that the financial aspect of my divorce was finalised.

It is very unfortunate and quite sad, (but not the first time) that my ex-wife has revealed personal information to try and destabilise the family unit in this manner. Given that, my attorneys have written to her again, advising her that an application for an exclusion order will be forthcoming.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago’s London Olympics 4×100 metre relay team of (from left) Richard Thompson, Emmanuel Callender, Marc Burns and Keston Bledman put on a brave face as they pose with Sport Minister Darryl Smith (centre) in a ceremony at The Anchorage, Carenage on 29 June 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA Images/Wired868)

Equally as shameful, but not surprisingly (sic), is that some of my political opponents on social media have chosen to use this to pontificate and preach about moral behaviour in public office for their own myopic and self-serving agendas.

I want to thank my family, friends, constituents and all of my well wishers for the numerous texts and calls of support.

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  1. Don’t worry just what he has done to one all will get it her turn will be worse a man will always be a man only think with his penis

  2. Shameless shameless shameless bess described

  3. People should stay out off people buisines, and personal lives, (allyuh to fast)

  4. Omy See why some guys teach to be as them smh .Marriage is not joke thing .Reminds of Bold and Beautiful Young and Restless hmmm.

  5. Lord Ah Stringband of Hypocrites Up In Here Hmmm Allyuh take de Cake

  6. Hello the man dam wrong…. how you will bring a next woman in the house and your wife still living there with all your children……..things coulda be calm but no .

  7. That’s why she did what she did all the time the lady is that’s my wife now you became minister she not good anymore karma will surely get you for sure and she’ll be be looking on

  8. Public officials needs to be very careful with there every move be it in there public or private capacity. Bcuz once you choose that job no part of your life not even a toilet nap is private…

  9. So is the wife that leaked the video? And who tell them he want divorce who is the fly on the wall

  10. Lasana, as the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs, he is not a Private Citizen. He is an Official Public Figure with the responsibilities of setting out policies that affect them. Whose eyes are on the said Minister of Sports? Are not the eyes of our Young impressionable minds on him/her. When indiscretions and ill-advised decisions are made, that affect his own children, how do the Youth feel and think? When it was done under the last Administration, was it considered to be right and private/personal business? When you are outside of office and speak of such great Moral and spiritual values, you need to walk the talk. Not just talk the walk. I am thankful for persons like you who are not Partisan and look at the interests of Trinbago.

  11. However, fidnt the Kate woman know that thus is a married man and refuse his advances ces???? Does she think that he will be faithful to her or treat her any differently when the fascination with the chase wears off……seriously, he promised to love and cherish, and all that stuff, till death …..some men always chasing what they f on have and as soon as they get it they it onto want it no more…..the thrill of the chase.

  12. Was the $91K Tobago weekend a precursor yo this situation?????

  13. No judgement but kids ALWAYS suffer the most in this case. If it’s so.

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  16. Randall Smith continues to embarrass himself and his ministry…. what’s next?

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  18. only time will tell who knows the divorce could be a blessing for both of them don’t be quick to judge

  19. What kind of woman would do this to another woman and kids? Karma will get you in the end. God’s watching you, and tears are falling on you.

  20. “I had a meeting with the Minister of Sports Daryl Smith after the women won the Bronze medal in the relays in 2015 and presented a plan, that both Ian Hypolite and myself had worked on so that we could continue being successful in the sports. It was not that much at the time, and the country was not experiencing financial constraints and it involved the relay teams getting together to practice regularly. The Minister watched me and said Ato lets do it, let us go ahead with your plan and we will do this,” Boldon told reporter Andre Errol Baptiste.
    Boldon, speaking from his base in Florida, USA, said, “But now two years later, nothing has happened so I will no longer listen and wait for anything to happen, because nothing has come out of those words to me.”

  21. The drunk one break the country,damage every institution,and this s*it is ALL you can talk about??? Stupzzzz!

  22. Lasana Liburd, I really don’t get hypocrisy. It’s interesting how many people are defending this person, when there is video evidence of what he is doing, but were quick to condemn the former PM, everybody want to know bout krystian? I don’t even know whether there is another video with other members of our parliament, as alleged, but really, what is unacceptable for one has to be unacceptable for others.