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Fixin T&T: Investigate Marlene for fraud and misbehaviour in public office

Civic watch group, Fixin’ T&T, has urged the Acting Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams, to investigate Housing Minister and Port of Spain South MP Marlene McDonald for fraud, misrepresentation, misbehaviour in public office and breach of Parliamentary rules.

Photo: Housing Minister Marlene McDonald. (Courtesy PNM)
Photo: Housing Minister Marlene McDonald.
(Courtesy PNM)

The request is anchored on documents unearthed through the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act, which show that McDonald hired her common-law husband, Michael Carew, and his brother, Lennox Carew, between the periods of 1 June 2010 and 8 September 2015 at her Port of Spain South constituency office.

The combined salaries of both employees accounted for 60 percent of the constituency’s monthly budgetary allocation of TT$45,700.

The following is the Fixin’ T&T press release:

March 15, 2016.

Mr Stephen Williams,

Acting Commissioner of Police,

Police Administration Building,

Corner of Edward and Sackville Street,

Port of Spain.

Photo: MATT president Francesca Hawkins (second from left) greets acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams (centre) while MATT officials Sheila Rampersad (far left) and Jabari Fraser look on.
Photo: MATT president Francesca Hawkins (second from left) greets acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams (centre) while MATT officials Sheila Rampersad (far left) and Jabari Fraser look on.

Dear Mr Williams,

FIXIN’ T&T submits to you the attached documents for investigation to determine whether payments made by the Member of Parliament for Port of Spain South to Michael Carew and Lennox Carew constitute:

1.      Fraud; and/or

2.      Misrepresentation; and/or

3.      Misbehaviour in public office.

4.      Breach of Parliamentary rules

The documents presented here are available to the public from the Office of the Parliament. They relate to staff payments at the Port of Spain South constituency office.

As you would be aware, these funds are released to Members of Parliament by the Office of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago and, as such, are public payments. The payments are governed by rules related to, among other things, the hiring of staff.

Photo: Housing Minister Marlene McDonald. (Copyright Andy Hypolite/Trinidad Guardian)
Photo: Housing Minister Marlene McDonald.
(Copyright Andy Hypolite/Trinidad Guardian)

In this regard, I wish to draw your attention to the payments made to Michael Carew over the period 1 June 2010 to 7 September 2015 and Lennox Carew over the period 1 March 2011 to 7 September 2015 and 8 September 2015 to the present time.

Mr Michael Carew received a monthly payment of TT$13,400 while Mr Lennox Carew has and continues to receive a monthly salary of TT$14,000. Over the period 1 March 2011 and 7 September 2015, the combined salaries of both employees accounted for 60 percent of the constituency’s monthly budgetary allocation of TT$45,700.

The particular relevance of these facts is that:

1.      Mr Michael Carew meets the legal definition of spouse to the Member of Parliament for Port of Spain South, Marlene McDonald.

2.      Mr Michael Carew and Mr Lennox Carew are brothers.

3.      Mr Michael Carew and Mr Lennox Carew are both directors of the Calabar Foundation which, over a 15-day period in April to May 2010, applied for and received monies in the sum of TT$575,000 from the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs then headed by Minister Marlene McDonald.  The name Calabar Foundation was applied for on July 14, 2010. It was registered on August 24, 2010.

4.      We have been unable to verify whether Mr. Lennox Carew resided in Trinidad the entire period for which he was paid.

Photo: Housing Minister and Port of Spain South Marlene McDonald. (Courtesy LoopTT)
Photo: Housing Minister and Port of Spain South Marlene McDonald.
(Courtesy LoopTT)

In light of the above, FIXIN’ T&T specifically requests an investigation to determine whether the payments of the salaries to Mr Michael Carew and Mr Lennox Carew infringe any law of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and/or the rules of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago.


Kirk Waithe.


·         Mr Roger Gaspard SC – Director of Public Prosecutions

·         Justice Zainool Hosein (Retired) – Chairman of the Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago

·         Mrs Bridgid Annisette George – Speaker of the House of Representatives

·         The Honourable Marlene McDonald – Minister; Ministry of Housing

·         Media

Photo: President Anthony Carmona (right) swears in Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley. (Copyright Reuters)
Photo: President Anthony Carmona (right) swears in Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.
(Copyright Reuters)

Editor’s Note: You can read the edited document for Staff and Salaries from the Port of Spain South Constituency, which shows initials for paid persons other than the Carews, by clicking on the following link: Staff and salaries PoS South Constituency Office 2007- Present Edited

About Fixin TT

Fixin TT
Fixin T&T's mission is the realization of good governance to achieve healthy, holistic, and fulfilling lifestyles for all citizens through the study, promotion, and furtherance of strong democratic institutions; sound infrastructure; integrity in public and corporate affairs; and a culture of respect by all for the laws and regulations of the country to create a safe, secure, efficient and productive Trinidad & Tobago.

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  1. Tanya Carr there’s actually a Guardian article dealing with the DPP’s office shortcomings.

  2. As I understand it these were Wade Mark’s rules that had been discussed by the previous Parliament and implemented with this new Parliament. Why are they acting as if they did not know what was in them?!

  3. Above all our investigative institutions need to be made completely immune to political manipulation as well as be adequately funded.

    • Huh, I live in Dekalb County, Georgia, which is famous for corrupt officials (I feel so at home here)…anyway I understand that at some point the Governor called in the Feds to deal with them….the last County CEO is in jail and some of the former Commissioners were recently sentenced, including a lady who used the county issued credit card for personal purchases, hired a close friend to do PR, gave contracts to friends…..ahem, ahem….the current CEO is a mess too, is only a matter of time for him…..

    • Why that is unlikely to happen in Trinidad and Tobago Tanya is the absence of adequate checks and balances to ensure those in authority operate above board.

    • Lol Tanya Carr ‘I feel so at home’!. Don’t know if u recall but Scotland Yard was here at a point in time. Wonder why they left? And if the nation was so hurt at Dana’s murder, why did we not insist on external body to investigate? On the one hand, we have to trust the system. On the other, seems like everyday we hear news that make us question the system!

    • TT needs new systems across the board – bottom line, or the country will NEVER improve. There is corruption at all levels of the US government, local, state and federal, at the same time there are mechanisms to detect and deal with it swiftly

  4. It’s sad to read some of the comments here, seems many Trinidadians, some of whom believe they are highly educated and advanced in thinking, still can’t grasp the major issues here and instead are caught up in nitpicking and blaming gymnastics…. …is it so difficult to understand that the Marlenes, Kamlas, Anils, Harts, etc are not THE PROBLEM but rather symptoms of a much DEEPER PROBLEM? The country’s governmental systems have FAILED to the point where regardless of who is in power the behavior is the same. The energy it takes to talk about when things happened, which relative was hired, who soing/did the same thing, etc could better be spent on pushing for modern effective systems that are open, transparent, ensure accountability and utilize technology….

  5. In a related matter the BBC right now is doing a segment on global corruption, it costs 2.6 trillion per year in loses, and negatively impacts GDP, resources, growth, etc ….apparently for many countries where corruption levels have been dropping, the use of technology is a major factor ….

    • I saw a report yesterday on BBC that highlighted India. The use of information technology (digital) for passports has made it possible for them to issue a passport in 48hours. It has virtually cut out the high level of corruption involved before. They are also encouraging citizens to make video or audio recordings of incidents of corruption and upload to social media platforms such as what’s app. They also have a website where complaints are lodged together with the video or audio evidence of public officials taking bribes. They investigate and get rid of them. They have moved up on the corruption perception index because of these measures.

    • Yeah, I saw it too. ….the age of citizens empowerment is here and unfortunately the TT govt does not realize this, and given the turmoil of the last 6 months this lack of understanding will be to their detriment….nooo, this is not business as usual, where you shout and complain about the previous administration then as soon as you get into power you settle in comfortably to do the same thing ….

    • Lester Logie…I have been suggesting that we use the scanner (recall the Minister could not confirm if it was working/in use) as well as sniffer dogs to help curtail import/export of illegal drugs and weapons. But we do not have the political will. Wonder how much money these trades add to the economy? And witness can be intimidated or worse, so if we are serious about crime, we need to install caneras nationwide-and also provide tax breaks for those who install them in their homes. Never mind about the urgent need for tax reform. And computerisation of licensing with officers being able to access on a mobile device, as well as ebc record of ID should be valuable tools. If we serious about dealing with the issues, that is. But implementing these may mean construction projects (notorious for elements of corruption) being temporarily halted.

  6. She has since been removed from the Cabinet.

  7. While I support the PM’s decision, the time is now to try and get it right!!!!! But I often wonder where were we last 5 years…… Hmmmmm oh wow and Trinidad and Tobago have awaken from their sleep….
    Thank goodness she is out hope the other MP’s take heed and get it right !!!!!

  8. Hmmm. Hopefully that’s only until the investigation is completed and she is sentence to a few years in jail for misbehavior in office.

  9. No she has only resigned as a minister

  10. If I was following Fixin TnT’s train of thought, I suspect Noel Garcia might be the next target. Just speculating. P.s. does this mean a by-election?

  11. Hesma Tyson – I assume you voted for PNM in the last election? And I assume you voted for the PNM because you strongly believed that the PP was corrupted, racist, unethical, bias, were mismanaging the treasury, and were not serving the needs of all the people of TnT. You desired to have the PNM in power because you believe they would govern for all and would be ethical, transparent, incorruptible, and would carefully manage our economy/treasury, right? So why in the world would you be tolerant of Ms McDonald and her highly unethical behavior? What message are you sending to your kids? That it’s okay to be unethical as long as others are doing the same? Where does it end Hesma? If we allow Ms Mc Donald a free pass now later on we’ll hear that instead of a few thousands dollars being siphoned off here and there to her “partners”, it’ll be millions or billions. Then what? Let’s hold our ministers to higher standards though matter what party they belong to. Let’s help protect the treasury so that our kids and their kids will have their just inheritance.

    • Thank you! That is the thinking of many fence sitters. All I have to say is…remember there is a court matter with some seats coming up..and local elections coming up. Don’t address issues of corruption-the opposition-rightly so-would milk it for all its worth. The PM has to walk the talk and make a genuine effort to restore confidence in our system of governance.

  12. No you need to bring them both to account and to say she must go when the other vipers and scamps got a free pass is madness.

  13. You don’t need to criticize al Quaida to criticize ISIS!

  14. Vernal, I’m not sure if Hesma’s short memory is deliberate or not. Hesma, there was probably nobody as critical of the PP Gov’t than Kirk Waithe.
    But, you know what? It doesn’t even matter whether he was or wasn’t.
    All that matters is if the evidence is genuine and what it means for Marlene.

  15. Fixin T&T constantly held the former administration’s feet to the fire.

  16. Was there anyone being paid who was not living here.what was the currency being paid then.

  17. Saw Dr. Rowley’s interview with Gold Lee Bruce last night; was he flirting with Gold Lee in the beginning and in the last few seconds of the interview? He appeared to me to have started the interview with some degree of flirting. He seems to have a weakness that may get him in trouble, eventually what is in the dark may be revealed.

  18. I want to know if Fixin TnT did ask the same when it was discovered that Vidwatee Newton, Kamla’s sister was doing even worse? She eh going nowhere. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Kirk Waithe.

    • The difference is there are clear guidelines for how staff are selected for constituency office/s. The issue with the PM’s sister could also be referred to the Integrity Commission for a ruling.

    • Well when all that is bundled up together and put in the stew then we can ask for her resignation if she is found to be guilty. Otherwise she stays.

    • And Nerisha until that is done Marlene must stay. Why should she go and those scamps stay right where they are. All of a sudden we want to take the last empress to the ic now. No if there was a call for her to resign as PM then I would join the marlene must go bandwagon now.

    • But not for long because she will be cleared and corrupt Kamla and her bunch will not be so lucky. Anyone check out why Stuart Young gone to the office of the PM? Well I believe is to get cracking on the crooks who raided our treasury.

  19. She has to go because she is in clear violation. No excuses.

  20. I am not a fan of Kirk Waithe as something strikes me as a bit odd about him…but my personal opinion doesn’t matter. Nor does it matter if Ms McDonald committed the infraction yesterday, last year or 10 years ago. IT WAS/IS WRONG. There’s no getting around that. Whomever decides to release or reveal the information at whatever time is tangential to the point. Whomever has an agenda is also tangential. Why can’t we focus on the issue and stop worrying about who said what and when and why…had there been no infraction in the first place….anyway….

  21. The PNMites attacking Kirk Waithe yes….smh.

    This is similar to the Former PoS Mayor attacking the Japanese victim. When will you all learn.
    Apparently when it involved the PNM hard evidence and conviction is needed, but when the allegation is against the UNC, they must be hanged at 12 noon. Despite eventually being cleared.

    Has Dr. Rowley apologised to the Nation for making false accusations relative to bogus emails as yet? He wanted swift action then, when all could have seen that the emails were false. In fact, he – supposedly thinking that the emails were true – sat on it for 6 months despite there allegedly being a plot to murder a journalist. That is the kind of person who was elected PM of this country.

  22. What were their job portfolios?
    Did they submit resumes?
    Were there contracts for the positions?
    Who interviewed them?
    To which bank account did their paycheques go? Or did their cheques go to the bank at all, if not, where did the cheques go?
    Who cashed the cheques?
    Is there a record of them performing their tasks, or did they stay home and collect a salary?
    Who really collected the salary, the Carews or Marlene Mc Doogle?
    With 60% of constituency budget going to two individuals, is it any wonder that the Constituency is in that State? Yet, they keep supporting that Party in that area. PNM till ah dead: vote PNM and the will ensure the process is faster.

    Shame! In a community that needs so much, the MP gives her boo and his bro most of the Budget for the Office.

  23. They getting time to hide the cash

  24. If I am to believe Mr Waithe had all this information , why did he take so long to reveal it, instead of dropping a letter today, another next week and another. Be professional and give the citizenry the whole sordid story in one, let us as citizens decide whether the axe should fall, because we have been furnished the full details. He is acting like someone stole his red engine and he wants it back. I infer from his behaviour that he has an agenda, and it is not because he is honest, accountable or transparent. I know in T&T when someone stand for what is right he/she is castigated and disrespected, bythe masses, beacuse we are a corrut people in every aspect, it has become the norm in T&T. So an 8 year old issue suddenly become not ony topical, but appear to be relentless on Mr Waithe’s part., As Mr Ramsamooj said this morning , pass laws to ensure that such issues dont become statue bar, and a persons can be held accountable regardless how much time have passed. Start at the beginning so civil society can be active participants or watchdog to ensure good governance. Many wrong things have taken place within the last years and he is silent, so what is the determinant on which issue should be dealt with and which should be ignored. I’m not training my guns on him and his organizations,but I have been observing them over the years. I say if you are accusing someone of a wrong, come with everything, and be very careful that you are upright so no one can accuse you of anything. As Hamel-Smith said in an opening law term speech some years ago regarding the Judiciary. Perception is everthing

  25. I agree Ms Mc Donald should be investigated, if what I read in the newspaper yesterday, but it is still allegations. Until the relevant bodies adress the situation and it is taken to Dr Rowly he has to act. On what grounds should she be dismissed> how much money has tax payers paid out to persons for defamation or libel. It rarely comes out of their pockets. In T&T there are bandwagonnist, we dont ponder on things to see if it makes sense,. How many things has the media printed or aired and it turned out to be untrue because of sensationalism and newspapers sold. sychophants j Political scientist Derek Ramsamooj reiterated what I have been saying in T&T everthing is politicised whether and allegation is true or not . Rememeber

  26. Kirk wait you still not getting a renewed contract, you is a hypocrite to principles, as the holy week approaches remember what Jesus told the crowd who wanted to stone the woman to death, let he who’s without sin cast the first stone….. we will find out your sins soon.

  27. If found to be in breach of the ethical standards and rules then she has to go.

  28. Ah wonder if Marlene have the decency tuh resign or at the very least step down pending the results of an investigation today boy?
    Fuh all we know she could be lining up ah government wuk fuh she sweetman all now!

  29. No Peter Corbie. The issue is whether she broke rules or not. Kamla’s sister has nothing to do with Marlene.
    You do wrong. Pay the penalty. Each case is separate and unrelated.
    It is nonsense to stop working on one case because of another unrelated one. Just as it would be nonsense not to investigate a murder last week because the Dana case isn’t solved yet.

    • Lasana let’s not get it twisted. At no point do I defend Marlene nor do I persecute. If you check my comments you would realize that. What I do have a problem with is the obvious double standard. And I chose one of the many from the hat. And further to that, I then have to ask, how was this allowed for a whole 5 years without question! And if this is only now seen as a real problem, what is in place or who is responsible for culling this type of behavior?

    • The timeline is only relevant if you can prove that Fixin TT had info for five years and did nothing. But that would be false because there is a time stamp on the FOI request.
      And even then it still doesn’t make her more or less guilty.
      There are people who have double standards. There are people who back their party no matter what.
      That’s another talk.
      The only relevant thing though: is she guilty?

    • Not saying you’re directly defending her Peter. But there is a pattern.
      Because when we raised Kamla’s sister a few years ago, UNC fanatics pointed to Manning’s wife.
      And we can go round and round. But what’s the point?

    • Actually I wasn’t referring to Kirk Waithe having this info but rather the Office of the Parliament responsible for fact checking. Surely Marlene would have had to declare her affiliations as part of her IPL filing.

    • Those bodies don’t have the man power Peter. It will be looking for a needle in a haystack unless they know exactly what they are searching for.

    • Well hopefully with the reform of the Parliament, they’ll address the staffing issues to ensure that things like this cannot happen again. Because if you calculate that salary over the 5 year period, that’s a serious bill taxpayers had to shoulder for the benefit of two individuals. But as with everything, let’s see it properly ventilated with a watchful eye. We all want good governance and not a repeat of the last 5 years.

    • Now seriously guys, if you were to investigate the hiring practices of EVERY state enterprise under the last administration you could contruct full family trees in some instances! And I kid you not!

      We want to fix T&T, OK, but the Opposition should know the buck wouldn’t stop with Marlene. The previous administration have more cocoa in the sun than all of Gran Couva! They are simply trying to pressure the current administration to fire a minister! If it cannot hold up to public scrutiny then so be it but I want to see the full extent of those family trees that netted millions of dollars under the PP government’s watchful “blind” eye!

    • Let me be clearer then… wrong is wrong and whoever have a case to answer let them answer. But so-called independent voices apparently only know how to attack the government of the day. I simply want to see them broaden their horizons and dig even deeper. The blatant nepotism of the previous administration is laid out on a platter for all and sundry yet it’s only Marlene and Camille making headlines. As the PM indicated last evening he will investigate further, I would like the “independent voices” to do same.

    • The UNC said the same thing a few years ago, Ezra. There is a good reason why we focus on the Government. We railed about the UNC/PP for the last five years. We trust the current Government has all the motivation necessary to initiate probes.
      But I think it would be stupid for me to ignore Marlene and make a post about Kamla’s sister instead. It is the PNM’s time to walk the talk.

    • Ezra, you give the Opposition too much credit. And you do a disservice to the independent voices in this country.

    • I’m not asking anybody to ignore the PNM or Marlene. But, had “independent voices” reported on this matter BEFORE the election then maybe Marlene would not have faced the electorate in 2015. The situation existed since 2010! Are you then saying we have to wait till perhaps 2020 when another new administration is in power for independent investigative journalism to delve into the wrong doings of the PP administration? It’s not fun or worth it otherwise?

      If we want to fix T&T shouldn’t the electorate have as much information as possible before staining their finger on election day?

      I’m throwing the “disservice” comment back into the independent voices court.

    • Yea because you ent find the unc not talking much about this over the last five years noting was said about this because if this true and it is some breach by law well it will open a pandora box

    • The bodies responsible to investigate these claims don’t have the required skill sets among their employees. Do you expect an accountant to take up a job as an Auditor in a public institution for $5000 and put your life and limb on the line when they can get a salary of $20 000 in the private sector and stay quiet? I don’t. Do we expect the police service to be able to investigate these matters with 5 o’levels as a requirement and none for a SRP? Untill we offer salaries to police officers and other public officers in these special units similar to those in the private sector and attach specific qualifications as a prerequisite for the job we will not see any changes. We need to attract the right personnel to fill these positions. The politicians know this. investigations will go nowhere.

    • Ezra Joaquim Somebody said the tourism company and Suruj

    • Lester Logie…the question is why ppl with the requisite skill set are not hired, even if they have to go through the requisite training. We offer training un fraud detection locally. The trick is to follow the money. But criminals are lucky, because most of our public institutions are not computerised to facilitate easy searches. Moral of the story, there is no political will to seriously deal with the criminal element-white collar or otherwise. And we like it so.

    • After I read the article with the DPP I realised that we are going nowhere fast. Imagine with all the attorneys called to the bar each year there is a shortage of practicing criminal attorneys. How do we intend to clear the backlog in criminal cases with no attorneys to represent the accused or the state? What are the solutions to this issue? Should the State institute attorney fees to drastically reduce the cost of civil litigation? What about increase fees to attorneys in criminal proceedings at the legal aid and at the DPP office. Pay criminal attorneys more and reduce the fees to civil attorneys. We have a crises in criminal justice. Attorneys graduating from UWI and Hugh Wooding should give mandatory time in the DPP office to build the criminal department.

  30. Why this wasn’t on the last election platform where Moneylal.

  31. So the question is, if this is an issue now, why wasn’t it fought with the same ferocity when the issue of Kamla’s sister was brought to the fore? And if this is really not supposed to happen, what checks and balances exist to prevent it? Because if there’s a hiring process, who is responsible for authenticating the eligibility of these persons?

    • Those are the questions that deserve attention more now than ever, but it seems people are just happy to have Marlene out of office…and are now moving on as if everything is fine and dandy, yet the same system that allowed her actions (and those of others in the last government as well) to go unchecked to the tune of how many hundred thousands of dollars remains in place,…how can we fix T&T if we do not change that?

  32. So what you take from this Rossana is that Kirk Waithe needs to be investigated?

  33. Get rid of all who are shown to have misbehaved. Including Marlene! There is no name you can throw out that can save Marlene. But the others can join her.

    • So agree! Sick and tired of this illogical tit for tat political tribalism nonsense. COUNTRY FIRST! All who are corrupt have to go. I do not care about the party lines. I could give two shits who black and who Indian. I care about changing the much more pervasive and wider culture of political corruption.

      What a glorious day that would be when politicians FEAR getting even a HINT of suspicion cast their way about how they are spending national funds. Right now, they FEARLESS, cause people have been asleep for so long and so easy to distract with tribalistic excuses. “Well they tief so doh look at we tiefing.” Every party in power try that same tired old gambit.

  34. Never forget what happpened to Franklin Khan and Eric Williams, that must never happen again.

  35. Kamla must tell us if she knows any family members by the names of
    Usha Persad and Lisa Harry and if they ever worked in her Siparia constituency office drawing a salary?

    • Than you John Gill… This has been the political culture on both sides… Am beginning to be convinced that there really is a desperate attempt or attempts by some to destabilize our nation.. Let’s decide if we want to continue like this going forward but doh come now and be riding yuh political self righteous horse and act as if this is so reprehensible..#fedupofdisdamnnonsense

  36. Re: the gov’t, I’d think Rowley is the ultimate judge and jury…..

  37. PNM or not….this is just wrong. Why is it so difficult to call something as it is without politicizing it. It is wrong regardless of whom it involves. Action HAS to be taken

    • I keep saying if it was wrong under the UNC, its wrong under the PNM. To date the IC nor the Police or DPP has said nothing, so why should DR Rowley dismiss her, is he ultimate judge and jury. since when, who gave him that authority. If MP Mcc donald thinks she did wrong, she can do the honourable thing and resign. in other countries if you are caught in the wrong, persons resign, only in T&t we make excuses.

  38. for transparency sake Mr Waithe who are the hierarchy of Fixing T&t and where does the funding come from? This took place 2008/2009, you had 8 years to deal with it, why now? she was cleared by the IC at the time. what was your occupation prior to the millions you made over the last 5 years , just curious

  39. if these allegations are true, the police who investigates or the Integrity Commission that has no integrity. Why is Dr Rowley being bullied to fire her. Rememeber dhansook who lied on former PNM ministers Eric Williams and Frankly khan , whose names were sullied and their reputation tarnished? whay is K waithe so insistent about this lady

  40. Thank you Anthony. No amount of contortion can make a wrong thing right. Some PNM supporters do their party a disservice and sound closer to the UNC supporters who backed wrongdoing everyday.

  41. Who was paying the sister of the present Leader of the Opposition? Was it Gov’t funds?? If that is cleared up,then we move forward…

  42. When the devil out to get you, only the blood of Jesus can save you. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.”

  43. We are so easily fooled in this country by people professing to be “god fearing”. They know all the catch-phrases and public sanctimonious behavior to drop on us to make people let down their guard. I recall her being one of those the last time PNM was in power when she promised to remove the bacchanal out of Carnival.
    Then you do your part in robbing our country’s children of their national inheritance.

    Our politicians have been doing it for generations since our independence and so far, I am sure we talking a robbery haul in the TRILLIONS of dollars when you adjust for inflation, most of it during the oil boom days. We could have been a first world country by now if not for these people we keep putting into power based on the WEAKEST of rationales.

  44. So under what category does the act of hiring your sister as a personal “nurse” fall under? And does this also classify as a breach of conduct by a public officer by directly or indirectly creating benefit for a family member?
    Just curious to know….

  45. Don’t be so defensive PNM supporters. I support no party but pointing out the obvious….

  46. Oh!! Get off your HIGH horse…At least the minister”s money did not jump out of the national treasury. There seems to be more in the mortar than the stirring stick???

  47. Par for the course with the PNM. No different to when Manning hired his wife as education minister. Nepotism in public office is a definite no-no…

    • Brent, seriously we talking about Manning? You kind of skipped over the last government.

    • I support no party partner but we should address the issue. The issue is nepotism and is something that the PNM has done over time. Not giving the prior Govt a pass but was just trying to show this is nothing new.

    • Ok brent, got you point. Sad part is that nepotism exist in every aspect of life and the sooner we understand it the better it makes for existence.

      Even in religion it exist.

    • I’m not sure if I understand your point Andy Phillip? Are you saying we should come to expect and accept it?

    • Not accept it but understand it’s existence. Number one, we cannot eradicate it, only reduce it. It existed during Jesus time and over the centuries what has changed? It will not go away.

    • When there is evidence of crime, act. I hope we can agree on that Andy.
      I think Brent’s point is valid. That is reason we keep changing governments. Because they all keep letting us down.
      Marlene should never have gotten that post in the first place. There were already questions about her integrity.

    • That’s not an acceptable response Andy. To accept it is to be just as corrupt. Root it out. It can and is done all the time except in trini

    • Brent, you not reading my response. I started by saying “not accept it”. I think we are saying the same thing except differntly. I use the word understand it, you say root. Lasana Liburd, corruption is not acceptable or tolerable anywhere. I do not believe in corrupt acts, regardless to size or shape. People make mistakes I accept that but continued uncorrected is corrupt. Look at the US now. You have a President that took it from a 2nd great recession back to economic stability and what do you have people saying- it not good enough let’s put trump in office. Governments change because we are never pleased, unless it is a military led government.

  48. Marlene not escaping this one at all ..

  49. The PM has said he is reviewing the new allegations involving Ms. MACDONALD. Give him a chance to review and then let us see his actions. I am not going to sit here and accept any kind of corruption from this current crop. We took five years of crap from Kamla to take this from our party, not acceptable. Waiting for an answer.

  50. Why Marlene eh step down pending the outcome of the investigation boy?

    • Well she has to resign now or be fired. I see no other alternative. This is so painful to take I expected better from her. People don’t realize that its easy to do the wrong things anybody could do that but we voted for integrity. People with integrity do the right things even when no one is looking and even if it is difficult to do.

  51. I’m reading that list of employees and their payments and no one in authority, seeing that payment is made from Parliamentary Office, thought is best to remind her of the restrictions?

  52. We can’t tote crooked politicians at this point. Marlene is too heavy.

  53. I hate to tell my PNM friends that when we made noise against the PP and got hem to act, we all raised the bar…Now the bar cannot conveniently be lowered because we love our political personalities more than we love our country and want to improve our country.

  54. Wow. If these statements are true Ms McDonald must not only be fired, but prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Our good Prime Minister must be decisive and weed out the bad apples from his government. No excuses please! Anthony Clarke – thoughts?

  55. What is the REAL REASON behind the OPPOSITION”s focus on Marlène MacDonald???

  56. Let’s see where this goes. Given that we are yet to get a pronouncement about Spalk and the attempted murder investigation, the UNC might be back in office before we hear about this one.

  57. Kirk Waithe….I agree wit your principled stand on this matter, Mrs. Mac Donald should step down….now after you have gotten rich from contracts from the former UNC regime….do us all a favour and step aside….satan cannot correct sin