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Pussyfoot goes HAM: Carmona tries to gag Price

The good news is that President Anthony Carmona has been roused into action. The bad news is that it was not to save Wayne Kublalsingh from likely death, influence constitutional reform or send a cheque for the Trinidad and Tobago national senior women’s team.

Mr Live Wire: “The world is laughing at the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation that you are the patron of Mr President. And your women’s team is desperate for food. Would you like to comment?”

President-Powers-You-Don’t-Think-I-Have: “Yawn.”

Mr Live Wire: “Mr President, Ms Rachel Price has made a comment on your wife’s attire…”

President-Powers-You-Don’t-Think-I-Have: “Buh wuh the mudda…”

Photo: Top Trinidad and Tobago comic Rachel Price.
Photo: Top Trinidad and Tobago comic Rachel Price.

Like most men as old as stale yogurt with wives as young as fresh fruit, it turns out that President Carmona, who once sung calypso under the sobriquet “Lord Pussyfoot”, doesn’t like anyone pussyfooting around his wife.

And so, yesterday, comedian Rachel Price allegedly received a legal gag letter warning against making riffs on the First Lady’s midriff in her next stand-up show.

At which point, Trinidad and Tobago pulled up a chair; because there isn’t enough letter-size paper in Port of Spain to cover Pricey’s mouth when she gets going.

The late President ANR Robinson often challenged a sitting Prime Minister on matters that he felt ran contrary to the spirit of the constitution and abused the trust of the nation.

The current President is more like the dude who goes to a fete with his lady half-dressed and then wants to fight anyone he catches looking.

And so, rather than concern himself with the impending threat of Ebola or maybe the health of the “Black Stalin”, President Pussyfoot has chosen to join an elite list of Price sparring partners that includes Iwer George, Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez and P*****p.

Far be it for Mr Live Wire to dispute the President’s belief that his wife’s midsection is a national treasure; but, in a bid to clear up the confusion, we plan to ask a few questions on Mrs Pussyfoot’s attire while attending a breakfast function hosted by Mrs Ban Soon-Taek, the wife of United Nations General Secretary, Mr Ban Ki-Moon, on Tuesday 23 September 2014:

Photo: Reema Carmona (right) poses next to Ban Soon-Taek, the wife of United Nations General Secretary, Mr Ban Ki-Moon, at a UN function on Tuesday 23 September 2014. (Courtesy Zimbio)
Photo: Reema Carmona (right) poses next to Ban Soon-Taek, the wife of United Nations General Secretary, Mr Ban Ki-Moon, at a UN function on Tuesday 23 September 2014.
(Courtesy Zimbio)

Did Mrs Pussyfoot think her invitation read “breakfast fete?”

Who told her black is formal; no matter what?

Did she swap outfits with her daughter?

Does she know you cannot claim Casual Friday perks on Tuesday?

Did she think it was the set for basketball wives?

Was her outfit an odd tribute to recently deceased fashion critic, Joan Rivers?

Did Miley Cyrus dress Mrs Pussyfoot?

So why President Pussyfoot so vex; is Rachel Price tell the First Lady to go to the people place with her belly exposed?!

Photo: Really, Reema? Really?!
Photo: Really, Reema? Really?!
Photo: Reema Carmona, wife of Trinidad and Tobago President Anthony Carmona, shows off her "flesh-coloured" non-belt.
Photo: Reema Carmona, wife of Trinidad and Tobago President Anthony Carmona, shows off her “flesh-coloured” non-belt.

Editor’s Note: Presuming that the legal letter is now in the mail; please indicate by show of hands if you are willing to fund Mr Live Wire’s court case! Just kidding.

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  1. Like the missing wedding ring(s)????????

  2. and these girls know a thing or two about trash eh

  3. It sad, with so many important issues in the country to discuss.. President 0, RacialP 0

  4. Thanks for the close up Lasana, so it really was a flesh coloured belt.

    Walk with your recorder/note pad and SC

  5. as i took a second closer look, I saw other faux pas as well eh…

  6. Wired868 flesh coloured or not why was her bra showing???!!

  7. Yuh baaaad Mr. Wire…lol…your letter next eh 🙂

  8. Healthcare in a bleeping mess we not prepared for hurricanes or ebola. Abuse in all forms rampant in the country and this is what making news…..

  9. LOL LOL… I read this piece four times and still cracking up.
    Casual Friday perks on a Tuesday..Lol.. let me know if you get a pre action letter though..it will make a good Sunday piece..lol

  10. The Price of power( that you doh have) lol!

  11. Is what the President should have told her in the first place. Yuh want to play with fire well take bun. Lol!

  12. This too funny it takes the cake, I have never heard of President Obama suing anyone about making comments about Michelle and there has been many nastier ones than this, but not about her attire mind you because she dresses with dignity and class not crass as you royal highness did in NYC!

  13. Wah allyuh wife woulda tell allyuh, if allyuh was de President?

  14. Really? Where’d she get it? That’s amazing! It’s so hard to find “flesh coloured” accessories that so perfectly match one’s skin tone…

  15. Yeah. I know it wasn’t at me Kala. Lol. Debbie got it exactly right to me. The thing would have run its course and probably had already done so.

    • And therein lies the silliness of this matter, it had already run its course, Pricey was the only one talking about it and his actions now exposes them to even more ridicule. “Like most men as old as stale yogurt with wives as young as fresh fruit” – Bess! Ah still weak.

  16. We’ve had a history of dozy Prezzies. Probably part of the job spec.

  17. lol. not directed at you, LL 🙂 Mr Prez should be concerned about more important things, like you’ve said

  18. Oh gad! De President get put on de Couch allyuh. He want back he bed.

  19. Big hullaballo over nothing. He should have just shut up and let her do her thing. The outfit was already a nine day wonder and trying to shut Price up will just raise a hornet’s nest. Unless of course she crossed the line somewhere which is not impossible in her case.

  20. But Kala Ramnath, notice I never wrote a line before or even mentioned the topic. I think it is the President’s decision to kill a fly with a hammer that made it newsworthy.
    If Carmona wants to make an ass of himself, Mr Live Wire will oblige him.

  21. Funny. But its kinda funny to the way feather mas-mad Trinis go all prurient and Victorian when the Prezzie’s wife shows a whole lot less skin. I guess Reema have to behave sheself 🙂 *storm in teacup*

  22. Lasana Liburd Breds..I actually opening meh mouth for this one.

  23. Using the powers we did not know he had, Carmona should send a pre-action protocol letter to “The Scorch” too.

    SPOTTED: Trinidad and Tobago’s First Lady, Mrs. Reema Carmona | The SCORCH

  24. Yuh have court clothes no belly outside eah. Lmao

  25. You guys too happy. God bless T&T.

  26. Good laugh about sad state of our nation.

  27. Lasana prepare to receive your own Pre-Action Protocol letter from lord Darth Vader Carmona. But don’t worry I will work for you Pro-Bono!

  28. Nice one. I was thinking “Pussyfoots Riots”

  29. I’m calling it MidriffGate (trademarked and copyrighted)

  30. way to stand up for freedom of expression! lol, i think image consultant/stylist fees might have been cheaper than lawyer fees though…

  31. I think she promised material on the subject in an upcoming comedy show. And President Pussyfoot take in front… Otherwise, I can’t tell you.

  32. What did she say that was so scandalous though?

  33. Tell me more Luana Lezama. I don’t know the backstory if there is one… Apart from the obvious: that a president is suing a comedian.

  34. After laugh comes lawsuit in this place oui! 🙂

  35. Excellent !!!! This script good for the old TTT show, “Let’s laugh”

  36. But then… there’s comedy and then there’s a deliberate and persistent attempt to humiliate and malign.

  37. careful yuh eh get a letter as well !

  38. Like Mr Live Wire jealous? Like he want a letter from ‘President Pussyfoot’ too!

  39. God gave her that belt Carla Steffanie. She was born with it. 😉

  40. I can’t believe my freakin eyes! Are these people serious? Nah this is a photo shopped picture! I mean where is the wedding ring? why her top isn’t at least buttoned? I mean any judge would buff a woman for going into a courtroom dressed like that! What an example, now every old woman and young girl in Trinidad and Tobago would go to any little tea party looking so. I think that Mr. President should send a pre-action protocol letter to the stylist and ask Randy Waldrum to help Madam President pen a letter of apology to the nation. My Lady should not look like she got burger money to travel with and show off her stomach in this manner. Her image has been spot on so far. I think Pricey goes a bit too far sometimes, like with Wendy teeth and all, but this is not a physical feature. Just now man and all will start to wear see through navel breakers and lace cardigans if this is the norm. Came in on a wrecking ball and just ended up a wreck! Rewind and come again. Pussy really needs to rest the correct foot down on this one. Drawin’ a salary that I too contribute to.

  41. Gaiven Clairmont

    Said it last night and I’ll say it again (without fear of a pre-action protocol letter) this man made a big hullaballoo about powers this and that, instead of just coming into office like the other presidents before him, then when time for him to comment, no one asking you to fight down every matter, but give a comment on national issues, hmm no, for 2 years he’s been silent and now all of a sudden his wife wore something that justified the response it was given and bam legal letters and such, he’s becoming the biggest joke to ever hold the office of Presidency in this land and to think I used to respect this man as a judge, big watery “steups”

    • I think in some ways he reminds me of this govt. Came in with a world of promise and turned out to be worse than useless. People had high hopes for him. Pity we can’t vote him out too. Waste of time..eating a food.just like the rest of them.