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Live Wire: Sport Minister files for divorce from the truth; threatens to throw wife out of home

If chivalry really is dead, maybe the Police Service should consider bringing in Sport Minister Darryl Smith for questioning.

The Diego Martin Central MP set a new mark for family values today—and Mr Live Wire is thinking ‘skid mark’—when he took to Facebook to threaten to throw his wife of 12 years and mother of his four children out of the family home.

Smith’s public threat followed the leaking of a video which showed the super-sized sweetman getting frisky with former Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs PRO Kate Balthazar.

Photo: Sport Minister Darryl Smith (right) takes a hands-on approach to his staffers, as he poses with then communications officer Kate Balthazar.

“Frisky” is relative, of course. Smith lay on his back on a couch—as though waiting for the tide to come back in—while Kate did all the legwork. Minus the kissing, it was probably a perfect metaphor for his time as Sport Minister so far.

Smith, who blamed his “ex wife” for the leaked video, claimed to be setting the record straight via the social media.

“The facts are as follows: I am the person in the video footage inside my own home,” stated Smith, who would have been spot on if he stopped right there. But he didn’t.

“It is imperative to note,” said the Sport Minister, “that my marriage was dissolved by Order of the Family Court more than seven (7) months ago…”

Only, it wasn’t. Smith began divorce proceedings in early 2017 but, Wired868 was reliably informed, is still married and will be for another two months at least.

The Sport Minister is separated but not divorced. But, like most politicians, he tried to have it both ways. So, without explicitly using the word “divorced” in his press statement, he referred to his partner as “ex-wife”.

Photo: Sport Minister Darryl Smith (right) makes a pass at Minister of Public Utilities Fitzgerald Hinds at the Hasely Crawford Stadium training ground on 20 January 2017.
Hinds did not press charges.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Not that Smith trying to have it both ways would come as a surprise to anyone who has followed his exploits at the Sport Ministry.

The inconvenient truth that Smith also neglected to mention in his statement was that the romantic interlude with his former employee—she has since swapped ministries—was taking place in the house that he shares, at present, with his wife while she was out.

Presumably without irony, Smith also said “my entire focus continues to be on the emotional well-being of my children” and followed that up with “my attorneys have written to [my wife] again, advising her that an application for an exclusion order will be forthcoming.”

So Smith will petition the court to have his wife and four children—ages nine, eight, six and three—tossed out ahead of schedule on the alleged grounds that she embarrassed him by leaking footage of what he got up to in their home.

Too bad Justice Rolston Nelson can’t take that one.

Photo: FIFA president Gianni Infantino (centre) and TTFA president David John-Williams (left) turn the sod at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 10 April 2017 while Sport Minister Darryl Smith, as usual, pretends to help.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Smith’s statement:

On Friday December 22nd 2017, specific video footage from my home security system was taken by my ex-wife and leaked via social media.

It is imperative to note that my marriage was dissolved by Order of the Family Court more than seven (7) months ago.

[…] My entire focus continues to be on the emotional well-being of my children but I have now been forced by this leak and the further embellishment of this story to clarify the facts.

The facts are as follows:

  1. I am the person in the video footage inside my own home.
  2. This was a family setting in which my father and other family members were present. The rest of video footage (deliberately not leaked) clearly portrays context.
  3. It is uncanny that the footage was leaked on the very day that the financial aspect of my divorce was finalised.

It is very unfortunate and quite sad, (but not the first time) that my ex-wife has revealed personal information to try and destabilise the family unit in this manner. Given that, my attorneys have written to her again, advising her that an application for an exclusion order will be forthcoming.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago’s London Olympics 4×100 metre relay team of (from left) Richard Thompson, Emmanuel Callender, Marc Burns and Keston Bledman put on a brave face as they pose with Sport Minister Darryl Smith (centre) in a ceremony at The Anchorage, Carenage on 29 June 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA Images/Wired868)

Equally as shameful, but not surprisingly (sic), is that some of my political opponents on social media have chosen to use this to pontificate and preach about moral behaviour in public office for their own myopic and self-serving agendas.

I want to thank my family, friends, constituents and all of my well wishers for the numerous texts and calls of support.

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  1. Those without sin cast the first stone.

  2. What kinda LOCHO man is that..is that the kinda man we want in government. Shameful

  3. ‘Supersize sweetman’ look ah not able nah…this place is real comess. ..??

  4. Who really cares that is his personal affair is this news going to make Trinidad great again people steups

  5. Why is this anybody’s business? We are in the throes of recession and this is the focus of attention. I thought this was for sleazy newspapers. Well that’s TT now, Owners of these medium have the decision if they air such news, similar to gossip columns. Sad , sad when vacuous and empty minds find this is newsworthy. I would not judge him/her but the kids are the ones having to take the brunt of two so call adults immaturity at this time. The one who exposed the pics, lacks moral integrity to sell a story or the shaming of another human. In the final analysis its the CHILDREN who are the VICTIMS here. he /she say. Simply garbage.

    • It’s a LiveWire column, it’s tongue-in-cheek commentary

    • Yep. live wire commentaries are normally informative with a dash of tongue and cheek. I just think we should not waste time on such (my opinion) since in TT there is no accountability for wrong doing including infidelity . In another country the Minister would have quietly resign. In T&T its a norm , since he is not the first nor the last to have his dirty laundry exposed in the public domain. Trinis have lost all moral integrity, people having affairs is an norm and this is old news. Social media has just made it easier,since previously such stories were the topic of sleazy gossip tabloids . Anyway I have to remind myself , there are viewers who live off such crap about other people lives. That’s what reality TV is all about

    • I don’t care too much for the salacious stuff either, but different strokes for different folks.

  6. It seems like we are taking a page out of the USA media if nothing else works put their private lives in the public domain. We argue that they are public figures because they chose to become so but what about their kids? The family is going through a divorce the kids can read what is being said about their parents is that fair to them?

  7. Everyone talking about the Minister. That is why some women does be suffering. Because rightly, karma is a bi*ch. That woman didnt know the man has his family????? Ministers plz be wise. The devil is out for you all…

  8. The wife should go to court. He cant get house if he dosn’t take care of the children. The courts always give the mother and children the house

  9. If Raj could get a chutney tune time to rock Barrel I mean Darryl

  10. Lazy man Smith be a little more active.

  11. Nobody know what’s going on in his marriage. So because I have 4 children with my wife we can never get a divorce. Who know if the man is unhappy . Leave ppl business alone .

  12. Those of you without sins cast the frist stone. I am not saying he’s right or wrong, cause i don’t know the true story, anyway it’s not my business have a great new year people

  13. Yeah Earl – we got to give him credit for that. He would have earned my respect if he had submitted his resignation at the same time.

  14. You go girl he has no respect for you.Blast him

  15. I hope the wife and kids get the house and everything. What goes around comes around. Shame on you darryl smith. Some men are just not even worth it. Just let them go.

  16. There is always 3 sides to a story….
    We’re not too sure what occured domestically between him and his wife
    I’m not condoning his actions .
    I’m just saying..

  17. Why are people using the man business for political gain and his wife is a fool to do that thinking about yourself and not your children

  18. I wandering wat the P.M.would do abt Mr .Smith cause u all have to remember this government have to lok and wen his ministers doin thing like dat and social media spreading he is pissing mad…but dat is his private business but u dont know wen and how ppl video tapin u so u have to be extremely careful.

  19. This got nothing to do with pnm or unc or religion or race…ask Glen and dem boys from the previous regime…this is just a young fella who dont know how to bridle his hormones when he in a big man world and yuh eye big and bulging ….he will.grow up and look back and say “boy i was real shupid….ah shoulda fix up.off shore or in meh padna house or car!!”

  20. I understand that like Andre Baptiste, Mr. Live Wire has his sights set on ALL Ministers of Sport, but this article is attempting to stretch the speculation spectrum a bit much.
    No where in the Minister’s release did I see that the four children will be “kicked out of the family home.” I am not aware if Mr. Live Wire works at the Family Court, but we cannot say what the details of the exclusion order will contain and therefore cannot say that anyone will be kicked out from anywhere.
    Also, I notice that Mr. Live Wire is also a potential politician by using semantics to cast emotions against the Minister. A divorce petition 7 months ago DOES qualify one to be called “EX.” The fact that we haven’t decided who gets the house and land and car until it is final doesn’t mean that we are together.
    Finally, does Mr. Live Wire even know who owns the damn house, or even cares? Does he know the circumstances of the break up and what may have occurred between the couple that lead to this situation? I doubt it. Yet, he is subtly ((to gain emotional amunition) suggesting that the Minister be the one to leave the property for the ex-wife after all is said and done.
    This was a typical piece of what passes for local journalism where the writer attempts to sway public opinion by the crafting for articles using suggestive language toward their objective.

  21. Non issue. Happy New Year to everyone out there.

  22. Imagine what his behavior would be like if he even looked good!!! He needs to know that HIS OFFICE got that extra play. Not HIM.

  23. You will not be the first niether the last yours in life these things happen and always remember there are a lot of them just like you but it haven’t reach the Public as yet

  24. Another mere distraction from what’s really going on….

  25. We need men and women of integrity and impeccable character

  26. We lack statesmen, too much politicians

  27. I think he needs to mature. Liming a nite and saw him park his white Prado with his MP sticker around a bend next to a fire hydrant . It was a big joke for him

  28. I saw another video of where the ‘said’ lady came in with him and the children were on the couch and she went over to hug someone who may have been his father….them in real ting oui

  29. Oh gorm Burkie. Respect the man privacy nah…

  30. That outside woman should learn something from this and run, run girl, run, any man who could treat his wife and mother of his four children like this , will do worse to you.

  31. The back bench in PARLIAMENT looking good boy. Lol

  32. Alyuh lives so boring, ur wives an husbands an alyuh kids lives so boring an uninteresting, that imagine d only entertainment alyuh have now is to b fascinated by other ppl lives, sorry set ah ppl alyuh is, all who commenting on d personal lives of others..

  33. Dat woman kno d man have wife an 4 kids an she still put she self with him she will meet it one day God don’t sleep

  34. “Shame and Scandal in de family”So it is his wife’s problem for exposing a Govt.minister’s indiscretion and disgraceful by bringing his lover into the marital.home…….his moral.standards are below standard for a man in such a position(i.mean his job). Yes it is his private life then go to a darn hotel with your woman or wait till your divorce is finalized.We Trinis have to stop passively and humorously dismissing this as “our culture”…..In British/Trini law adultery has a financial impact on divorce…unlike the USA where it is “no fault” law ref divorce.

  35. Ah lookin for some plant like substance any body willing to share that video on the smith premises

  36. From since the Thema Williams matter when he refused to even attempt to mediate, I realised he was a total waste of time. And we already know what so many athletes think of him.

  37. Well if she put me up like that I would have done d same too. I not saying he was right! He was dam well wrong.

  38. Wait Nah dis man Is the only man in Trinidad will get a divorce from his wife or even have another woman…this story is the biggest news ever to hit Trinidad boy way sah..
    alyuh take a news crew with cameras and just camp outside his house so you all will get info first… Or even sift through his garbage…Mr Smith you could make millions you are more popular than a Kardashian….

  39. So what if his personal trainer resembles in some way the ‘hand luggage’ he was photographed earlier on closely clasping..I think we should be more concerned if his children, having seen the video, would now be calling him “Sugar daddy?”

  40. Oh gosh I cannot help meh self haha ah feel I have to buss ah big shaggy for dis player player

  41. Y’all are soooo mean to Darryl..This is a video of his keep fit programme..Darryl does this lap around the office and decided to shed a few more pounds..look at him prostrate..by doing the same lap around the house..So what if his trainer resembles the h

  42. This is our business…the calibre of men put to run the country sucks