Sport Ministry: Have your say on the Women’s Professional League

The Ministry of Sport is asking women’s football fans and stakeholders to share their opinions in an an interactive chat on the proposed Trinidad and Tobago Women’s Professional League (WPL), which is due to kick off in late May 2015.

The WPL, according to the Ministry of Sport, is “a joint initiative” between the Ministry of Sport, the SPORTT Company, the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) and the Trinidad and Tobago Women’s League Football (WOLF).

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago captain Maylee Attin-Johnson (number 9) is congratulated by Dernelle Mascall (second from right) and her teammates after her successful penalty kick against Guatemala in 2015 World Cup qualifying action. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago captain Maylee Attin-Johnson (number 9) is congratulated by Dernelle Mascall (second from right) and her teammates after her successful penalty kick against Guatemala in 2015 World Cup qualifying action.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

The WPL will “run for a couple of weeks” and should involve players from throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. It aims to mirror the structure of the United States Major League Soccer (MLS) and regional cricket’s Caribbean Premier League (CPL) with franchises, salary caps and a draft system.

Fixtures are proposed to play on community grounds around the country.

So, the question is: What do you think about the value and chances of success for the proposed Women’s Professional League?


Editor’s Note: A representative from the Ministry of Sport has advised that they will not respond to comments posted on Wired868 about the proposed Trinidad and Tobago Women’s Professional League.

Wired868 regrets their failure to do so as promised but will try to get further information on the competition as soon as possible.

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  1. Yeah but his life is way better than back in 2011 now he has his own house a new ford ranger a wife a son and maling money all cause he listened 2 me and stood up 2 the Man

  2. …Ohhhhhhh…yes…I had him as a guest on the Radio Program I hosted…right right…yes I now know who you speak about…a very good defender Dion Sosa…very good just injuries keeping him back

  3. Mark, dais d notes uncle J give him to keep

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  5. …And that is the way it should be Kurtwyn Baird…any other way and you are a politician…Trust Me

  6. Earl Mango Pierre what I learned from you over the years is that you talk it as you see it,no love lost

  7. …I wouldn’t want my Children to remember me as someone who had the chance to Help Produce Change and I Didn’t…Even If I Fail…I Have to Try…We have to Try…Earl Mango Pierre….Savitri Maharaj…Debbie Espinal…Kurtwyn Baird….Gordon Pierre…Lasana Liburd…ect ect ect

  8. And this is the only thing that will stop all the football madness in our sweet country. Them really good yes.

  9. …Buss Files…Just Buss Files…We in T&T are way too casual when it comes to exposing wrongdoing…it only leads to those who do it…to continue…somebody or some group Must Buck-The-Trend…we Must show we are Does as well as Talkers

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  12. …Uncle Earl Mango Pierre…I try to choose some nice words here

  13. Savitri Maharaj Yeah but the SPORTT still have plenty billions of monies eh so why yuh think that meh friend Brent Sancho decided to become the new sports minister eh, and pull in his right hand friend as advisor knowing very well that he will be lying down in the same bed with that corrupted government and won”t have much time to do anything eh because the elections is around the corner and that will be it for them eh, maybe that is the reason why the Womem professional league got started so quickly knowing very well it really needed lots more time to plan but it is always all about the millions of monies ent. Them really good yes.

  14. …And you are correct as usual Savitri Maharaj…it’s the TTFA we talking about…clubs are different..clubs could give the coach a Wife And All…but the Governing Body…they are the Benchmark and so far…dey ent doin good at all…which is probably the statement of the year…so I say….Time To Fix the Arrogance (TTFA)

  15. ….Well done Debbie Espinal…well done

  16. Oh ho Debbie, thanks i was thinking bout the teacher

  17. Jabloteh is not the TTFA eh. If they had spent the money right dey coulda afford u. But SPORTT give away 36M jes so, so deal done.

  18. Savitri Maharaj why not and when Terence William Fenwick was the Coach of Jabolteh he got his BMW and everything else that he asked for eh, to be very successful so yes I want meh Range Rover and meh house and what is the name of that other place where they built the forensic center again?

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  25. Who are the folks who will run the league? Have they been named??

  26. Hahahhahahaha well I am not saying why idea nah but everything will unfold in a timely fashion

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  28. Uncle strange i aint hearing or seeing ur captain with all this action!! And do not ask me i not saying y!! Lol

  29. The men pro league fighting to stay alive eh, and in 3 months they are putting a women’s professional league together eh, alyuh see politricks in the making as usual eh, but as the saying goes only in our sweet country yes, and who have eyes let them see it is always about the millions of monies from the Sport Company and sponsors that they are really interested about to take to the bank smiling . Them really good yes

  30. Still not convinced rushing to start a women’s league so quickly helps anyone except some service industry peeps. Let’s see how the uniform, transportation and concession contracts (among others) are divied up..

  31. Yeah he has a daughter that is a “Trini” so he is good to go and it is only our African brothers and sisters that are being deported back to Africa, JA, and Guyana who also have “Trini” kids and families in our sweet country. Them really good yes.

  32. So how do they plan 2 get players when the women”s WC is in june and the pan am games in july and the US women”s league going on

  33. Last year when they coming on tread and talking smack about me I was very busy but I now check myself recently how could I have a outsider calling me out does anyone know if he is legal 2 live here is he paying any taxes and how much money a adviser does get isn’t it our money paying them fools we as honest tax paying citizens have a right 2 know

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  36. Gordon your wasting your breath these are the same people who send players 2 belgium 2 a team in with administration problems and who let a 16 year old sign a contract without his parents so we dealing with very smart individuals thank god this govt have only a few weeks left

  37. Do not tempt me to expose the real reason for this women proleague!! A pic tells a thousand words especially if it have motion and sound!!

  38. Kevin u aint read the thread! Ppl said three months is not enough to set up a serious sustainable professional league anywhere in the world!! Serious leagues are set up with surveys, data, objectives, development structures ets.. any serious sport business man will laugh u out the room if u tell him u created a proleague in three months any where in the world!! And i know u know better!!

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