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Sport Ministry: Have your say on the Women’s Professional League

The Ministry of Sport is asking women’s football fans and stakeholders to share their opinions in an an interactive chat on the proposed Trinidad and Tobago Women’s Professional League (WPL), which is due to kick off in late May 2015.

The WPL, according to the Ministry of Sport, is “a joint initiative” between the Ministry of Sport, the SPORTT Company, the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) and the Trinidad and Tobago Women’s League Football (WOLF).

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago captain Maylee Attin-Johnson (number 9) is congratulated by Dernelle Mascall (second from right) and her teammates after her successful penalty kick against Guatemala in 2015 World Cup qualifying action. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago captain Maylee Attin-Johnson (number 9) is congratulated by Dernelle Mascall (second from right) and her teammates after her successful penalty kick against Guatemala in 2015 World Cup qualifying action.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

The WPL will “run for a couple of weeks” and should involve players from throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. It aims to mirror the structure of the United States Major League Soccer (MLS) and regional cricket’s Caribbean Premier League (CPL) with franchises, salary caps and a draft system.

Fixtures are proposed to play on community grounds around the country.

So, the question is: What do you think about the value and chances of success for the proposed Women’s Professional League?


Editor’s Note: A representative from the Ministry of Sport has advised that they will not respond to comments posted on Wired868 about the proposed Trinidad and Tobago Women’s Professional League.

Wired868 regrets their failure to do so as promised but will try to get further information on the competition as soon as possible.

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  1. Yeah the stakeholders are Eat ah food Inc and Tarstones Inc

  2. Just wanted to share this with you as I’m aware that some people may think this idea was formulated this week. There has been a lot of planning, meetings with stakeholders and corporate T&T to make this a reality. http://wired868.com/2015/03/02/sport-ministry-vows-to-launch-womens-pro-league-by-may-2015/

  3. Yeah without agents a lot of these players would get exploited and taken advantage cause they don’t understand the business side of the football its a shame they don’t so that they can make sure that no 1 can trick them

  4. Ok wirians!!! If u watch d sports news u will c all the info was correct!! If u want d info first check wire!! Lol any more info u need only ask lol

  5. Yeah but yuh know that is a form of slavery eh, selling players yuh know how long folks use to be telling me why I don’t become a football agent eh, but I always tell them nah that is slavery I just want to defend the Players Association for life and represent our players and take folks to court when they try to fool and exploit them eh but I understand it is about proper representation the agents so that the players won’t be cheated by their employers.

  6. The idea is half-baked. They canceled the ‘interactive discussion’ because it’s a non-starter which they clearly haven’t thought thru. The TTFA rightly wants no part of it because paying college athletes to play would jeopardize their amateur status. Any fool with blinders could see that, so small wonder then that Sancho and Harrison struggling to understand that. Sancho too focused on trying to build a legacy for himself to care.

  7. Nah mango I am not following I am working with him as a equal partner ha ha ha ha ha

  8. Dion Sosa Yeah man yuh following one person and that is your football agent abroad who you does get our players for ent. ha ha ha ha

  9. ….So Dion Sosa you telling me that no one wants to be the Standard-Bearer…or the Man or Woman that Bucks-The-Trend???….I am Sorry…but I am Not concerned about Losing Friends….you can’t stand by and watch Nonsense happen all the time

  10. Yes mark anthony scott that’s why a lot of people have a problem with me cause I am no Uncle Tom no Yes man I fear no 1 but God and I follow no man now or ever

  11. We should open our own fan club the name of the fan club can be who wants 2 stop being stupid and join a real fan club with people who help build leaders

  12. …Dion Sosa…everybody is afraid…For What…God Alone Knows…it happens All Over T&T in every sphere of Society…if that was the case I don’t think that the current TTFA hierarchy would be in power…you are so correct…we are a nation of followers…while the Leaders are Fed-up and just Don’t Want To Get Involved Anymore

  13. well like as I always tell you some folks in the football are like some of the pastors and them who are building big big churches and fooling our people into giving them their hard earn monies but they cannot fool meh father God because sooner or later they all will be exposed with respect to their motives and wrong doings ent.

  14. We living in a society of followers no leaders only a set of idiots who looking for someone 2 be the next saviour rather than taking the initiative and doing things to bring about positive but instead they lazy and easy to influence and chain up with promises

  15. Yeah mango is the Jim Jones syndrome all over again they go take them idiots into the bush in couva and give them Agua ha ha ha ha ha ha

  16. Dion Sosa hahahahaha so ah guess you calling me an idiot to ent well as soon as meh son Marvin Oliver retires I done with that eh. I will be retiring from the football thing to I am coming to join a new political party that will make a real great difference in and for our sweet country.

  17. Gordon Pierre hahahaha ah glad that you speaking about the replacements eh, because everybody talking about getting a change ent, so it was the same thing that happened when meh corrupted uncle Jack Warner did when he visited meh uncle Tim Kee when he was on the Cepep board of directors eh, and the next thing he became the President of the corrupted TTFA because they didn’t want the fella who was a cricketer eh, hence the reason why meh uncle Tim Kee cannot go after the corrupted Jack Warner for the millions of monies that belongs to the corrupted TTFA and our footballers eh. Them really good yes.

  18. Well mango I have 2 creative I don’t want 2 spark another campaign on a certain fan page run by a bunch of idiots and supported by more idiots ha ha ha ha ha

  19. Dion Sosa like yuh disguising dem words now ent. hhahahaha

  20. Mark stop beating up!! I tell u it have things coming that will cause a big shake! It will show who eat,where they eat, how they eat, if they enjoy the food and if their belly full!! And careful the names u calling as replacements!!

  21. Hahaha. Like you’re always feeling snackish Sosa!

  22. Eat ah food another scheme 2 rob tax payers of their hard earn money to pay a bunch of foreigners who taking we money and going back to beijing and uSa with it brilliant plan by the devon biscuit minister and his sidekick chez whitney

  23. And that is the same thing that I said on another tread with respect to Santa Rosa F.C. eh, about getting a new coach to raise their standard of football and is the same thing that is going on with our school teams the Super League and Pro League the same Coaches have been coaching the teams from the inception of the leagues eh or for a very very long time hence the reason why the standards are not raising along with other factors eh, so they will continue to spin top in the mud until they really want to do the right things. Them really good yes.

  24. …Currently there are people raking-in Thousands of $$$ in the TTFA and we don’t have a clue as to what they do…And Worse…we are not seeing any Progress where All Our National Teams are concerned

  25. …What is Needed an Overhaul of the TTFA…A Complete one this time…because clearly there are folks there still stuck in 1989…But We Have Moved On…And They Need To As Well…While the object of Football remains the same…which is to beat the other team and win trophies…a lot has changed…Players…Coaching Styles and Administration…I Would like to see the likes of Kelvin Jack and some other former players get involved in the running of the TTFA…let some fresh ideas and people with a proper knowledge of how football needs to be run

  26. Mark Anthony Scott my brother as Mr. Selby Browne said in the video he blames himself, Gally, Steve David and the others from their era not fixing all this madness long time ago and I had said the same thing in one of my stories that I had wrote for the Guardian newspapers moons ago when my writer Gregory Trujillo was alive may he rest in peace , the Local Coaches brought all that on themselves because when my good friend Basil “Barny” Smith and others had formed the Coaches Association to put things in the right perspective and organized themselves with respect to sending the coaches to courses etc, etc, and the recommendations would have come from them as to the best candinates to Coach our nationals teams eh three of the Coaches jumped ship and sold out to the corrupted Jack Warner and the TTFA in order to be where they are today in the football one of them a present FIFA instructor, the other a analyst with FIFA and the other well now Coaching a foreign base country … hence the reason why our local coaches are treated the way they are treated. and of course you are also speaking about Isa Muhammed. Goal Keeper Coach Lincoln Phillips and meh boy Wayne Cunningham were all on the Women National team because of their services that they gave to our sweet country it was time for them to be paid. Them reaally good yes.

  27. …And the next thing I observed with our Senior Women’s team that failed to qualify for the Women’s World Cup…there were persons on the Technical Staff that Should Not have been there…and when the Government gave out $50,000.00 they were most present…I wouldn’t call names but folks on this site are Very familiar with them because they had a Top Position in the National Men’s team prior to WC 2006

  28. ….So tell me uncle Earl Mango Pierre…Is that worth sacrificing your country’s good name an the sacrifice of the local coaches who are still yet to be paid in some instances…like your player Russell Latapy???

  29. Mark Anthony Scott like yuh eh realized that everything has changed in our sweet country eh, what you are talking about that was long ago to them now it is just picking a team and allowing bootleg coaches who doesn’t have any stats to go to tournaments and get plenty beat up because at the end of the day the corrupted vultures are still getting the millions either from the corrupted FIFA or the sponsors and they are going to the banks smiling and they are not being held accountable for nothing so the destruction of our football will just continue. Them really good yes

  30. …I am of the firm belief that the wrong people are consulted on the way forward where The Way Forward for sports is concerned in T&T…anyone with sports at heart will know that success depends on development…and development begins with the age-group 8 years and up…whether Boy or Girl…so if there is No Development…How can there be Success…DON’T PUT SCOTCH TAPE TO FIX THE LEAK ON YOUR ROOF…IT WILL NEVER LAST

  31. Just same old……same old yes.

  32. the whole scene was a mamaguy. them ain read one ass

  33. All I can say is that I am really hoping that meh friend the Sports Minister don’t end up like Mr. 2 pull or worst because ah done hear that the mark is going and buss really soon eh, so alyuh please keep him in alyuh prayers eh.

  34. …So again…is just same old same old…LifeSport comes to mind

  35. Well if that was announced today, that tells me that they weren’t interested in any feedback but used Lasana to get the story out first

  36. I agree with u mark but we can not stop it, today after the cabinet meeting the minister make the announcement!! Remember ppl have to get pay back and eat ah food tell u thats for another story!!

  37. …So then Gordon Pierre it makes no sense to start such a League now

  38. Gordon Pierre some of dem vultures cannot help themselves nah and this was the same reason when I joined our police service back in the days I told Mr. Burroughs that we should have a section in the police service to only lock up all those vultures like meh uncle Jack Warner who cannot help themselves and like to exploit our players eh, and only interested in making plenty monies and fulling their pockets while our players scrunting the section would have been called the ‘Football Police” yes but nobody wasn’t listening to Mango nah and look what happened to our football Them really good yes.

  39. And uncle u not right the level will not rise bc only a few locals will b playing, no development at the u15 and u 17 levels, etc and the league is only 6weeks active it is purely eat ah food and pay back! That story for another time!!

  40. …I just don’t want T&T to be the laughing stock of the CONCACAF region

  41. …They came and were touted as the ones to save our football on the Administration level…however we have clearly seen that it’s a case of SAME OLD…SAME OLD

  42. Mark Anthony Scott oh lawd listen to the video that I posted nah the Field of Dreams eh, you shudda done that already to see our leader Wired 868 Mr. Live Wire representing and you will have an idea.

  43. Uncle i know u could answer mark but for me, we can not stop it! And anything for progress of football i all for it especially women football but let d vultures know that if the make any bad move we will be all over them!

  44. When will those Elections be uncle Earl Mango Pierre…you know something I don’t???…Share Nah

  45. Yes I am because now the standard of our Women National team will definitely rise and the mistakes that they made on the field when they was competing for a spot in their first ever chance to qualify for Women World Cup in Canada this year well the next time around they will be ready like freddie once we also get the right folks voted in to run the TTFA in the upcoming elections.

  46. Yes to their credit they using community fields kick off at king george mass and thing CPL style!! American Mexican Caribbean and Chinese players because a major sponsor is a chinese firm!!