Battle of the jokers: ex-FIFA VP Jack Warner fires back at John Oliver

Scene: (WI Sports studio) Ex-FIFA vice president, Chaguanas West MP and Chaguanas East political aspirant Jack Warner takes time out from trolling Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, staving off a United States extradition request and contesting the Trinidad and Tobago General Elections to get even with HBO’s British comedian, John Oliver:

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  1. “Disemanating, dais a big word. Write it down.” Hahaha, ah weak !!!

  2. We inna gear!
    Now to get that vid to John Oliver!

  3. We inna gear!
    Now to get that vid to John Oliver!

  4. Andrew Alden Friday, this is from a German investigative journalist and famous campaigner against FIFA corruption about the video

  5. “Fries” better watch he mouth – when I was growing up, if we mocked a handicapped (of any kind) we would be told “be careful how yuh mocking or mimicking those people, because yuh go end-up so”! Does he want dat fate ’cause he doing a dam good job?

  6. I missed the first 3 parts – where can I view them??

  7. Very good! Should be sent to Oliver

  8. “and d blasted dog write it off d 1st time she drive it” hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. We can still have a smile between the electioneering and the paywalls! ???

  10. hahahahahahahahaha good one, LL.

  11. Anytime, Ravi…..anytime!

  12. brilliant and yes it was a much needed laugh during the political season

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