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Shocking Toppin: Tobago East MP molests Rowley family… And Charlotteville!

The Trinidad and Tobago Parliament was yesterday the scene of the most spectacularly unsuccessful revenge missions since a one-armed bounty hunter cornered “Tuco” in a bathtub in the classic western movie, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

“I see hate, I see bitterness, I see acrimony, I see animosity and I see (someone) completely out of control…”

Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning had meant those words to be the epitaph of Diego Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley, although, in reality, his outburst was the beginning of his own end.

Yesterday evening, though, the parable of “The Raging Bull” was finally laid to rest. Like a suicide bomber who decided to do a test run, Tobago East MP and Minister of the People and Social Development Vernella Alleyne-Toppin blew herself to smithereens while stunned observers watched on, unsure whether to laugh or cry.

Photo: Tobago East MP and Minister of the People and Social Development, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin.
Photo: Tobago East MP and Minister of the People and Social Development, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin.

In an effort to paint Rowley as a sexual predator, Alleyne-Toppin molested multiple Tobago families who had no business with the Parliament. In trying to put the Opposition Leader into a straightjacket as an angry black man, she herself became unhinged.

This was straight from the “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” with no Madea to lighten the mood.

“One day (in Mason Hall, Tobago) a young girl went to take lunch for her father in a coalspit,” Alleyne-Toppin read in Parliament. “When she got there, her father had gone to change his cow. It’s a true story. She, however, met her father’s best friend and co-worker, alone in the coalspit.

“This young girl was then raped by her father’s best friend. The produc­t today is the aspirant to lofty offic­e…

“Mr Speaker, can you imagine this mother carrying this pain and shame for nine months and the impact it had on the unborn child?

“The child was born and groomed to be arrogant and bombastic… He is the sum of his experiences.”

It might have been the most vile perversion in the Parliament’s history. And Toppin, who did not hide the spiteful intent of her attack as retribution for Rowley naming her in a credit card scandal, is as unfit for those halls as she is for her home town of Charlotteville. The town that she exploited as a backdrop for her unprecedented attack that also targeted Rowley’s mother, an unnamed school girl and her own family name.

Photo: Somebody needs to smack the crazy out of that...
Photo: Somebody needs to smack the crazy out of that…

And what did Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, the supposed patron saint for all Trinidad and Tobago women, and her People’s Partnership MPs do as “Shocking Toppin” made a mockery of their recent claim to the moral high ground?

They voted for the Tobago East MP to receive an additional 15 minutes of speaking time. And, when Alleyne-Toppin finally ended her sexual assault and, proverbially, lit a cigarette, Persad-Bissessar and her gang thumped their desks and cheered.

They were all accomplices to the metaphorical rape and ridicule of flesh and blood Trinidad and Tobago citizens whom they had never met.

So absurd and intellectually vacuous was Alleyne-Toppin’s scripted attack that, at one point, she posed a question to the Opposition Leader and sat down.

Her colleagues pointed out that the other side was empty as the PNM had walked out more than an hour earlier.

In truth, Parliament was completely empty. The Tobago East MP obscenely stripped the place of any lingering shred of decency that might have survived the reign of ex-Attorney General Anand Ramlogan.

The People’s Partnership dug a hole for the Opposition Leader and then fell into it themselves. Never again can they discuss the “Raging Bull” without rekindling memory of their own spectacularly unsuccessful attempt to terminate a rival.

Photo: Is only bad and ugly in the Trinidad and Tobago Parliament, oui.
Photo: Is only bad and ugly in the Trinidad and Tobago Parliament, oui.

“When you have to shoot, shoot,” Tuco advised his dying would-be assassin, “don’t talk.”

On the evening of 25 March 2015, Alleyne-Toppin talked herself and her colleagues to (political) death. Party done.

“Mr Live Wire sees hate, he sees bitterness, he sees acrimony, he sees animosity and he sees a Government completely out of control… Just call the bleeding elections already!”

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  1. A wise person once said that before you embark upon a journey of revenge, you should dig two graves. Mrs. Alleyne-Toppin apparently never heard of that saying and has willingly allowed herself to be sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.

  2. People listen to me the woman say “he didn’t rape me, he didn force himself upon me, l had always loved him in school”. I lorrrve the romance.

  3. I like the diary of a mad black woman

  4. The person who wrote this script had me laughing oh. This blessed holiday evening

  5. She should be referred to as Topless meaning void at the top…

  6. I don’t what to say about this person shocked

  7. Minister Toppin must resign willingly or by the request of the Prime ministers.

  8. We keep bringing our own people down just to be in politics. How low can we go?

  9. I just have 1 question, who was that so-called apology aimed at,
    the late Mrs Rowley,
    the lady whom Dr. Rowley is believed to have raped,
    the son that came out of that ‘supposed’ rape 40+ years ago,
    Dr. Rowley himself,
    the ppl of Tobago,
    all women who have ever been raped, all humanity,
    the ppl of T&T
    or the PM brcause she accepted that half ass piece of crap.

  10. These are the people who are talking of rape…when children as young as 13 are arrange to be married?

  11. Oooops ah understan; sensationalism sells!!!

  12. I find it quite absurd and terribly reckless, not to mention illiterate, that responsible people will use a viseo by the alleged victim to nullify the consequences of an alleged crime!
    I have no issues with any of the rest of it!!!

  13. Sir, I was only responding to your post which stated “The supposed rape victim said there was no rape”!
    Nothing else!
    If a minor had sex with an adult, the MINOR cannot say there is no rape!
    Why, as a supposed responsible reporter, can you not understand simple english?
    Why do you feel that a simple statement of fact has to be a political statement?
    If the man had sex with a minor then he broke the law; but that will always be dependent of if he did; I have made no judgement calls here!
    Comprehension 101

    • This case has no minor in it. So your statement does not apply. If the thread is specifically about Rowley, then make statements on this case or make it VERY clear that you are not dealing with this matter. Otherwise you are just playing smart with foolishness.
      A word to the wise should be sufficient.

  14. Did he rape you Malcolm. This getting more and more interesting. Oh gosh. Tell all. Real interesting trinidad want to know

  15. Time to go Vernella. You play around with this topic too,too long

  16. Rapist rowley got much more to answer

  17. Doh worry we will move her out of Tobago seat.

  18. A rape victim CANNOT say there is no rape IF the victim is a minor! A CHILD CANNOT give consent to sex!!! That is the LAW

    • Here is where your knowledge of the law is flawed Misty Autumn Dey. First, the woman in question said she was 17 which means she is able to make sexual decisions according to the law.
      Secondly, Rowley is three years older than her. Even if she were younger that age difference means that he would not have been treated as a criminal.
      And, finally, the statutory rape law you are trying to use in this instance was only introduced in 1986.
      So you are emphatically incorrect in this case. But I can see that the PP and their supporters have no intention of admitting they were wrong here.

  19. Hmm no morale so distasteful for such a mature person no class lady.

  20. Not condonig what toppin said but why rowley only mentions his two daughters & never his son . NEED TO KNOW BASICS ?

  21. Mrs.Toppin the nation heard,and saw you commited political sucide on national television.may your future RIP.

  22. Just another example of how low this government is and disrespectfully they have no shame

  23. Where is de UNC womens Group in all of this?

  24. What are we older women teaching the young ones Ms Vernella u are very disrespectful u have no class

  25. This creature is full of hatred what a disgusting and shameless act to acquire votes.

  26. She just disgusting shame on u.

  27. If his mother is a criminal, then maybe you can find a way to make it a relevant. Not when she is allegedly the victim of a crime.

  28. God forbid but if UNC should come back into power heaven help us but it will be a case of the blind leading the blind.

  29. Hannibal Najjar

    I am always for the best, most suitable leader-person and party to lead the peoples’ nation. But, with this recent unbridling and unleashing by TOBAGO East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin (VAT) in Parliament, I am stunned with disbelief. More so, I cannot accept that Wade Mark did not use his whipping power as SPEAKER of the House to halt is debacle from taking place – this unsavory and feeble attempt at a, malign, and too from a woman on another woman of this alleged and unfortunate incident! Wade Mark and the Prime Minister, she of all people. Madamme, PM, you are a mother and one who has tried to showcase your appeal by embracing ALL children and giving toys to all, and who has recently begun galvanizing for women’s rights, how could allow VAT to introduce this despicable, callous, and incoherent-to-parliament proceedings and protocol! Madamme Prime Minister, I understand what politicians need to do as they seek to get into or stay in power, but, this should not have been allowed to parlay out in Parliament and be a part of that “slander-the-opposition” game! And VAT’s next-day apology… made it even worse. Am I out of it, but are Parliamentarians allowed to bring their spiel without vetting? As “Captain”, Madamme PM, you leaving the cockpit in the hands of a “sick” copilot – is VAT house name, “Loosebits” and is she related to Lubitz (Andreas)! Keith Rowley, leave this alone, for, as you are seeing, the entire Nation is up and fighting this fight. Thank God that you have shown to be above what is alleged as having happened to you for you have been blessed with a lovely wife in Sharon and a beautiful family and now grandchildren and doing an excellent job at it. Your family example has thus far shown to be a shining light for our nation who desperately needs to see the family, the cornerstone of society, successfully at work. If what is said of you is, fact, then, I am even more proud of your perseverance, accomplishments, vision, and pursuit in aiming to give your dreams, wings.

  30. To talk about Dr Rowley’s or anyone else’s mother on a public platform is distasteful.

  31. None eh better than none….PPP, PNM, whosoever….COP, TOP,….UNC…..all is the same….pot calling kettle black and the public taking stress for it……

  32. Vernella, out of evil cometh good. You know in trying to shame Dr Keith Rowley and his mother you just raised him another notch! Why do I say this? Hats off to Dr Rowley’s mother, her father and her mother. They could have gone the other way and have her terminate the pregnancy, but they knew that they could have raised good out of evil intent.

    Look at Dr Keith Christopher Rowley now. His conception may not have been what was wanted but he is a better man for the people who raised him. You cannot hold a candle out to him, Vernella. You have tried to villify DR KEITH CHRISTOPHER ROWLEY with your venom but girl when one finger points at a person four are pointed back at you. I hope that you have learned that before you try to bring some one, and your own country man at that , down look at the consequences to self first.

  33. Shokin, Toppin, Moppin, poppin for nothing.

  34. We in Trinidad love him and he is going to be our next prime minister

  35. Evil woman. I cannot and will not support any thing this woman is part of.

  36. What a thing to do as a woman to another woman by putting a private family matter, true or not into the public space to discredit ones image. It’s a disgrace and speaks to the level politicans would go to get what they want

  37. She looks so stupid, why couldn’t she stay quiet and just let us keep on thinking that, omg she had to open her stinking mouth and confirm everything

  38. How could we as a people put the PP Government back in office when we’re seeing and hearing how heartless they’re. It was venomous and very spiteful, wickedness from a very wicked heart. Woe be unto you Ms Toppin

  39. That is why I have NO respect for ALL politicians…imagine not one person took offence to the statement just because they are on opposing sides.

  40. Not only did she molest Dr Rowley and family but all rape victims

  41. Shameful. Oh. Woman. Get. Behind

  42. You make those people to set you up at what CO$$$T…

  43. It’s a sad day in politics…really sad…my heart feels heavy. I had to comfort my own Mum after she saw this speech on TV. This is in no way about party, but about humanity. I pray for the families, friends and countrymen who were affected by what they heard. God is our strength!! This too shall pass…

  44. what example is left for the younger ones behind, the dignity, social justice for one’s personal life, where is the advocate practice really going ,then what really is confidentiality?

  45. She needs psychotherapy. But remember her outrageous talk was sanctioned by the entire set of MPs who listened to this and did not interrupt.The ultimate exposition of trash supported by dressed up trash.

  46. Is this is the quality of people we have in Trinidad that want to lead our country? Does she have children or grand children

  47. Party done when you have stupid morons like that on a microphone. Party done,done

  48. You have no right to be so crass and to think you are a minister you should be ashamed of yourself

  49. You could go any lower,you reach,the type of statement she has made in the past not surprise.

  50. I cannot believe that this OLD woman said something so horrible..she have children??

  51. My fellow Tobago brothers and sisters I believe that the statement made about Dr Rowley’s mother been raped was not well thought out by Mrs Toppin. However can you recall when in a general election campaign allegations of Mr Manning fathering a child besides those with his legal wife? He as the then leader cleared the air on such . As citizens of this nation let us strive to promote better values and have better leaders for our country and not be partisan and emotional. Look at the mirror people at the end of the day these guys have all established themselves and we still in the same position.

  52. Satan said well done vernella. u r a true disciple

  53. In 2010 the u n c had come up with some thing like this ,against mr. Patrick manning .can any one confirm ?

  54. how come the u.n.c womens arm havent said a squeak about this it just goes to show you

  55. She have to be a twin she too dumb for one person.

  56. where is the unc womans arm. or is it that rowley does not count?

  57. And to me what makes it worst is the blind loyalty and the abuse that is taking place that people was ordered to go down and support or risk not being payed or fired!!!!!

  58. This desperate attack on Dr Keith Rowley and his mother goes straight to the core value of the people that is running this country!

  59. This desperate attack on Dr Kieth Rowley and his mother goes straight to the core value of the people that is running this country!

  60. She’s a worldwide disgrace to all women and she should be fired immediately.

  61. Tobago EAST MP when you come to shoot shoot don’t talk.

  62. Tobago EAST MP when you come to shoot shoot don’t talk.

  63. The spoken word can be dangerous yes , but her supreme ignorance is what I’m afraid of She does not deserve to call herself woman. Everyone has already said what I am feeling I just hope Rowleys mother ,if still aground ,feels no shame due to this as she had no reason too She should be proud of the job she did (even if u didn’t vote for him ) Vernella , you stupid stupid person , resign and go away you have NO right yo do what u did. You are an ass ! !!!!!!!

  64. The spoken word can be dangerous yes , but her supreme ignorance is what I’m afraid of She does not deserve to call herself woman. Everyone has already said what I am feeling I just hope Rowleys mother ,if still aground ,feels no shame due to this as she had no reason too She should be proud of the job she did (even if u didn’t vote for him ) Vernella , you stupid stupid person , resign and go away you have NO right yo do what u did. You are an ass ! !!!!!!!

  65. Why didn’t the speaker of the house or any members of the government stop her? That was an abuse of palimentary privilege.

  66. Why didn’t the speaker of the house or any members of the government stop her? That was an abuse of palimentary privilege.

  67. Five years of ongoing buffoonery and criminal conduct. An aptly sordid end to this abominable passage in our country’s history.

  68. ….stupid mature idiot…

    She missed the whole boat dropped the ball….and ….

    Failed ALL women…


  69. Imagine…A no- confidence motion and she gone to say what she heard concerning Keith Rowley’s birth…but you no what…do not talk about what a man was then….say WHO HE IS NOW….today he is Dr Keith Rowley…

  70. WTF!!!! Sorry to be this crude… I cannot believe she said that…. No Lasana Liburd…. You being sarcastic, right ?

  71. Shocking Toppin is far too mild but my version will be unprintable.

  72. Cheryl Locke, do you have any evidence of what you are saying? Did you see him rape a child you are just like Toppin talking without evidence, shame, shame , shame on you.

  73. Again I say this government is so stink!so hypocritical! Please!I want to hear my Ms.Romona and Ms.Stacy and the rest of them who was offended by the word “cyat” to say something about this!PNM please sit still and let the PP commit political suicide! Ms Toppin placed a tight noose around their necks!soon the floor will open and they will dangle!

  74. Maybe her father was the fiend of his father. LOL. What a scumbag.

  75. shame shame shame on all of you.

  76. so Rowley rape a child is nothing then?

  77. The tongue is a very very dangerous weapon…and if one has nothing good to say then one should keep their mouth shut.Dont worry people SHE will get what she has opened herself to…..

  78. Very good article! It sums up the complete lack of principle, decorum, and intelligence that had been a hallmark of our politics in recent years.

  79. Yesterday was the lowest day in the history of our country using such a place as our Parliament to literally tell a man ” how he mudder make him ” shame shame shame on you Mrs Toppin

  80. I so agree with u Peppa Pat….. Not an ounce of decency…as a matter of fact ..does any member of the UNC even know the meaning of the word….I am so disgusted…. This is yet another failure that our beloved PM hand picked to b a member of her cabinet

  81. Madness when you dig a pit for someone you fall in it yourself karma is a b……th.

  82. Toppin for a big old woman you have no sense,you bashing your own black women, the word rape is having sex with out the woman consent,that could happen to you or your family,be careful when your time come you could handle it,the only thing you to old you cant have kids, so you will take the 10 inch and smile.

  83. P.P gone MAD what what next with these people ?

  84. Satan you know that your time is short.

  85. Mind you n she’s the minister of the people and “social development” and she does the exact opposite of what her job requires her to do :/ confused as F

  86. just a snippet of my thoughts I always thought the Chag by-election in 2013 was “gutter” politics at its worst, from releasing person’s private business on political platforms to JW bringing a goat on stage and calling it “Anan(d)” but this past week has shown me that our politicians have regressed and are no longer worthy of the title leaders.
    How does one expect to score political points by boasting that the a member of the opposition was raised by a single mother??? I mean where in that shouts “yea that’s a good idea” and the hordes of supporters lap it up like milk. None of them has the decency to say the next day, I think Dr. Moonilal went over board and what’s the point. Because clearly there are no single mothers in the UNC, COP or TOP, right???
    Then this was followed 2 days later by Vernella Alleyne Toppin’s remarks in parliament about Dr. Rowley’s mother allegedly being raped by his father and that’s why he’s angry.
    I mean if it weren’t for my teenage cousins I have on fb page the words I would say to these 2 politicians, smdh. I mean is this really what is passing for politics right now? I mean there is picong and then there are clearly demarcated lines that one should never cross.
    I wonder if there are members in the UNC, COP, TOP who might have been raped and suffering PTSD, and contemplated suicided and probably had an abortion because of rape. I mean how the hell do you think something like that is appropriate to bring up???
    and the sad thing about this past week as that the Prime Minister of this country is a WOMAN!!! Well yes this week we’ve seen it all.

  87. This is the best Government for Kaiso (in my Kurt Allen voice)

  88. Would collective responsibility come into focus now?

  89. Wait, Toppin actually said those words in Parliament? Where the SPeaker?

  90. rite now she lower than snake p***y. #HOWLOWCANWEGO

  91. This incident has nothing to do with race, religious background, politics or otherwise…political “pekong” is somewhat normal during the lead up to elections but for a Prime Minister who admits to supposedly looking out for our nation’s women, to applaud after such statement is disgustingly unacceptable and heartbreaking. The amount of women, mothers, wives and children that has been victims of abuse both past and present and certainly future, MP for tobago east should not only be ashamed of her statement but sent for a psychiatric evaluation as she has to be insane to make such a statement in Parliament.

  92. She should remember what you say about others, says a whole lot about YOU!!!

  93. An utter embarrassment to the country. A drag-up bacchanalist with no decorum whatsoever. Not one thread of decency is in this woman. Why was she ever appointed MINISTER??? #shameful

    f**k politics. f**k affiliation. this woman here needs to DEMIT OFFICE NOW. IMMEDIATELY. WITHOUT QUESTION, REASON OR EXPLANATION.

  95. Parliament has become an episode of Game of Thrones. What a disgrace.

  96. Too much… I have to focus on T&T v Panama tomorrow.
    To be honest Fulton Wilson, that one was difficult to satirise. It was so disgusting and bizarre.

  97. The PP government coffin large so I feel many more nails.

  98. Lasana you must be in your glee. Yuh getting one seta material to work with.

  99. Punishment for this should be something out of this world .

  100. not even the no confidence motion, its just the decorum within the parliament. Fine debate the motions blah blah blah, but to get personal in the Parliament? Come na man, dyze what the platform is for… THe Code of Ethics comittee should go after them for sure now

  101. Nicole you know things bad when Jack is the voice of reason.

  102. I think that was the nail in the coffin for the PP. Who would have thought their No Confidence motion would destroy their own side?!
    She always tried to distance herself from other scandals. But she was right there thumping on her desk and agreeing to give Vernella an extension to go on speaking.
    Party done.

  103. An apology or being fired is just not enough sometimes…

  104. True Kendall……all time lower than the lowest of lows….these people have become……

  105. How can the Lady come out smelling like a rose with this one?
    For some, Kamla has largely preserved a good image. I think that has been lost. Vernella has put the final nail in the coffin I think.

  106. True perversion of Parliamentary Privilege, common sense and decency. People sat down and discussed this and decided that this was a viable course of action. I was moved to public profanity when I read the Express article and that sentiment hasn’t dissipated. This is the most despicable thing I have ever heard in my life as a political strategy.

  107. Please place this lady back under her rock.

  108. This is just to show how nasty the Silly Season is going to be….Ya Allah help us…..

  109. Then they want to know why the Secondary school children behave as they do…….role models in the minus.

  110. she being a big grown ass woman, ah nanny and ah tanty, she should know better than to say shit like that….

  111. what does her statement say about those who HAVe been raped and have bared fruit through the event? are they nothing in society?

  112. Apart from the fact that this is deeply personal information and probably untrue, what it says about children of rape and molestation is even more disgusting. What is wrong with this woman?!

  113. never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would quote Jack Warner and the words would resonate so deeply within my soul.. “I weep”

  114. that one was no laughing matter. Well written Lasana…..

  115. “He is the sum of his experiences” ie a child of rape has no place holding public office and should not aspire to anything.

  116. While it will not be enough, an apology and her immediate resignation is the only course of action right now. After seeing the entire PP Government support her speech there is no way they can condemn her statements and distance themselves. So even firing her will be a hollow gesture because the country has seen them for who they are. Lasana I can only imagine how hard it was not to throw in some expletives in this article, but well done.

  117. I could not have summarized yesterday’s proceedings any better. Thank you Sir!

  118. May your voice never be silenced. May the people come out an demand better and may we one day finally get a Government for the people, interested in rebuilding and advancing our beautiful twin republic.

    Chin chin to responsible journalism