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Live Wire: Sport Minister files for divorce from the truth; threatens to throw wife out of home

If chivalry really is dead, maybe the Police Service should consider bringing in Sport Minister Darryl Smith for questioning.

The Diego Martin Central MP set a new mark for family values today—and Mr Live Wire is thinking ‘skid mark’—when he took to Facebook to threaten to throw his wife of 12 years and mother of his four children out of the family home.

Smith’s public threat followed the leaking of a video which showed the super-sized sweetman getting frisky with former Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs PRO Kate Balthazar.

Photo: Sport Minister Darryl Smith (right) takes a hands-on approach to his staffers, as he poses with then communications officer Kate Balthazar.

“Frisky” is relative, of course. Smith lay on his back on a couch—as though waiting for the tide to come back in—while Kate did all the legwork. Minus the kissing, it was probably a perfect metaphor for his time as Sport Minister so far.

Smith, who blamed his “ex wife” for the leaked video, claimed to be setting the record straight via the social media.

“The facts are as follows: I am the person in the video footage inside my own home,” stated Smith, who would have been spot on if he stopped right there. But he didn’t.

“It is imperative to note,” said the Sport Minister, “that my marriage was dissolved by Order of the Family Court more than seven (7) months ago…”

Only, it wasn’t. Smith began divorce proceedings in early 2017 but, Wired868 was reliably informed, is still married and will be for another two months at least.

The Sport Minister is separated but not divorced. But, like most politicians, he tried to have it both ways. So, without explicitly using the word “divorced” in his press statement, he referred to his partner as “ex-wife”.

Photo: Sport Minister Darryl Smith (right) makes a pass at Minister of Public Utilities Fitzgerald Hinds at the Hasely Crawford Stadium training ground on 20 January 2017.
Hinds did not press charges.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Not that Smith trying to have it both ways would come as a surprise to anyone who has followed his exploits at the Sport Ministry.

The inconvenient truth that Smith also neglected to mention in his statement was that the romantic interlude with his former employee—she has since swapped ministries—was taking place in the house that he shares, at present, with his wife while she was out.

Presumably without irony, Smith also said “my entire focus continues to be on the emotional well-being of my children” and followed that up with “my attorneys have written to [my wife] again, advising her that an application for an exclusion order will be forthcoming.”

So Smith will petition the court to have his wife and four children—ages nine, eight, six and three—tossed out ahead of schedule on the alleged grounds that she embarrassed him by leaking footage of what he got up to in their home.

Too bad Justice Rolston Nelson can’t take that one.

Photo: FIFA president Gianni Infantino (centre) and TTFA president David John-Williams (left) turn the sod at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 10 April 2017 while Sport Minister Darryl Smith, as usual, pretends to help.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Smith’s statement:

On Friday December 22nd 2017, specific video footage from my home security system was taken by my ex-wife and leaked via social media.

It is imperative to note that my marriage was dissolved by Order of the Family Court more than seven (7) months ago.

[…] My entire focus continues to be on the emotional well-being of my children but I have now been forced by this leak and the further embellishment of this story to clarify the facts.

The facts are as follows:

  1. I am the person in the video footage inside my own home.
  2. This was a family setting in which my father and other family members were present. The rest of video footage (deliberately not leaked) clearly portrays context.
  3. It is uncanny that the footage was leaked on the very day that the financial aspect of my divorce was finalised.

It is very unfortunate and quite sad, (but not the first time) that my ex-wife has revealed personal information to try and destabilise the family unit in this manner. Given that, my attorneys have written to her again, advising her that an application for an exclusion order will be forthcoming.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago’s London Olympics 4×100 metre relay team of (from left) Richard Thompson, Emmanuel Callender, Marc Burns and Keston Bledman put on a brave face as they pose with Sport Minister Darryl Smith (centre) in a ceremony at The Anchorage, Carenage on 29 June 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA Images/Wired868)

Equally as shameful, but not surprisingly (sic), is that some of my political opponents on social media have chosen to use this to pontificate and preach about moral behaviour in public office for their own myopic and self-serving agendas.

I want to thank my family, friends, constituents and all of my well wishers for the numerous texts and calls of support.

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Mr. Live Wire
Mr. Live Wire is an avid news reader who translates media reports for persons who can handle the truth. And satire. Unlike Jack Nicholson, he rarely yells.

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  1. Don’t worry just what he has done to one all will get it her turn will be worse a man will always be a man only think with his penis

  2. Shameless shameless shameless bess described

  3. People should stay out off people buisines, and personal lives, (allyuh to fast)

  4. Omy See why some guys teach to be as them smh .Marriage is not joke thing .Reminds of Bold and Beautiful Young and Restless hmmm.

  5. Lord Ah Stringband of Hypocrites Up In Here Hmmm Allyuh take de Cake

  6. Hello the man dam wrong…. how you will bring a next woman in the house and your wife still living there with all your children……..things coulda be calm but no .

  7. That’s why she did what she did all the time the lady is that’s my wife now you became minister she not good anymore karma will surely get you for sure and she’ll be be looking on

  8. Public officials needs to be very careful with there every move be it in there public or private capacity. Bcuz once you choose that job no part of your life not even a toilet nap is private…

  9. So is the wife that leaked the video? And who tell them he want divorce who is the fly on the wall

  10. Lasana, as the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs, he is not a Private Citizen. He is an Official Public Figure with the responsibilities of setting out policies that affect them. Whose eyes are on the said Minister of Sports? Are not the eyes of our Young impressionable minds on him/her. When indiscretions and ill-advised decisions are made, that affect his own children, how do the Youth feel and think? When it was done under the last Administration, was it considered to be right and private/personal business? When you are outside of office and speak of such great Moral and spiritual values, you need to walk the talk. Not just talk the walk. I am thankful for persons like you who are not Partisan and look at the interests of Trinbago.

  11. However, fidnt the Kate woman know that thus is a married man and refuse his advances ces???? Does she think that he will be faithful to her or treat her any differently when the fascination with the chase wears off……seriously, he promised to love and cherish, and all that stuff, till death …..some men always chasing what they f on have and as soon as they get it they it onto want it no more…..the thrill of the chase.

  12. Was the $91K Tobago weekend a precursor yo this situation?????

  13. No judgement but kids ALWAYS suffer the most in this case. If it’s so.

  14. Don’t forget there are Children involve, for God sake men of Trinidad Crime! No fathers in there lives, AH !!!!!! You’ll can come out of inherited.Slave Mentally,

  15. Everybody was up in Sheronne’s Auto and his wife’s business, dey cuss Sheronne and call him tne vilest of words now who Sherrone hugging up in d night. Moral of the story is say less and watch more, everything isn’t always wht it seems. In other words ‘mind allyuh morocoy business and go home early and investigate under yuh bed ah hear Santa still making rounds!!!

  16. Randall Smith continues to embarrass himself and his ministry…. what’s next?

  17. Bitch run look how this man treating his wife n kids what would he do to you …..n wife if you don’t no where the family court is GoogLe directions move out take full care of your kids life goes on hun

  18. only time will tell who knows the divorce could be a blessing for both of them don’t be quick to judge

  19. What kind of woman would do this to another woman and kids? Karma will get you in the end. God’s watching you, and tears are falling on you.

  20. “I had a meeting with the Minister of Sports Daryl Smith after the women won the Bronze medal in the relays in 2015 and presented a plan, that both Ian Hypolite and myself had worked on so that we could continue being successful in the sports. It was not that much at the time, and the country was not experiencing financial constraints and it involved the relay teams getting together to practice regularly. The Minister watched me and said Ato lets do it, let us go ahead with your plan and we will do this,” Boldon told reporter Andre Errol Baptiste.
    Boldon, speaking from his base in Florida, USA, said, “But now two years later, nothing has happened so I will no longer listen and wait for anything to happen, because nothing has come out of those words to me.”

  21. The drunk one break the country,damage every institution,and this s*it is ALL you can talk about??? Stupzzzz!

  22. Lasana Liburd, I really don’t get hypocrisy. It’s interesting how many people are defending this person, when there is video evidence of what he is doing, but were quick to condemn the former PM, everybody want to know bout krystian? I don’t even know whether there is another video with other members of our parliament, as alleged, but really, what is unacceptable for one has to be unacceptable for others.

  23. Those without sin cast the first stone.

  24. What kinda LOCHO man is that..is that the kinda man we want in government. Shameful

  25. ‘Supersize sweetman’ look ah not able nah…this place is real comess. ..??

  26. Who really cares that is his personal affair is this news going to make Trinidad great again people steups

  27. Why is this anybody’s business? We are in the throes of recession and this is the focus of attention. I thought this was for sleazy newspapers. Well that’s TT now, Owners of these medium have the decision if they air such news, similar to gossip columns. Sad , sad when vacuous and empty minds find this is newsworthy. I would not judge him/her but the kids are the ones having to take the brunt of two so call adults immaturity at this time. The one who exposed the pics, lacks moral integrity to sell a story or the shaming of another human. In the final analysis its the CHILDREN who are the VICTIMS here. he /she say. Simply garbage.

    • It’s a LiveWire column, it’s tongue-in-cheek commentary

    • Yep. live wire commentaries are normally informative with a dash of tongue and cheek. I just think we should not waste time on such (my opinion) since in TT there is no accountability for wrong doing including infidelity . In another country the Minister would have quietly resign. In T&T its a norm , since he is not the first nor the last to have his dirty laundry exposed in the public domain. Trinis have lost all moral integrity, people having affairs is an norm and this is old news. Social media has just made it easier,since previously such stories were the topic of sleazy gossip tabloids . Anyway I have to remind myself , there are viewers who live off such crap about other people lives. That’s what reality TV is all about

    • I don’t care too much for the salacious stuff either, but different strokes for different folks.

  28. It seems like we are taking a page out of the USA media if nothing else works put their private lives in the public domain. We argue that they are public figures because they chose to become so but what about their kids? The family is going through a divorce the kids can read what is being said about their parents is that fair to them?

  29. Everyone talking about the Minister. That is why some women does be suffering. Because rightly, karma is a bi*ch. That woman didnt know the man has his family????? Ministers plz be wise. The devil is out for you all…

  30. The wife should go to court. He cant get house if he dosn’t take care of the children. The courts always give the mother and children the house

  31. If Raj could get a chutney tune time to rock Barrel I mean Darryl

  32. Lazy man Smith be a little more active.

  33. Nobody know what’s going on in his marriage. So because I have 4 children with my wife we can never get a divorce. Who know if the man is unhappy . Leave ppl business alone .

  34. Those of you without sins cast the frist stone. I am not saying he’s right or wrong, cause i don’t know the true story, anyway it’s not my business have a great new year people

  35. Yeah Earl – we got to give him credit for that. He would have earned my respect if he had submitted his resignation at the same time.

  36. You go girl he has no respect for you.Blast him

  37. I hope the wife and kids get the house and everything. What goes around comes around. Shame on you darryl smith. Some men are just not even worth it. Just let them go.

  38. There is always 3 sides to a story….
    We’re not too sure what occured domestically between him and his wife
    I’m not condoning his actions .
    I’m just saying..

  39. Why are people using the man business for political gain and his wife is a fool to do that thinking about yourself and not your children

  40. I wandering wat the P.M.would do abt Mr .Smith cause u all have to remember this government have to lok and wen his ministers doin thing like dat and social media spreading he is pissing mad…but dat is his private business but u dont know wen and how ppl video tapin u so u have to be extremely careful.

  41. This got nothing to do with pnm or unc or religion or race…ask Glen and dem boys from the previous regime…this is just a young fella who dont know how to bridle his hormones when he in a big man world and yuh eye big and bulging ….he will.grow up and look back and say “boy i was real shupid….ah shoulda fix up.off shore or in meh padna house or car!!”

  42. I understand that like Andre Baptiste, Mr. Live Wire has his sights set on ALL Ministers of Sport, but this article is attempting to stretch the speculation spectrum a bit much.
    No where in the Minister’s release did I see that the four children will be “kicked out of the family home.” I am not aware if Mr. Live Wire works at the Family Court, but we cannot say what the details of the exclusion order will contain and therefore cannot say that anyone will be kicked out from anywhere.
    Also, I notice that Mr. Live Wire is also a potential politician by using semantics to cast emotions against the Minister. A divorce petition 7 months ago DOES qualify one to be called “EX.” The fact that we haven’t decided who gets the house and land and car until it is final doesn’t mean that we are together.
    Finally, does Mr. Live Wire even know who owns the damn house, or even cares? Does he know the circumstances of the break up and what may have occurred between the couple that lead to this situation? I doubt it. Yet, he is subtly ((to gain emotional amunition) suggesting that the Minister be the one to leave the property for the ex-wife after all is said and done.
    This was a typical piece of what passes for local journalism where the writer attempts to sway public opinion by the crafting for articles using suggestive language toward their objective.

  43. Non issue. Happy New Year to everyone out there.

  44. Imagine what his behavior would be like if he even looked good!!! He needs to know that HIS OFFICE got that extra play. Not HIM.

  45. You will not be the first niether the last yours in life these things happen and always remember there are a lot of them just like you but it haven’t reach the Public as yet

  46. Another mere distraction from what’s really going on….

  47. We need men and women of integrity and impeccable character

  48. We lack statesmen, too much politicians

  49. I think he needs to mature. Liming a nite and saw him park his white Prado with his MP sticker around a bend next to a fire hydrant . It was a big joke for him

  50. I saw another video of where the ‘said’ lady came in with him and the children were on the couch and she went over to hug someone who may have been his father….them in real ting oui

  51. Oh gorm Burkie. Respect the man privacy nah…

  52. That outside woman should learn something from this and run, run girl, run, any man who could treat his wife and mother of his four children like this , will do worse to you.

  53. The back bench in PARLIAMENT looking good boy. Lol

  54. Alyuh lives so boring, ur wives an husbands an alyuh kids lives so boring an uninteresting, that imagine d only entertainment alyuh have now is to b fascinated by other ppl lives, sorry set ah ppl alyuh is, all who commenting on d personal lives of others..

  55. Terrible Representative anyway

  56. Dat woman kno d man have wife an 4 kids an she still put she self with him she will meet it one day God don’t sleep

  57. “Shame and Scandal in de family”So it is his wife’s problem for exposing a Govt.minister’s indiscretion and disgraceful by bringing his lover into the marital.home…….his moral.standards are below standard for a man in such a position(i.mean his job). Yes it is his private life then go to a darn hotel with your woman or wait till your divorce is finalized.We Trinis have to stop passively and humorously dismissing this as “our culture”…..In British/Trini law adultery has a financial impact on divorce…unlike the USA where it is “no fault” law ref divorce.

  58. Ah lookin for some plant like substance any body willing to share that video on the smith premises

  59. From since the Thema Williams matter when he refused to even attempt to mediate, I realised he was a total waste of time. And we already know what so many athletes think of him.

  60. Well if she put me up like that I would have done d same too. I not saying he was right! He was dam well wrong.

  61. Wait Nah dis man Is the only man in Trinidad will get a divorce from his wife or even have another woman…this story is the biggest news ever to hit Trinidad boy way sah..
    alyuh take a news crew with cameras and just camp outside his house so you all will get info first… Or even sift through his garbage…Mr Smith you could make millions you are more popular than a Kardashian….

  62. So what if his personal trainer resembles in some way the ‘hand luggage’ he was photographed earlier on closely clasping..I think we should be more concerned if his children, having seen the video, would now be calling him “Sugar daddy?”

  63. Oh gosh I cannot help meh self haha ah feel I have to buss ah big shaggy for dis player player

  64. Y’all are soooo mean to Darryl..This is a video of his keep fit programme..Darryl does this lap around the office and decided to shed a few more pounds..look at him prostrate..by doing the same lap around the house..So what if his trainer resembles the h

  65. This is our business…the calibre of men put to run the country sucks

  66. he msut be the fittest MInister of Sport ever.

  67. The comments defending this show clearly your moral values. I have 4 young children and not a year gone yet and I’m hooking up?If that were me I’d be called a slack woman etc etc

  68. Isn’t that his right if he goes through with the right process. Which is what every divorce situation goes through.

  69. At least he admitted that it was him in the video loving up the woman but Mr 2 pull the ex corrputed sports minister going down dying that it wasn’t him in the video smoking the ganja. Them really good yes. Steeuuppss

  70. His business is his business when he keep it inside..nt wen yuh is minister an my tax money paying yuh and yuh all over the place showing how dumb and stupid you are…wen you bring it to the public is the public hve to comment…AND YES I CAN LOOK IN THE MIRROR EVERY DAY…AND SMILE

  71. Shame and disgrace to the human race

  72. First an foremost wrong is wrong. If he did not get catch, well

  73. Is that u all business every body have a fly in their back yard

  74. Men are so deceitful they only think about themselves not there children.I hate when kids are involved

  75. So the previous Minister of Sport got horned and the current Minister is horning…. this Ministry is real kicks… no wonder the sports administrators are doing what they want with their sports.. ..

  76. I trying to understand what is the importance of this to me, my existence, my income, my bills? What?

  77. As he make Minister he feel he reach disgraceful big fat and was ah nobody before becoming Minister, he feel that side chick would of gave him a second look hadn’t been a Minister damn ass

  78. I hope the wife gets the house and everything she is entitled to especially for her four young children. What goes around comes around his day will come

  79. Everything is social media!!! Today is Darry tomorrow it could be me an you???? You never know

  80. But how come all them sport sport ministers getting themselves tie up so boy…

  81. the man want boneless salt fish,leave him alone please.

  82. Darryl Smith you’re a dog! I’m sure that woman was by your side when you had nothing, before you even got ministerial portfolio but you got greedy and other woman start to look at your fat ass!! Four kids ??? Hmm boy karma will deal with you don’t worry!!!

  83. I am not defending smith but he and his wife are estranged he is still in the matrimonial home with his new friend if he was in a hotel or in his car in public then it is another story but de man was in his house a man’s house is his castle i think smith is the victim here this was done to have him fired as a minister people to nasty as for the person who recorded this shame on you.
    I know i will get flack for my comment but this one is nasty and those feminist out there i await your comments.

  84. A lot of you take pleasure in making other people’s private business your food for life.

  85. Wired868 bacchanalist. Find something constructive to talk about.

  86. Well let the world see what kind of a husband and father he is what is the pm saying now not a role model for this country tax payers money and she karma comes around

  87. Better than this Lasana. Dissapointed..

    • Don’t have a purview for any politician but this is footage taken from inside the man’s home. It’s seems vindictive and along the lines of cyber bullying. No need to give it legs.
      The parties readily admit that they’re going their separate ways. Some divorces are acrimonious, so parties try to shame the other by any means necessary… but we all know that. Your satire and political commentary has always been enlightening and spot on. But this misses the mark. There are enough “baccanalists” on these islands.

    • Randy, we didn’t write when the video footage came out. You can check through our archives yourself.
      Know why we did now? Because he went on Facebook and said his attorney will file for an exclusion order against his wife. Know what that means? That he will try to have the court eject her.
      Now he could have filed for that privately just like he filed for his divorce. Not so? It would then be his business.
      He chose to tell the country instead, using his network as MP and Minister. The only purpose of making that public was to humiliate and/or intimidate his wife.
      And THAT–as well as the half-truth about his marital status–is what made the difference and why there is a story on this.

    • Damn if you do damn if you don’t. They are separated aren’t they? It doesn’t look like he hiding anything. I don’t give him any kudos for making what was already in the public domain more public. However it seems if you don’t defend your name the naysayers are going to drag it through the mud. If you stay quiet, they’re going to drag it through the mud. Neither party had any right to make the personal issue of a divorce public. But I truly believe in “do unto others..” If I were in that position I don’t know what my own reaction would have been. Hurt and humiliation comes to mind, as he said this wasn’t the first time. There are kids involved and no matter the position everyone is human. This sordid affair was always of a personal nature. When it affects the public I’m one of those who condemn them vehemently. I still don’t see it as a story for Trinis to cast aspersions on the man.

    • Nobody is fallible. However, he made a public statement and this article is a response to his public statement.

    • Didn’t he deny having a relationship with this woman though? Yes, it is unfortunate that this private video was leaked. But, now that it is in the public domain, it raises questions about his statements and actions during the hand-on-the-butt photo incident and the Tobago trip incident….if, in fact, it is the same woman.

  88. First it was the man himself Rowley wining on ah 17yrs child for carnival , well she get ah house for that wine , next it was Al Wari wining on Stewi or was it the other way around ? Oh well , then it is this chick looking like she trying to cross a log but ppl say that she making out with Barrel Smith …who’s next lol

  89. That power u have now won’t last forever so make sure n put away some u might need it

  90. 4 kids
    Woman hadda start all over

  91. Darryl is a very disrespectful dog, regardless of what his wife and kids are still in the house, that same woman will do him worst than that, Karma is a bitch, i hope he knows that, his wife dam right if is she that did it, and he saying that his father was there, then he have no respect for his father, what kind of ppl we have representing us in Parliament, even if you and your wife not together, she’s still in the house, so what about your kid’s, omg god don’t sleep, what go around, comes around don’t worry, anytime you are out if the lam light you will see how much that woman want you, and she as a woman should think, but she wants to prove to the wife that she take over, but just wait, god don’t sleep,

  92. Sorry to say, but the Minister of Sports should be relieved of his duties. He has brought his office into disrepute. His affair with one of his former direct reports, which likely started when she worked under him – no pun intended – is enough to see him removed from office. Enough is enough!

  93. You know what would be cool?
    If Darryl took some time off from horning his wife and did his job!

  94. Your article intrigues, Lasana
    This man behaving so deleteriously; Yet He is the one to file for divorce???!!!

    In what dimension?
    Shocking. And, Telling

  95. Money talk b@%% $#it walks. No respect for his parents and his children. As d PM say ladies choose y’all men wisely

  96. Continue to provide us with proper facts Lasana Liburd….

  97. Allyuh only talking bout the man and he exwife and the outside woman..what about the 91k dollars wasted in tobago..money which i thought we did not hv..money from an empty treasury..money kamla theif..

  98. Darryl might as well horn his wife, it’s not like he’s busy promoting sports in Trinidad.

  99. Shame shame shame. Didn’t he think people would find out if he was really divorced.

  100. Oye Ignorami– it was an entourage that went to tobago not him and her alone is partisan politics going to always affect the way we think?

    And he cannot spend money for a trip he cannot the only person who can do that is the PS if they sent for approvals and the ps said so and so cant go then they cannot go…the end. The PS is the accounting officer

  101. Lasana,your page attracts a lot of moralists and divorce attorneys pardna.lol

  102. *passing through sipping tea looking for anyone who as NEVER been tempted by a person of the opposite sex, same sex, animal sex, a toaster, a ghost in the cemetery or even at the thought of sucking your own penis…*

    **stops and thinks: oh, wait… plenty people here airing out their gums ain’t even been married… so it ok to do to their bf, gf, top or bottom but once you married you must click off the light switch???**

    #gtfoh #yethatiswithoutsin

  103. I really couldn’t care less what Darryl does with his spare time, I just want someone to explain to me what exactly is a T&T Sports Minister.
    I mean for real …. look at the state of local sports, a toddler could administrate that just as poorly in exchange for a bobo, why waste money paying a minister?

  104. Well Mr. PM should fire him since this video surfaced or I forgot the PM love to wine on young women too

  105. This is a #fixitrowley #familyvalues moment

  106. His wife sure voting UNC next elections!

  107. As an avid reader of your posts this is d most comments I ever see on any topic but Trinbago is a seven (7)day not nine any more.
    Plenty menz forget how long this nonsense going on with Barrel and that woman and citizens were paying directly or indirectly for. #thirdworldnation but she has unmitigated gall, belly like calabash side chick has become main chick. First world status in decades maybe n ah go leave it at that #leadershipcrisis

  108. So there is proof the woman is Kate?

    Didnt she resign from her permanent post? Now she has switched ministries?

  109. He is a nasty …classless ….cheating …piece of horse shit …but karma is real and it doesnt forget …..

  110. Funny enough when a former minister of sport was allegedly seen in a video with 2 women in a hotel room some years ago while being married I didn’t hear anyone on this forum condemned his actions ??? Is it that they are held to different standards just asking for a friend ….. The hypocrisy is overwhelming

  111. what part was belittling and bullying? the exclusion order?

    • I felt it was classless to put your intention to evict your wife on Facebook. Doing it is one thing but announcing it could only be an attempt to humiliate.
      And just as he took liberties with the truth when he used the term “ex wife” who knows what other half truths were in his statement. Just like his explanation of that Tobago trip was full of half truths.
      And then we remember his half hearted claim that his hand was photoshopped. This is a pattern.

    • Well let’s look carefully at what has taken place and is taking place. As a public figure he ought to have managed his affairs differently, however I’m sure that he has a side to his story. In so far as bullying by public statement I beg to differ. The video(s) being released would have forced his hand hence the statement. Is it safe to conclude that she leaked them, or at least agents of hers? His activity with his new partner and the impropriety given that she was his employee is another issue of itself. I would like to hear his side of the story. It is naturally assumed that he is the offender because his affair became public. As for attempting to humiliate the release of the footage started it so now it is probably become a tit for tat. The rightness or wrongness is debatable. Many offenses on his part for which he should answer but some of his actions are an unfortunate part of the acrimonious divorce process.

    • Nigel Clement how can we be sure it is his wife who released the video? Too many half truths innuendoes and falsehoods.

    • Dawn Foderingham I can’t be sure, but I’m looking at who would most likely have access and a motive. Pure conjecture on my part.

    • Nigel what is the thing we DO know for sure? That he made a statement threatening to throw out his wife. N’est pas?
      I’m sure these things could get nasty. But when he makes public statements, he is not just a husband. He is also a MP and Minister.

    • Just another sample example trini male

    • So Lasana, being unsure of who actually released the video (he likely would know better than any of us) you decided that he was “bullying” her by announcing that he’ll be getting a court order to have her leave, you also decided that he’s also putting his four kids out, and then you decided to insinuate yourself into the situation and choose sides , to even the scales, as you see it?

    • Smith decided this was newsworthy when he made a public statement. I wrote about that statement. Punto finale.

    • You wrote “about the statement” and included ‘facts’ of your own creation.

    • Lasana Liburd hence my saying he should be handling his affairs differently as a public figure. I’m just not going to jump on the condemnation wagon until I can hear more sides of this story. Insofar as threatening to throw out, taking a course of action acceptable within the legal framework does not constitute a threat. If he believes that he is rightfully entitled to the marital home I can’t fault him. There is so many directions this can go. If she has access to the home and abuses that access in some way I would want her out as well. Especially if that abuse succeeds in making our private issue (divorce proceedings) public. It wouldn’t be my course of action in this scenario but there is clearly significant angst and whether we agree with it or not he will have information that we don’t.

    • Nigel Clement the court is there to decide what is or isn’t fair and he is as entitled to use the courts as anyone else.
      But he can’t have it both ways as far as using the social media and press.

    • he never said he was putting out his kids

    • Lasana I maintain though that his hand was forced with the release. He felt he had to say something in his defence.

    • Nigel he might have felt the situation warranted a response. He has to take responsibility for the response he chose though.

    • Lasana, I agree that he might have opened the door to criticism. But we also have to be responsible in first choosing whether to enter, and then how far.

    • I agree that he might have opened the door to criticism. But we also have to be responsible in first choosing whether to enter, and then how far.

  112. Rose-Marie, the most important thing to me is when one has the influence to make a press statement that will be seized upon and published in every Media house in the country.
    And your partner doesn’t have that same clout.
    And you use that power to try to belittle your partner, leaving them with no means of redress other than through the courts which is slow and expensive…
    I see that as a form of bullying.
    And that’s why I responded to his press statement whereas I wasn’t interested enough in the story before, even though there was the video circulating.
    I have never liked bullying. Whether the victim is an athlete, the man on the streets or a soon-to-be ex wife.

  113. so Lasana you write this article or Mr Live Wire ?

  114. WOW this man is a sicko . Really ??? He putting his wife and four kids out their home??? He should get out and get a room.

  115. Well you better kiss your job goodbye yes! What a disgrace!

  116. Find out the reason why they get divorced and then same something don’t believe everything u c online

  117. You are disgraceful and disgusting as they come. But I’m not at all surprised. Follow the example of your leadership.

  118. MY OPINION is anything that is not illegal that is done in the confines of ones private residence is NOBODY’s BUSINESS. How many other pressing issues are there to report on. Miss me with that public figure Bs there ought to be sanctity and privacy in ones home. Clearly he and the Mrs are having issues and he has a relationship which is entirely his business and his alone. We cannot judge because we do not know what his “wife” and him have/had how many marriages do not work for whatever reason. I am not a fan or relative, I do not know the Minister at all but I am not going to speculate and cast aspersions I have a life and my own business to mind. Move on!

  119. Ok she need to find a space for her and their children. Get a life

  120. Lasana yuh does hit hard boy. That opening line was gold! And the part about waiting for the tide to come in . That was some real crass behaviour even for Smith. The definition of “wrong and strong”. He deserves whatever he has coming to him. His wife should take him to the cleaners and he should be relieved of his post. He should have kept his mouth shut and hope it blows away. That statement he put out should sink him.

  121. everybody saying it’s not your business we as a society accepts too much bull shit. the right thing could never be the wrong thing. when would our Men in Trinidad and Tobago step up and do right by the vows they made. only breaking up their homes for selfish gains.

    • You see men can be unfaithful and it’s ok ,for a woman is death.

    • he divorce or seperated a long time ago

    • it doesn’t matter your comment still holds no value to me because today society doesn’t understand the definition of a vow.

    • Tranda, he filed for divorce but the divorce isn’t final yet. So she is not his “ex wife”. Not yet.

    • Doing right by the Vows “they” made cannot be the remedy for making an unhappy marriage (regardless of the reasons) a happy one. Persons have the right to move on in circumstances where a relationship becomes unworkable, so let’s not delude ourselves Tranda. The problem I see is the way in which it is done. The overriding objective should always be the interest of the children which certainly doesn’t mean remaining together when parties are unhappy to do so. It’s called hypocrisy not “doing right by the vow they take”.

    • first to begin Stephen Wilson I don’t care what no body has to say I stand by my words. Secondly Marriage is a huge step one should never just rushed into because like I stated it’s a life long commitment . sworn to love and cherish in all things before God and man. In doing so if Man (Human beings ) will place focus on thier marriage and stop look for the next best thing their marriages would last. hypocrisy my ass you don’t bring innocent children into this world and put your dick first. long where the days when Men knew the definition of being a man. Society disgust me , we hold nothing of value anything and everything goes and we always have a plaster for every sore. Again marriage is no joke if you don’t plan on standing by your vows until death do us part do not even entertain the though and leave ppl girl children alone.

    • School them Tranda Boo your comment is on point.

    • Correct Tranda Boo men always see themselves first

    • Brandon Cadore I still don’t care oui!. An as a man that holds status in society he isn’t setting a good example for our young men in Trinidad and Tobago. when would we make it our business to build back the true meaning of family. As far as I am concerned when you in John public ?expect critic.

    • Tranda Boo wish I could shake your hands the young people today only get married for style and within a few years they want divorce they not talking pattern from the older people who you see celebrate all 30 close to 40 years of marriage

    • People of the world today choose lust and vanity over love and lotalty. Tranda Boo i salute u girl i could not have said it better. They glorify infidelity and being disloyal. People take these things lightly do they even consider what social emmotional and mental issues these things bring about. Not everyone can cope some people are destroyed their lives destroyed, children left dysfunctional and traumatised. So be causual all u want about the breakdown of family life and morals. People’s values have now changed based on the new norms created by society and globalisation and what the see on the internet. People have become cold and self absorbed.

    • Tranda Boo, you must be delusional. So you’re saying that if a person for whatever reason has changed in their behavior or treatment of or towards you for the worst or perhaps to your you should stay with them till death do you part……that is utter MADNESS.
      I’m hoping that you feel this way because you may have been brought up in a household where this was the norm, but society has changed and not all for the better in some ways depending on your prospective in life.

    • I feel sorry for the children. He clearly not thinking about them.. no probs if you want a divorce but sort them out so the children dont have to suffer.

    • Brian George being delusional has nothing to do with what I have stated ,you may not agree with me but I really don’t care two flying @#!×% about what you or anyone else thinks because just like you I am entitled to my opinion and my family up bringing has nothing to do with how I feel in fact my parents are divorced. I no where stated if a woman is being abused and mistreated she should be silent and stay. in fact infidelity is grounds for divorce both by law and on the religious aspects. What I was in fact stating just to make it clear that the petty shit we divorce for impacts our family especially children. Men go on the outside of their marriages for what! ?. Most times they have 80%of what they need and rather chase that 20% outside. whyyyyyy would you even get married to an abuser or even entertain marriage if the ultimate goal isn’t a lifetime . It goes back to my comments earlier marriage shouldn’t be rush it. It is should be a decision made by 2 adults willing to accept flaws and all. filled with love , understanding, communication ,patience etc. A foundation that is supposed to be built on what ever God you serve. The burning desire to attain and achieve whatever goals one might set out . Willing to go through life’s hardship together. Not to run with the latest thot when she gains a few pounds or can’t cook like your mother. So EASY HUMAN!

    • Brian George you are so correct society has changed but always remember and this is what most have forgotten and not instilled into their children allowing society to dictate their lives … God’s morale law and his word stands fast forever. Let us never forget the principles and standards we ought to be living by and it is much higher than any of society ways and laws of today. Peace

  122. If the man and he wife finish what that have to do with all your ??

  123. I hope Miss Lady stay with him when he not blinging as a minister anymore smh

  124. cannot make this shit up …..

  125. Shame on you Mr. Smith.. the woman mother 4 children for you an she would have made a lot of sacrifices for you while you work your way up to become who you are today.. An as soon as you get power this is how you repay her.. remember God doh sleep eh…

  126. Did his statement say he was kicking the kids out the house?

    • I was asking myself the same question. That’s an assumption

    • Brent he is not petitioning for sole custody. So how would he throw out his wife and keep his children?

    • Lasana, is his wife petitioning for sole custody? I’m not defending him, but as Brent said, folks are making assumptions. The first assumption is that the dissolution of the marriage means that the kids will go with the mother. Second assumption is that by “putting his wife out,” that means he’s also putting his kids out.

    • I think it’s a false narrative to say the man putting out his kids. Quite frankly that is a wreckless statement to make.

    • Smith is never shy to send legal letters at all. He has sent enough to the media during his two years as Sport Minister. If he feels misrepresented, he can and will take action.

    • Brent, read over exclusion order.

    • Brent, let me explain to you why there is a story. Now you would notice we did not write when the video was released, even as the media covered that. We didn’t write on Stuart Young’s personal business, even after he made a public statement.
      The difference here is that Darry Smith went on Facebook and intentionally misled the public about whether he was legally divorced or not, so as to try to win over public approval.
      But even that wasn’t what did it.
      What did it is that he said, on Facebook, that is attorney will petition the court for an exclusion order. That means he told the entire country that he will ask the court to evict his wife (their divorce is not final) from her home. Since his wife has custody of the children, that order–if granted–puts them out too.
      Now Brent, he could have applied for that order on Monday anyway right? Maybe he wins it, maybe not. But that would be their business. We didn’t need to know.
      So why would he publicly say that he plans to evict his wife for any reason but to cause embarrassment?
      For me and any reporter, we are moved when someone tries to use their influence in such a way as obviously his network as MP and Minister dwarf his wife’s.
      So whatever you might think about his personal business, that is why there is a story.

    • Admittedly I didn’t look at it from that angle, that of bullying thru the media. But I still don’t see it as him putting his kids put of the house. Just my opinion.

    • Brent you’d admit that if his wife has custody and he puts her out that they also have to move–even though they can admittedly visit. Right?

    • How do you know that his wife has custody? That’s yet another assumption.

    • Nigel you assume it is an assumption. I don’t mind letting you assume though.

    • Lasana if he’s not divorced, both parents are the custodial parents. So again, how have you determined that without a divorce his wife has custody of the kids. I did not assume, it is clear that you are making assumptions.

    • It is clear then? Okay. If you say so. This is a public space, I know how to restrain myself.

    • Even if you are operating based on information shared with you (an admitted assumption on my part) you still have no proof , and can’t have proof, that his wife has custody of the kids, as *custody* is a judicial decision. Since there is no divorce in this case, there can be no judicial decision regarding custody. The kids might be “staying with” their mother but since the mothers living in the same room as the father as of now, again both parents have “custody.“

    • If you say so. But if proceedings are ongoing then both parties would have already made applications for what they’d like to get out of this.
      If you think I’m libellous then call Darryl and offer your services I guess. I don’t have any more to say on this.

    • As I said, “borderline libelous,” I’m not nearly as reckless with my words as you are, I’m very careful in what I say. Your defense would be plausible deniability, so any lawyer would tell him he has no case. I just find it curious that you have engaged in the very same behavior (bullying through the media) that you seek to condemn him for, and doing so while armed with even less facts about the situation than he is.

    • Wait, wait, wait. There’s a follow up to the original article Lasana? Ah really trying to keep far from these political bachanal eh. Five years of Kams and de UNC wore me down.

      But what yuh saying here is a Min of Government lie, no, uuumm misled the public about his marital status just so?? Ah what I really reading here??!!

  127. Kyon Esdelle
    This should answer some of your questions

  128. That CCTV camera has to be in a public place not many ppl place cameras inside their homes.
    It seems he get caught. Poor fella, not that smart.

  129. “Smith also neglected to mention in his statement that the romantic interlude with his former employee…..was taking place in the house that he shares, at present, with his wife while she was out”

  130. Uh always find ppl defending the wrong one, think about the one who injustice is done too,she dam right leave his ass and take care of ur children, see who will take care of him, his mistress no way

  131. Step down and go sort out yuh family life. Yuh children too young. They doh need this kind of scandal.

  132. Who’s business is this his or the public most of you who’s commenting I hope they take a good look in the mirror I’m not defending him but his business is his business if the wife could put it out there she’s studying herself and not the kids I know you’re hurting but it’s always good to use wisdom.

  133. Imagine a Minister having a divorce and is throwing his wife and children out of the mariterial house–please –not in this day and age –he living the the 18 centry or what –women have rights –especially those who have children with in the home–

  134. Disgusting dog ,using state funds to do your crap. He should be fired first thing

  135. Imagine I see people defending this classless idiot of an MP

  136. JESUS coming soon why people don’t study that when judgement day everyman have to answer for themselves

  137. Something wrong with some people, is that your business that is y ,some people cannot move forward in life, only living in other people business smh.

  138. Having gone to school with his wife and I know her to be a person of integrity, Mr. Smith really feels his soon to be ex-wife is that petty, knowing that the outcome of this will only hurt her children in the long run! BWS! (Big Watery Steups)!

  139. Darryl Smith, karma is a bitch eh, no respect for ur wife and four children.

  140. This article have me cussing, I once asked a supporter of his where the hell they find he, in local sport for 40 years and I never heard of he, and he come and start all that shit. Why could we not have had Amery Browne, he disgusts me. From his appointed people to all the shit he has done. I rarely comment but this PNM Minister is the worst.

  141. Darryl forgets that some of us remember Kate.

  142. Smith threatens to evict wife and mother of his four children–Courts not going to put mother and 4 children out of a home—no matter how much $$$ or influence you may have—Is he who will be looking for lodgings –SOON

  143. Sex lies and videotape Updated 2017 PG-13 edition

  144. Somebody need to sue allyuh ass then this shit will stop

  145. I am sorry but he was using state funds to run outside woman he’s got to go.

  146. Does the fool know that even though the court grants his divorce it takes 6 months to get finalized?

  147. Imagine they remove Dr Brown for this fellow

    • Sorry to say, but how many persons in this administration have anything close to integrity? How many so far have been tainted by the stain of corruption yet still warming seats and collecting salaries?
      I recall there was some hullabaloo about his removal because constituents liked him, but the screening committee did not give him the nod.
      Ironically enough, it was under the PP that Diego Martin got this new highway that greatly alleviates traffic, although the PNM is proud to boast of their decades of representation.
      They also got rid of Penny too, but that’s just me.

    • Nah. The Diego Martin highway started under the PNM. If anything the PP slowed work on it and it was opened either just at the end of their term or around the start of the PNM term. Similar to how those Victoria Keys buildings started under Manning and languished for years under the PP. Only to be resumed and completed under the PNM.

  148. This is the only article that reported the truth.

  149. Not again.Let the man sort out his issues.4 children involved.

  150. Scotty Ranking

    Damn, Darryl!

    Like you should romance drama and bacchanal instead? Clearly they are the ones truly enamoured with you. Discretion is the better part of valour but it seems Smith is about as discrete as a loud, smell fart in an elevator with only two people in it…

  151. Them fellas have it sweet… why am I taking the comment about “waiting for the tide to come in” and relating it to beached whale.

  152. Are these people for real? Steups!

  153. Bananas and other fruits aplenty in this Republic!!!