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Pussyfoot goes HAM: Carmona tries to gag Price

The good news is that President Anthony Carmona has been roused into action. The bad news is that it was not to save Wayne Kublalsingh from likely death, influence constitutional reform or send a cheque for the Trinidad and Tobago national senior women’s team.

Mr Live Wire: “The world is laughing at the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation that you are the patron of Mr President. And your women’s team is desperate for food. Would you like to comment?”

President-Powers-You-Don’t-Think-I-Have: “Yawn.”

Mr Live Wire: “Mr President, Ms Rachel Price has made a comment on your wife’s attire…”

President-Powers-You-Don’t-Think-I-Have: “Buh wuh the mudda…”

Photo: Top Trinidad and Tobago comic Rachel Price.
Photo: Top Trinidad and Tobago comic Rachel Price.

Like most men as old as stale yogurt with wives as young as fresh fruit, it turns out that President Carmona, who once sung calypso under the sobriquet “Lord Pussyfoot”, doesn’t like anyone pussyfooting around his wife.

And so, yesterday, comedian Rachel Price allegedly received a legal gag letter warning against making riffs on the First Lady’s midriff in her next stand-up show.

At which point, Trinidad and Tobago pulled up a chair; because there isn’t enough letter-size paper in Port of Spain to cover Pricey’s mouth when she gets going.

The late President ANR Robinson often challenged a sitting Prime Minister on matters that he felt ran contrary to the spirit of the constitution and abused the trust of the nation.

The current President is more like the dude who goes to a fete with his lady half-dressed and then wants to fight anyone he catches looking.

And so, rather than concern himself with the impending threat of Ebola or maybe the health of the “Black Stalin”, President Pussyfoot has chosen to join an elite list of Price sparring partners that includes Iwer George, Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez and P*****p.

Far be it for Mr Live Wire to dispute the President’s belief that his wife’s midsection is a national treasure; but, in a bid to clear up the confusion, we plan to ask a few questions on Mrs Pussyfoot’s attire while attending a breakfast function hosted by Mrs Ban Soon-Taek, the wife of United Nations General Secretary, Mr Ban Ki-Moon, on Tuesday 23 September 2014:

Photo: Reema Carmona (right) poses next to Ban Soon-Taek, the wife of United Nations General Secretary, Mr Ban Ki-Moon, at a UN function on Tuesday 23 September 2014. (Courtesy Zimbio)
Photo: Reema Carmona (right) poses next to Ban Soon-Taek, the wife of United Nations General Secretary, Mr Ban Ki-Moon, at a UN function on Tuesday 23 September 2014.
(Courtesy Zimbio)

Did Mrs Pussyfoot think her invitation read “breakfast fete?”

Who told her black is formal; no matter what?

Did she swap outfits with her daughter?

Does she know you cannot claim Casual Friday perks on Tuesday?

Did she think it was the set for basketball wives?

Was her outfit an odd tribute to recently deceased fashion critic, Joan Rivers?

Did Miley Cyrus dress Mrs Pussyfoot?

So why President Pussyfoot so vex; is Rachel Price tell the First Lady to go to the people place with her belly exposed?!

Photo: Really, Reema? Really?!
Photo: Really, Reema? Really?!
Photo: Reema Carmona, wife of Trinidad and Tobago President Anthony Carmona, shows off her "flesh-coloured" non-belt.
Photo: Reema Carmona, wife of Trinidad and Tobago President Anthony Carmona, shows off her “flesh-coloured” non-belt.

Editor’s Note: Presuming that the legal letter is now in the mail; please indicate by show of hands if you are willing to fund Mr Live Wire’s court case! Just kidding.

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  1. Any legal advise the President has been given has to be interpreted in the context of the Court of Appeal’s decision

  2. De feminists eh come out yet and start building gold statues of Reema. For it is she, that is running the country. Her name is on all of our lips. I wonder if she really threw a tantrum? Lasana Liburd what would you have done if Ya wife tell Ya she eh like wah RP say?

  3. Ah now reading de comments. Aye aye…Ah get shout out and ting. Look even I getting little attention in de bacchanal. Let’s all milk it!

  4. Roger Ekow Watts, in light of losing that case…might the President be bringing disrepute to his office?

  5. Lasana Liburd you are killing me with the wedding ring comment!!!!!

  6. ^^^ So he must be good vex and decide to take it out on Price.
    I seriously doubt sleeping on the couch was his biggest worry.

  7. Please Note that this fiasco comes on the heals of the President losing a court case to Reginald Dumas

  8. Price sued Welch for things said…the President has issued a PAPL in anticipation of what might be said. I don’t see them as the same thing. The latter is a clear act of censorship.

    And to Michelle Antoinette Eng Leang…there is a difference between what is a appropriate and what is appropriate on behalf of the public. Reema didnt go to New York on her dime…she went on ours and dressed in a manner that many felt was unbecoming of a female head of state. On the public dime…she can be criticised.

  9. Ah smelling Anand Ramlogan somewhere in there.

  10. I don’t like price’s brand of humour i don’t think she is particularly funny but that is just my opinion and i feel i have a right to express that. In the same way i think she has a right to comment on any issue and especially on public figures. So despite my opinion i will defend her right to freedom of expression every day of the week

  11. For all we know it could be a nude belt or it may be a crop top…Yes I agree if it is indeed a cropped top it would have been inappropriate for the event.But for the president to send Rachel Price the letter seemed a lil bit extra.Everyone knows Rachel Price although a comedian CANNOT hush she mouth and by sending this letter Pricey is going to open her ever so large mouth and spit out even more nastiness and capitalize on it too…because guess what at her show this is going to be CONTENT!! President man,you just added fuel to the fire,should have left Pricey’s babble fall on deaf ears, because now she going to make a war and profit off it too.Pricey has been known to conduct herself in less than upright ways and has proven that she cannot control her anger and has shown herself to be in many circumstances “Wrong an’ Strong”

  12. Much ado about nothing. Surely we have more pressing issues he can deal with. SMH!!


  14. What wrong? The lady looking good. What is going on here, is jealousy.

    • Nobody ent say no. She is very attractive. But, is the position symbolic of national matriarchy? Some grand mothers are also matriarchs of their household. Is it a discipline for them to dress likewise for younger females in the household to practice the same at functions? If the style is to wear pants for the boxers to show, then could we perhaps see the prez sporting piper style to the opening of parliament one day?

    • There is a time and place for everything….. This was not the time nor the place

    • when the First lady takes part in Marathons she wears appropriate clothing……..no comments there…the ppl are not so dumb that they cannot see the difference……..so .why not at state functions……there is a different code of dress wear…….and at a luncheon??………….jeez man

    • Sip, I hope you being comic there, oui. Cuz seriously….. If you’re the President’s wife & you have a nice ass & hot legs DOESN’T mean you entitiled to rock pum-pum shorts & hot pants. Public / leadership figures NEED to know their place, horse.

  15. Poor Mr pres. All he did is escalate the discussion on his wife’s exposed belly at an official event. Bravo! Instead of silencing one mouth, you open thousands of mouths! Boom!!

  16. if the First lady had class she’d have been properly attired for a public function so take your time there bro

  17. Too many “attention hoes” from Price to the President and Reema! People made comments on the wife’s attire faux pas. I had absolutely no problem with her dress. She was at a fashion show in NY, not at 10 Downing Street, England. HOWEVER!!!! Price just went on and on and on……………ad infinitum as is her characteristic disrespectful and crass modus operandi. ON THE OTHER HAND, all this is deemed Trini culture and ought not to be taken seriously as to warrant a pre-action anything…….. “a storm in a tea cup”.

  18. I just trying to picture the evidence in court for this thing. Exhibit a flesh coloured belt. Exhibit b top worn with belt.

  19. “Like most men as old as stale yogurt with wives as young as fresh fruit…” Hahahaha. The letter is coming just now.

  20. why didn’t he tell his wife the outfit was inappropriate?…”the powers you think I have..I don’t”

  21. Josette Surrey-Lezama I thought I was the only one who noticed it…smh

  22. Her bra was not showing style is hell of a thing

  23. Mind you the event attended was a luncheon. .. where’s margy gordon when you need her?

  24. I hearing the lyrics of a kaiso song ringing out…”no no carmona doe go dey”

  25. oh Pricey. U couldn’t have said it better! Speak yuh mind let Carmona take a back seat he so damn chupiddy

  26. Trinidadians need to mind their own business

  27. People point out down to the supposed fact that the First Lady wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. Like they want President Powers to blow up Facebook?!
    Not me and that!

  28. Anyone recall Sugar Aloes calling Ms. Panday a tramp and referred to her as less than a lady for sitting in Holyfield lap? What did good old Bas do ? Ignored. Life goes on. This is a democratic country

  29. Carmona must have been advised by one of the fake Senior Counsels that are now in Government.

  30. Lasana – you is ah boss. Loved it! Lmao. Carmona is real kicks yes.

  31. smh when you not accustomed you not accustomed. all I could think is that she not accustomed to exhibiting a little bit of class.. pricey is a comedian if you give her something to laugh about what you want her to do cry?

  32. I seeing belly and bra but no wedding ring. Hmmm for all yuh know the woman probably dress for the occasion just not the one she was photographed at!

  33. who the hell the president feel he wife is, if she had protocol she would have dress better, is she better than every one else thats what happen when old man pick up young gul, they always on edge

  34. No casual Friday props on a Tuesday ah still gasping fun breath!!

  35. So we can now add the Belt of God to the Hand of God. good good

  36. Correction: His sobriquet was “The Prophet of Sisyphus”.

  37. Rachel, I hope you finding a loop hole because this is past petty! Fadda aye, its best he said, “Tank-a-lank-a ah going and tell Miss!

  38. Was it Savitri Maharaj? I actually don’t think so. And wouldn’t it have been easier for the President to say so than issue a pre-action protocol letter?

  39. Allyuh ease she up nah, ah bet she just missed the label that read “Tumble dry on low.”

  40. cool because I felt he went overboard there, people allow their baisness at times to cloud their decisions

  41. He needs a hug from somebody yes…