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Guardian executes editor in chief Orin Gordon, Shelly Dass Clarke to be fired next

Trinidad Guardian editor in chief Orin Gordon was bumped off today in a slaying that, according to informed sources, bore all the hallmarks of a “Sabga City” gang execution.

Gordon, who was appointed editor in chief on 24 February 2015, will be replaced by former television presenter Shelly Dass-Clarke, who, in a reconfigured set-up, will: “have ultimate responsibility for the editorial content of the Guardian and Tobago Today newspapers, news on television and radio, and the company’s growing digital news presence.”

Photo: CNC3 staffers (from left) Rhondor Dowlat, Shelly Dass-Clarke and Francesca Hawkins.
Photo: CNC3 staffers (from left) Rhondor Dowlat, Shelly Dass-Clarke and Francesca Hawkins.

Presumably, in her spare time, Shelly will fix Trinidad and Tobago’s economic crisis, solve the Dana Seetahal murder case and win the country another Olympic medal. That wish-list is just as plausible as her new job description.

In truth, Orin, according to the Guardian statement, actually tendered his resignation last month but it was only announced to the staff today.

But surely the outgoing editor-in-chief won’t begrudge Wired868 its misleading headline, though, considering that his departure was announced on the same day that his newspaper—which boasts of being the third best daily in a field of three—did its usual backtrack on an irresponsible story without ever mentioning the word “sorry”.

Today, as published in the Guardian, grieving mother Safiya Williams insisted that, contrary to rumours, her murdered nine-year-old son and standard one pupil, Cyon Paul, was actually not a drug dealer or involved in a turf war.

The Guardian article neglected to mention that the rumour was actually started on its own paper, just hours earlier.

At this rate, murdered people might have to find someplace to hide when Guardian reporters turn up to investigate. A bullet might end your life but a Guardian report will haunt your afterlife!

Photo: Shims! Keep waving Bernie... I think I see a Guardian reporter!
Photo: Shims! Keep waving Bernie… I think I see a Guardian reporter!

Mr Live Wire hopes that Trinidad Express editor in chief Omatie Lyder does not laugh too hard at the irresponsible faux pas though, just in case she gets throat cancer. Just ask Dr Keith Rowley.

Anyway, Orin is out and Shelly is in.

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm whether CNC3/Guardian managing director, head of content and bottle washer Nicholas Sabga has already written Shelly’s dismissal letter. But let’s just say that the new Guardian “boss” probably shouldn’t take more personal effects to her new office than would fit in her handbag.

In the past decade, the Trinidad Express, still the country’s most read newspaper, has had one editor-in-chief, Omatie. The Newsday had two, Therese Mills and Jones P Madeira, with a change having been deemed necessary after Mills stopped turning up for work on account of her death.

The Guardian newspaper, during that same timeframe, changed the face in the leadership chair no less than eight times!

Dominic Kalipersad made way for Anthony Wilson who stepped aside for Suzanne Sheppard who begat Judy Raymond who split duties with Hamid Ghany before splitting altogether to prompt a recall for Wilson who stepped aside for Gordon… Before, ta-da!, Dass-Clarke became just the right person to lead the Guardian.

In short, the Guardian angel apparently has more intimate partners than Usain Bolt. At this point, Ansa McAl boss Anthony Norman Sabga might as well ditch the white robes and dress that chick up in scarlet!

Photo: Jamaica's Usain Bolt celebrates after winning the 100 metre Olympic final for a record third successive time at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on 14 August 2016.  (Copyright AFP 2016/Wired868)
Photo: Jamaican sprinter star Usain Bolt points the way to his hotel suite. Let’s go ladies!  
(Copyright AFP 2016/Wired868)

Suffice to say that Orin probably won’t be mourned, after he got Inshan Ishmael mad enough to risk getting bounced down on the highway to protest a provocative Kevin Baldeosingh column on Islamists, tried to give a house to the “courageous” Mary Paria for trolling Housing Minister Randall Mitchell and, more recently, his paper carried out a hit on the reputation of a nine-year-old boy who is no longer here to defend himself.

Yet, it is hard to know how much credit Orin deserves for the Guardian’s moorings.

Let’s be honest, Shelly, like her successors, will be steering the Guardian in much the same way that little Maggie Simpson drove the Simpson’s family car from her baby’s chair.

The Guardian is not hiring a new pioneer. It is hiring a new patsy. Someone who will take the blame for the direction of a company that they will never really control in the first place.

Or, to put it another way, if you heard a dude was on wife number eight, would you wonder what the hell was wrong with the last seven women? Or would you be questioning the stability of the finicky husband instead?

Photo: Awww... Little Maggie thinks she is driving the Guardian newspaper.
Photo: Awww… Little Maggie thinks she is driving the Guardian newspaper.

Norm gets rid of partners at a rate that would make even King Henry VIII dizzy.

Live Wire hopes Dass-Clarke has a good head on her shoulders.

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  1. Perhaps the best commentary on the Trinidad media that I have ever read!

  2. Just finished reading the rest of it (after recovering from the pithy shot I quoted above).

    Gee. Zus.

    Lasana Liburd, boy, I don’t EVER want to be on the wrong side of you, oui. “The pen is mightier than the sword” doesn’t begin to do justice to the epic savagery of this satirical piece. And that’s saying plenty given the previous gems you’ve published. Kudos!

  3. “But surely the outgoing editor-in-chief won’t begrudge Wired868 its misleading headline, though, considering that his departure was announced on the same day that his newspaper—which boasts of being the third best daily in a field of three—did its usual backtrack on an irresponsible story without ever mentioning the word “sorry”.”

    Aaaaahahahahahahahahaha! Lasana Liburd, I will sponsor a six-pack of your preferred beverage when next I am down in T&T. The shade cast here, dred. My word.

  4. Why is this 2016 story being reposted?!?

    • The Guardian sent out a memo this week that Shelly was dismissed from her post.
      Shelly said that she left. Either way there was a parting of ways.

    • I don’t usually go industrial on public postings, but this has got fuck all to do with me. I had my time in the spotlight.Fair dos. No complaints. Are we so desperately short of originality we’ve got to warm over stale food, and drag a private citizen back into the media glare?

    • Orin there was spike in views of this story all on its own. I’m guessing that’s because of what happened at Guardian this week. So we reposted it stating “flashback”. You can say what we predicted then happened now.
      I didn’t see it as an attack on you or Shelly then and it isn’t now.

    • I fail to see what what the events surrounding Shelly in 2018 have to do with me. It’s coming up to 2 years since I left TTG. Does rehashing this article from 2 years ago somwhow make it prescient? This isn’t Hotel California.

    • I’m disappointed, but hey, like everything else it’ll pass. Until, of course, the next editor leaves. Then we can have warmed up warm overs. Again.

    • Lol. Shelly sacking has nothing to do with you. But it isn’t a new story. It’s just same story from two years ago.
      If I wrote story now and blame you that would be different.
      The story never disappeared. It remained on the archives and it got a spike of views this week before I even knew what was going on.

    • I don’t plan to write on Guardian this week. So there will be no warm overs available for next person to be sacked.

    • I’m sorry that it rattled you. Not the intention. But you’re part of Guardian history now man. I’m sure there’s upside to that too.

    • Not rattled. Irritated. But hey, it’s Saturday night and there’s a bottle of Guardian group nectar with my name on it.

    • When Alvin Jones scored that rocket against USA, we reposted our old interview with him because we felt it topical.
      A change to Shelly’s status at the Guardian made this topical too. But of course you were a part of the story too. So I understand where you’re coming from.
      But that was why it was relevant in a sorta way.

  5. OK….someone PLEASE explain something to me 2 consenting adults had an affair, which as I see it was their personal choice not to mention their lives. Having said that though, Shelly becomes the sacrificial lamb….why because she’s the female??!!! Utter Crap! and……what the Minister in question retains his job and becomes the “hero?!!” In this day and age…..”seriously!!” I say sack the Minister as well cause this is just plain sexest!

  6. Nice piece Sabga and free press doh mix

  7. It’s all part of a grand plan by ANSA’s HR Head, the despicable Theresa White to retrench employees from the Guardian, to please her keepers. No decency, no integrity and no ethics are her watchwords.

  8. All of them should be fired. The amount of false information they does release to the public ehh smh

  9. Orin Gordon, I wish you well in your next endeavor and continue to give your professional best. I enjoyed reading your editorials.

  10. Francesca E. Hawkins I miss being in your presence Madame President

  11. I’m sure she’s going to do the job no worse than any of her predecessors. Best of luck to her!

  12. Don’t worry about Shelley, she could handle them big boys. nuff said.

  13. I wonder if they told her that hair colour is unprofessional? #Colfire

  14. Garth St. Clair, your old stomping ground…

  15. “The Newsday had two, Therese Mills and Jones P Madeira, with a change having been deemed necessary after Mills stopped turning up for work on account of her death.”


  16. I was waiting to.hear what you had to say

  17. Mr Orrin Gordon you are a professional. Go back to the BBC or I am sure one of the Regional Houses would lap you up. QC reigns.

  18. Lol..”Shelly, like her successors…” let de poor girl enjoy her spanking new leather chair a lil bit nah?

  19. Well they run true to form, you know they love mediocrity and bullshit spawned from political correctness. Dumbass females are their forte, I guess that would explain Shelly Dass and especially Rhonda Dowlat’s presence. Francesca Hawkins is just there to satisfy ANSA’s wanna be locally assembled white HR slave-master/liar.

    • Yuh too bad Brian!! but, at least you are honest about it! actually, i had thought that Shelly Dass went home many moons ago! Francesca Hawkins, is just a stanby back-up for weekends or emergency situations….Dowlat is Ian’s mouth piece!! Lol!!! Ah weak wid dis one!!! by the way Orin Gordon is the English editor who think, he is editing in London….and forgot he is editing in the Banana Republic of T & T where you have to be Politically Correct!! SMH.

  20. And life at the Guardian continues apace. In the morning papers will sell like Debe doubles, no one will care that it’s the same stand just featuring a different vendor.

    Bon appetit Trinidad and Tobago … bon appetit!

  21. It is safe to say that at this point Nick da Pimp is keeping his hand strong by smacking a lot of his hoes out of a wuk.
    Shelly better make her daddy lots of money if she wants to stay around as his number one trick….then again, he’s only loyal to the money, it seems.
    8? WTF?!

  22. Earl Best

    Splendidly irreverent! Don’t expect any Ansa-McAl ads any time soon.

  23. Lasana…. you never fail us…. Encore!

  24. Hope Shelley knows what she’s getting into. They hire and fire at the drop of a hat. Only if yuh name Kissoon yuh place booked. Maybe there’s something in the first four letters of that name. Lol.

  25. I am reading this piece at 1 13 am and laughing…Sabga City yes…thank God we can laugh at ourselves. Long live satire..!! Take win Lasana Liburd…

  26. This piece that Lasana wrote is the part in Mortal Kombat where the game announcer cries “Finish him!”

  27. Wait nah! Is so much man and woman was tussling with the Jammette of St Vincent Street? Wow! She really gets around …
    Shelly, good luck to you and try not to get too frustrated with this hand you’ve been dealt.

  28. UB is the new example for xPM and now you. Let Peace reign please.

  29. It matters not who they put …. just another zealot moving from one hole to another

  30. Wait!! Shelly come back from foreign???

  31. “Usain Bolt points the way to his hotel suite”… Hahahaha think I died and came back to life with that line.

  32. I heard on CNC3 news that Shelly Dass would be head of editorial content for all of Guardian Media.

  33. They don’t even know when they have a good thing going

  34. Ahhh boy, the bordello on St Vincent St get more provokowhorative.

  35. Mih boy Kevin Baldeosingh,causing bacchanal(lol)