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Rowley’s inflamed Gumbs; Wired868 investigates bizarre harassment case

In what would probably go down as the worst “sex scandal” since an Australian Senator offered ex-Trinidad and Tobago sprinter Ato Boldon a Tim Tam, Trinidad Express investigative journalist, Anika Gumbs, quit her job yesterday after being left “mentally scarred and traumatised” by a series of meetings with a character who Mills and Boon might refer to as ‘a tall, dark, handsome Opposition Leader.’

Photo: Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley enjoys himself during Carnival 2015.
Photo: Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley enjoys himself during Carnival 2015.

I know what you’re thinking: “Mr Live Wire, we are big people here… Rest it on we! Doh leave nothing out!”

Well, some time in January, Rowley allegedly told Gumbs that she was “looking rosy.” Three months later, he enquired about a tattoo on her back and removed a bee from her dress with the line: “Even honey bees landing on you.”

And, two weeks later on April 21, Rowley was allegedly bareback when Gumbs turned up for a pre-arranged interview, which was done in his kitchen. During the meeting, Rowley supposedly offered to work as a bodyguard outside her bedroom door.

Eh… that’s it. According to columnist Anthony Deyal, it was a case of ‘all Gumbs and no teeth.’

Incidentally, Rowley might be the first person accused of a sexual harassment case in which the woman just would not stop visiting his damn house for more

So, after all the nibbling, flattening, groping, puffing, blowing and ‘bring-a-Krystian-and-come’ pyjama parties that littered the People’s Partnership’s term in office, Gumbs somehow managed to grab the media spotlight with a lengthy recount of supposed sexual inappropriateness that had less action than ‘Rapunzel.’

Mr Live Wire cannot stress enough that if your claims of sexual harassment can be published without an editor’s note about graphic language and adult content, then somebody did not do their job properly.

Photo: Ex-Tourism Minister, MP and sweetman brahmin Chandresh Sharma. (Courtesy Trinidad Guardian)
Photo: Ex-Tourism Minister, MP and sweetman brahmin Chandresh Sharma.
(Courtesy Trinidad Guardian)

Former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday probably steupsed halfway through the story and turned the page.

You mean to tell me that Wired868 could publish the whole of “50 Shades of Gumbs” without one bleeding asterisk self?!

But that does not mean there was no lesson worth learning here.

First of all, let us look at Gumbs.

On September 2013, the Sunshine Newspaper reported that Gumbs landed two contracts valued at close to $1 million, which fell under the portfolios of Minister of Works and Infrastructure Suruj Rambachan and Minister of Food Production Devant Maharaj.

Gumbs allegedly confirmed her interest in the relevant companies and declared her dream was “to become (a) successful business woman.”

Yet, the Trinidad Express newspapers hired her anyway and allowed her to write investigative pieces on various political figures.

Perhaps Express editor-in-chief Omatie Lyder should have read Luke 16:13, which states that: “No one can serve two masters.”

Photo: Trinidad Express editor-in-chief Omatie Lyder.
Photo: Trinidad Express editor-in-chief Omatie Lyder.

Did Lyder, a former Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT) official, fail in her duty to protect the reputation of her newspaper by not acting sooner on an obvious conflict of interest?

Did Rambachan or Maharaj have any input in Gumbs’ investigative pieces on former Attorney General Anand Ramlogan?

Gumbs, one may recall, first tried to get a tale of domestic violence from Ramlogan’s wife—the ex-AG claimed the reporter posed as someone else although Gumbs denied this—before sinking him with the David West witness tampering story.

Was that really top notch investigative work? Or the fall-out from an internal UNC feud?

And then there is Rowley.

This is 2015. Bareback, like asbestos and cassettes, is not cool anymore, Keithos. Not unless you’re Vladimir Putin.

But, more to the point, why would the Opposition Leader invite anyone with substantial Government contracts—let alone a female reporter—to his house?

If Rowley, the instigator of email-gate, wants to give an example of his good judgment, then that would not be it. Have a word, Sharon.

Photo: Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley. (Courtesy Jyoti Communication)
Photo: Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.
(Courtesy Jyoti Communication)

Of course, as always, the devil is in the details. So let’s revisit the timeline.

Gumbs said she felt uncomfortable when Rowley described her appearance as “rosy” in January. Presumably, she bursts into tears whenever she gets a “soot” on the street.

Or maybe Gumbs thought he was saying she was shaped like a mango.

But, if she felt uncomfortable at his office, why then agree to meet him at his home?

There, she turned up wearing a dress that apparently allowed Rowley to see a tattoo on her back. If she still remembered her last “awkward” encounter with the Opposition Leader, why flash the flesh in a more intimate setting?

Mr Live Wire hates to come off like a prude. But if a man can see your tattoo at his house, you are probably not dressed appropriately.

Unless, of course, Rowley intuitively assumed she had a tattoo there. But that does not make sense either. Most men cannot even tell if a woman has on weave.

Rowley, according to Gumbs, rescued her from a bee at the end of their interview with the words: “Even honey bees landing on you.”

Photo: Trinidad Express reporter Anika Gumbs. (Courtesy Stabroek News)
Photo: Trinidad Express reporter Anika Gumbs.
(Courtesy Stabroek News)

If anything, Mr Live Wire thinks it is the bee that should have been offended. It was clearly lost.

Yet, surprise, surprise, Gumbs took her honeypot back to Rowley’s residence within a fortnight.

This time, according to her, Rowley was shirtless.

What would most women do when a shirtless man asks them to step inside their home? Notwithstanding her previous concerns, Gumbs did just that.

If only Rowley’s charm worked on Wade Mark, who booted him out of Parliament.

Is Gumbs suggesting that she is more easily led than the Speaker of the House? That, to put it lightly, seems far-fetched.

For some reason, Rowley and Gumbs conducted their interview in the kitchen.

Was somebody making a sandwich? Did somebody try to leave a bunny in a pot?

And, the coup de grace, Rowley allegedly offered to stand sentry outside Gumbs’ bedroom door, due to prank calls she supposedly reported to the police.

Gumbs claimed she felt: “numb and blank… completely helpless and confused as if I was being trapped in a situation that I was totally unprepared for.”

Photo: Butterfly-gate?
Photo: Butterfly-gate?

Mr Live Wire shares her confusion at this point.

What good is Rowley outside Gumbs’ bedroom door? Is that where her PBX was situated and he intended to screen her calls?

There is certainly no satisfaction to be had outside a woman’s doors.

A proper pass would be along the lines of: “Would you like to come into my bedroom and tell me all about it?” or “You seem so wound up… maybe it’s because you are overdressed.” Or maybe: “Can I tell you what I would say if I called you late at night?”

It took another two weeks for Gumbs, by her admission, to bring the incident to Lyder’s attention and, even then, she did not mention Rowley’s name.

So how the hell was the Express supposed to protect her from future meetings with Rowley if the paper did not know about it?

She claimed that she stopped wearing dresses to work and stuck to pants suits.

Was Rowley in the habit of turning up at her Express workplace and gawking at her dresses? Are bees less attracted to pants suits?

Photo: Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.
Photo: Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.

Did her pursuit of a ‘Bill Clinton story’ somehow channel her ‘inner Hillary Clinton’?

Gumbs said: “I now feel unable to communicate with Dr Rowley any longer because he betrayed my trust and expectations.”

What does that have to do with the Express? She is not a political reporter. Did someone other than the Express editor-in-chief assign Gumbs to Rowley?

If so, what was Gumbs’ assignment with Rowley exactly? And why did she decide, 15 weeks after her last house call but five weeks before the General Election, that she had enough?

Was it because Gumbs’ trauma took nearly four months to properly manifest, unlike the air hostess allegedly groped by Glenn Ramadharsingh?

Or was it that, after nearly four months, she is now certain there will be no further opportunity for a meeting at the Rowley residence before the elections?

And what did Gumbs mean when she wrote: “Developments over the last 72-hours have caused me great distress to my personal and professional life hence my decision to walk away.”
What developments to her personal and professional life? Was her boss mad at her about something? Which boss?

Photo: Eh?
Photo: Eh?

Did Gumbs quit her job? Or just the cover for her real job?

No doubt, the electorate will hear much more about this in the coming days.

Gumbs, presumably, would now devote herself full-time to satisfying her State contracts.

It could have been worse. She might have entered the romantic novels business.

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Mr. Live Wire
Mr. Live Wire is an avid news reader who translates media reports for persons who can handle the truth. And satire. Unlike Jack Nicholson, he rarely yells.

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  1. @Denice Lewis…..it seems like Rowley and his bunch of merrymen and merrywomen don’t drink rum. Their glasses that they always have in their hands must be only Blue Waters not Johnny Walker Blue which has always been their favorite drink.

    • You know a lot about their favorite drink, are you one of his “merrymen”? Can you tell me of any instance where they were falling down on any statues? Unable to remember how many seats they had just held on to in the local gov’t election? But all they knew was that, “the green man gone!”

    • Information and propaganda is not evidence. If Kamla had said the PNM wants her murdered, the whole PNM demolition crew would have savaged her on PNM talk shows.

  2. Where is Mrs Rowley in all this has she left the Rott and he is in heat now so he want to attack anything

  3. i have a similiar take lasana and i agree 100% with yours!!

  4. I would never say that Rowley did not make a pass or he is too good to make a pass. That was not in the column.

  5. Arguments must always be tested so I am happy you made those points Narrisa Mandol. And of course I know some dirty old men within the media industry too. And I’m sure there are many of them all over the place.
    I don’t know what people are saying elsewhere on the social media and I can imagine there are plenty people saying crazy stuff on both sides of the political fence.
    I was told by two reporters I trust that, hours before Gumbs’ resignation, three persons hinted that something was brewing and one went as far as to say that Rowley is finished and he would never survive what was coming.
    I think based on what I have heard and what I read for myself in the statement, who Anika Gumbs is, her past record as a journalist and so on… I think that gives me ample information for me to be skeptical about her motives and her response.
    I can speculate much further in fact. Believe me. But I will leave it at the point that I find her reactions suspicious in the context of an upcoming election, the fact that she has State contracts and her previous tough nature as an investigative journalist.
    As a columnist, even just a satirical one, I shared my views while trying not to be unfair.

    • “I will leave it at the point that I find her reactions suspicious in the context of an upcoming election, the fact that she has State contracts and her previous tough nature as an investigative journalist.” – and to leave it there would’ve sufficed. that on its own merits is a very good case.

      but to start making inferences as to why a woman would keep coming back for more, or that she may be too sensitive and what she constitutes as harassment may not necessarily be harassment or the possibility she wasn’t dressed appropriately in the first place in the name of stating your case reeks of the same victim blaming many a rape victim has to undergo everyday. and like it or not, that is a form of misogyny.

      • sorry i copy-pasted too much of your text. even being suspicious of her claims because of “her previous tough nature as an investigative journalist”. – like what is that? ALL types of women get harassed all the time.

  6. Lasana I usually don’t indulge in any sort of conversation on facebook because people tend to misunderstand what you are trying to say or the conversation turns into a battle of points.
    I hear what you are saying my friend. All I am trying to say is I personally don’t like speculation or drawing conclusions, particularly online and particularly when it comes to someone’s character. When we make a comment about someone online, it is not the same as making that comment in person to a friend or colleague. It’s out there in the public for all to read and internalise. Then if we are found to be wrong, all the doubt that was cast on that person can never be erased.
    I am not taking sides or trying to defend anyone. I don’t like the comments I am seeing about Dr. Rowley and I don’t like the comments I am seeing about Anika Gumbs. Again I end by trying to stress my point: I am not saying that Dr. Rowley is lying and I am not saying Anika Gumbs is lying. I am just saying let us not be quick to accuse EITHER one of them of being guilty.

  7. And I never said you called me chauvinistic. I told you my stance was not chauvinistic. Don’t let that trouble you. 😉

  8. Narrisa Mandol, it is perfectly level-headed, mature and responsible to make opinions based on available information. In most cases, a Judge does not have video and audio for instance.
    The question is whether my opinion is a logical reflection of the information or not.
    How you can tell people not to have an opinion on any case, let alone one like this before a general election? That seems illogical to me.
    And I cannot repeat enough. I never once said that Anika Gumbs lied in what she claimed Rowley said or did. Read it over if you wish.
    I’m saying her response is odd. If you see nothing odd about this case at all then that is your opinion and I respect that.
    Someone touches your back and references your tattoo and you are offended. And your response is: It is being chic?
    Of course she might be correct. Maybe a lot of things. Maybe Bin Laden is alive.
    But based on what I read from her own statement, her claims sound like nonsense and designed to cause confusion.
    It was a witness statement. Not a resignation letter.

  9. It’s interesting watchj g the conversation change from “is there an ulterior motive at play” to “is she telling untruths about Rowley”.

  10. By the way who said anything about being chauvinistic?

  11. Lasana My only point is none of us were there so let’s not jump to conclusions or be quick to accuse EITHER Dr. Rowley or Anika Gumbs of lying. Let us be level-headed, mature and responsible in what we say about this matter. Let us be fair to both parties, Dat is all I am saying!

    • Apparently you read a completely different article…perhaps you would like to read the actual one you are commenting on. There was nothing unfair, immature or irresponsible about the assessments and opinions expressed. (What is actually immature and irresponsible and also unfair is Ms. Gumbs attacking Dr. Rowley without filing an official report to the police. He therefore has nothing official to respond legally to unless he chooses to sue for libel …but you are free to have your own opinion on that…it is still a free country.) The truth of the matter is still in the wind and nothing said in this article makes us think the author has made a final judgement on the actual truth of the matter. You must be arguing semantics or something. Point to the actual lines that offend you and get this over with.

  12. Some people like they still living in the “and” region of T and T. Or stick break in their ears; still asking about DR. Rowley’s plans. Listen to a PNM meeting without going 4Rum first and you will hear many…….and hopefully understand

  13. Narrisa Mandol, judge each case on its merit. I am not saying that sexual harassment isn’t real.
    I’m saying that based on the information before me, I don’t think this is the case here.
    And I think that if people use Gumbs as a poster girl for sexual harassment, it will probably do a disservice to real victims. That is my point.
    It has nothing to do with being chauvinistic.

  14. Enough of all this foolishness Mr.Keith Rowley, let me hear of your plans for the next five years for the people of TNT—remember this a public office earn your recognition and stop being entitled.

  15. Best question so far.Gumbs came out and Lasana playing Deep Throat..

  16. Lasana all I am saying is I am not rushing to judge either party. And I certainly do not judge how anyone else chooses to handle a case of sexual harassment. I worked in the media for 12 years and had to face inappropriate comments, questions and propositions. I never made an official report on any of those incidents. Does that mean I was not smart? Does it mean I was not a tough reporter? Does it mean I was a coward? Maybe it just means I was not ready to take on a male-dominated society on my own.
    I will tell you a story. When I worked at TTT, there was a male employee who made inappropriate comments to the female reporters all the time. None of us reported him. Then one day a female reporter made a formal complaint. Do you know what happened? She was accused of lying, of being crazy, of making trouble and of trying to get him fired. No disciplinary action was ever taken.
    Also I am have been accused of being anti-UNC, anti-PNM, anti-labour, anti-business during my media career…so I tend to take whispers and rumours with a pinch of salt.
    But again I repeat my take is that I cannot say who is lying and who is telling the truth…that’s just the unfortunate thing with these kinds of incidents…in most cases they boil down to he said vs she said. But hopefully in this case actual evidence will come to light to allow the wronged person to clear HIS or HER name.

    • Did any of your fellow female colleagues who experienced the same problem ever stand up for your colleague who was brave enough to file a formal complaint? Your story has no bearing on this situation except it may resemble sexual harassment. What was Dr. Rowley’s crime if any at this point? You do a disservice to the entire female gender to categorise what Ms. Gumbs described as sexual harassment. Also you followed the same path she did. You supposedly felt offended but did not speak up. Again, a disservice to the gender. But…you’re free to do as you choose and continue to wallow in your ignorance. Just don’t try to present it as impartiality or logic, please. No. One. Is. Buying. It.

  17. Lily I understand your perspective but from my understanding of Defamation Law I don’t think that any current judge would rule in his favour. It is not every stupid statement made against you that is actionable. If it were that were our High Court would be cluttered with spurious claims. People in public life are expected to have a certain amount of thick skin.

  18. Instinctively, what would one human being do seeing a bee landing on the back of another..??/

  19. And that is apart from the fact that there were whispers of something about to happen from people within the PP’s embrace hours before the resignation hit the Express.
    I know about one person who was in his glee that I won’t name. I heard Wayne Sturge hinted at something in the social media too on his Twitter feed but I haven’t seen it myself.
    If I know this, then other reporters would and should too.

  20. i don’t think his credibility is in question here, as you said it could be just talk, what confused me is her reaction to it. It seems that she is bordering that she was sexually harassed

  21. Lilly Indarsingh You are missing the point that this was not a ‘story’ that the Express was following. This is Ms Gumbs resignation letter

  22. Narrisa Mandol, I did not say what she said happened is implausible. I actually gave her the benefit of the doubt there.
    What I’m saying is that a seasoned investigative reporter with well over a decade’s experience interviewing men who shuts down at the sight of a bareback man or words like ‘rosy’ and phrases like can i be a bodyguard outside your bedroom door and even honey bees sweet on you…
    I’m sure you have had worse Narissa. What do you do? Report trauma four months later on the verge of a general election? Or try to take control of your setting?
    This is a woman who walked out on the Trinidad Guardian because someone else said there was political pressure, someone who took on Anil Roberts and his invective and has doorstepped politicians and their wives before.
    Her response to what she said Rowley did and said is not credible.
    But I suspect that is the opening blow and we will understand more of why she left soon as this becomes political.

    • This is someone whose colleague received death threats, who herself received harassing phone calls, and I am finding it difficult to believe that it’s the first time someone flirted with her.

      What I am having difficulty with is the motivation to resign specifically because of one person, and further, that she did not allow her employer to address the situation.

      And as you say, there are other facts that must be willfully ignored to accept this story at face value.

  23. Thanks Patricia Smart, but I was not linking facts with the Express… You misunderstood my post…….I was just surmising… a story as big as this with such consequences will warrant some facts before printing, even the Express knows that.. but, as I said before, I am NOT saying that the Express HAD such facts..

  24. You know why I think defenders of Anika Gumbs MAY be the ones doing a disservice rather than anyone else? Because to take up that task, they must wilfully ignore all the evidence about this matter and the supposed victim.
    Anika Gumbs who supposedly was terrified of losing one source (albeit the Opposition Leader and possibly the next Prime Minister) is the same Gumbs who walked out of Trinidad Guardian because a colleague told her there was political pressure being applied to the newsroom.
    She didn’t hear herself in any meeting eh. But she walked out on second hand information.
    This is apart from the obvious fact that she is not a political reporter and Rowley has no particular value to her in her normal course of duties. If the PNM wins, her job will be to find out the problems in Rowley’s Government NOT to have sit downs in his kitchen.
    Do you see me writing less because I am not friendly with the TTFA president? Well imagine I am a football reporter and I get along just fine in that arrangement. And she is not even a political reporter.
    Next, that is the same Gumbs who never flinched while having the nastiest attack dog in the country (Anil Roberts) come out firing at her repeatedly on political platforms and in the press.
    This is the same Gumbs who knocked on the AG’s door and tried to get a story on domestic violence and was eventually chased away. Again, never batting an eye.
    Gumbs’ trauma becomes evident to her within a month of a general election while she is holding State contracts.
    Gumbs, a once married woman who probably interviewed hundreds of men in her life, does not know how to speak up for herself if a man gets fresh?
    In fact, the fact that Rowley came out bareback might have been the story and she could have left immediately and go and write that.
    I’ve interviewed several murder accused, been to areas like Sea Lots and Beetham and what have you to do interviews, and I know how to take control of my environment. And when water more than flour.
    And I’m a sport reporter. She would have done tonnes more than I would.
    A bareback man with a fresh line caused her to shut down?
    I think I would be allowing my brain to shut down to believe everything I heard there.
    I’m not disputing whether Rowley did all the things she said he did. I’m disputing the sincerity of her responses.
    But that’s my opinion anyway… Like I said, her defenders MAY be doing her a disservice. I can’t say with certainty.
    But my opinion is based on the evidence before me. And I think that when the truth is revealed, her ardent defenders will find it hard to defend the real victims of sexual harassment in the future.

  25. Lasana but how do we know the story is not credible? I don’t know either of the individuals involved in this story. I was not there during the interviews. So my take is that I am cannot say who is lying and who is telling the truth. But hopefully more evidence will come to light to allow the wronged person to clear his or her name.

  26. Why is that surprising Lasana?

  27. Lilly, this is the same Express Newspapers that printed last week that the missing COSTAAT lecturer was at the San Fernando hospital sending the poor woman’s family into a frenzy only to be revealed it was not true…..don’t be so quick to link the Express with facts eh……

  28. Surprisingly, some people are tying themselves in knots to make the report seem credible.

  29. Lasana, I am almost always annoyed at the “we should not judge” cliche. That is what judges do everyday, so what, their jobs are worthless? Listen, we are using the information presented to us by Ms. Gumbs to judge the situation. Based on HER information and HERS only, the story is full of holes and dare I say without anyone taking shots at it. She made me wonder if she failed creative writing classes whereever she went to study journalism. I even wondered if she got paid and then got cold feet so she confused the whole story just to ease her conscience. Whatever it is or was, her story only makes her look bad and it hadn’t even reached to “he say and she say” mode yet. So I choose, at this point, to judge based on the information I have and right now thst happen to be hers and she is not looking good in her own story.

  30. I find this whole situation distasteful on so many fronts…women have a hard enough time out here without us making it harder on ourselves with foolishness and gross stupidity ..Look if you were really harassed woman some righteous indignation much earlier on would have been the order of the day and while I would never trivialize how this so called Trini banter that happens all too often between men and women in what should be professional situations ..(.making us feel to regurgitate whatever we ate )….is truly unacceptable and sickeningly disturbing…I find that as women we should never do ourselves the disservice of crying wolf ….GUMBS your story seems to be missing some relevant details, rings hollow and unsubstantiated by your very own actions… and while I hold no brief for Dr. Rowley what I would say is selling your soul for a few pieces of silver is never a good idea….I feel if a few more people would start making jail maybe we won’t have to waste our brain space on such matters….

  31. And the f**kin drama continue..wondering what’s the next episode…

  32. But Francis Morean, look at it this way, if not suing for defamation of character, what would Dr Rowley be suing for? Defamation is a published statement that is untrue designed to bring a person into ridicule, odium and affects the good name of that person where others would see that person in an unfavourable light. As far as I could see, AGS made that statement and the Express published it and now some people are seeing the Doc in a bad light… and there is the society connection.. he is running for public office… am I missing something? Unlike Vernella who had parliamentary priviledge, AGS and the Express have no safety net… But then again Francis Morean, as I stated earlier in my post, it would make for good argument to any aspiring attorney… hope someone with a legal mind can comment.

  33. My biggest concern is what if the bee had indeed stung her and Dr Rowley dressed the sting. Oh bacchanal

  34. Thanks for clearing that up Francis Morean

  35. Lily , I don’t think there are any grounds for any claim of defamation by Dr Rowley. Claims for defamation have to first satisfy the requirement that the statement(s) published are in fact defamatory on the person. Secondly, the claims have to be taken in the context of the society.
    For example in the history of TT Defamation cases a woman was once called an obeah woman and in 1898 she won her claim for slander. Today such a claim most likely would fail.
    So even if Gumbs is claiming that Dr. Rowley had actually tackled her it may not be defamatory. We are not living in Victorian times. If however he was holding public office and she had falsely accused him of making advances towards her in order to pressure her as her subordinate, then I believe he would have grounds for an action.

  36. Just finished reading the article, there are so many holes in her story. It seems apparent that this woman is a liar and she was put up to this, or maybe she was paid to do this.. How do you feel uncomfortable around someone and yet you still go to their home? Lady, get your story straight, my 13 year old can see you’re lying….

  37. ah ha ha ha ha ha…………Mr. Livewire you hit the nail on the head everytime!! Perfect piece.

  38. Curtis Dyette this reporter accused Dr. Rowley of sexual harassment and supposedly it was the reason she retired from her job as an investigative reporter lol.

  39. Well said Lasana Liburd, and the circumstances surrounding this leaves more questions than answers for me, the one that screams out the most is why in God’s name she kept going back, why when she confided to her attorney he didn’t advised her to report it forthwith, what is the attorney’s motive behind all this… just a few of the many questions I have… Even if you feel uncomfortable around the gentleman, you still return with an open back dress revealing a tattoo on your back which prompt the alleged “Tattoo remark!” Comon man you got to be serious right?

  40. “Dr Rowely betrayed my trust and expectations” Why does Dr Rowely has to have your trust and meet any of your expectations in order for you to carry out your interview. Many high profile international journalists have carried out tough and even hostile and down right dangerous interviews, they do not go back to the office “traumatized”. According to your statement, you went there to do your job…you did not go there as a voter, whatever your trust and expectations are is IRREVLAVANT!!! Know yuh place!

  41. Good morning to the group. It has been very interesting reading so far the comments from various members of the group. i must say that this could be a very good test piece for any aspiring attorney at law who may want to delve into defamation law. Having said that, I want to take a different look at things…. Dr Rowley is not foolish.. I don’t believe he would walk into something like that in this election season. The stakes are way to high and he stands to lose everything if such was the case. So it seems to me that if as some have been saying, she was aligned to the PNM (by virtue of her stories), then Dr Rowley would have been a bit familiar with her as someone he could talk to, seeing as she is a journalist… if he did say or did those things, that familiarity could be a factor to consider (although I would still find that in poor taste, but some would say that is the typical Trini man behaviour) … that brings the next questions: what went wrong with the relationship, if there was one?? Did she squeal on him because she wanted something he was not prepared to give?? that something can be anything.. from personal to politics… or a better paying job for that matter (after all, he is aspiring to be the next prime minister). Dr Rowley did say on one of his “Conversations” sessions that he will not allow anyone to blackmail him.. On the other hand, the Express is quite familiar with the laws of defamation so it seems to me that they would not knowingly print a story without first having some facts. So this begs the following question: Could it be that the Express did check the story out, gathered some facts and then decided to print??? It would seem foolish not to do so, not to mention costly… but then again, a sensational topic will sell, and what better timing than now?? … As sure as hell there is going to be a lawsuit by Dr Rowley. It seems to me that some rather hefty legal fees will be incurred by those involved. The more I read, the more curious I get and can’t help the feeling that something bigger is about to burst.

  42. I say it reeks of Toppin. Call it Toppin 2.0 … not even a valiant attempt by the PP….more like a lame duck … who in their right mind believes a woman would quit her job where the alleged harasser does not even work or own the building? The synaptic connection is just not there and clearly missing in her brain too if she expects anyone but the people who are so afraid of the power of Rowley to trounce KPB they would attempt in anyway to defame his character. My problem with this is ….if she had not quit her job, would it have been as sensational a story? Like someone says, it reeks of fabrication in the timing. As Mr. Live Wire says, (and they say, a word to the wise is sufficient)…so I quote “Have a word, Sharon” because really that’s what Gumbs should have said….if she felt Rowley had been inappropriate.
    More to the point, are we supposed to suddenly decide that we can forgive and forget all the misdeeds of the PP and vote them back in because Rowley said a few inappropriate things that would not even get him fired in a normal job? (Wouldn’t he just have to attend a few mandatory sessions and be made to apologise for misusing his words or something?) Because this is what it seems to come down to, not some supposed trauma of a woman….(if she was traumatised, she should have reported him all three times)…who waited three months to reveal the identity of the offender.

  43. Debbie Espinal nah i would not do such a thing ,just complementing the research on the location of the ink,all i wan’t to know if she will be the surprise candidate on nomination day,another Volney who was lured into a sense of false security,this latest development means there is a looming cloud out there,we will unmask them.