Three cheers for Sabga?! Live Wire examines an unusual hero in the ORTT fiasco

EPL Infrafred Sauna

The pride of Trinidad and Tobago is coming home! Three cheers to the Chairman Emeritus of ANSA McAL, Dr Anthony N Sabga, ORTT.

Or, as his beloved staff probably refers to him: Chairman Emeritus of ANSA McAL, Dr Anthony N Sabga, ORTT.

Photo: My name is Chairman Emeritus of ANSA McAL, Dr Anthony N Sabga, ORTT. But you can call me: Chairman Emeritus of ANSA McAL, Dr Anthony N Sabga, ORTT. (Copyright The Simpsons)
Photo: My name is Chairman Emeritus of ANSA McAL, Dr Anthony N Sabga, ORTT.
But you can call me: Chairman Emeritus of ANSA McAL, Dr Anthony N Sabga, ORTT.
(Copyright The Simpsons)

(God help the receptionist who has to get his entire title out before Sabga gets to the elevator).

Sabga has long been Trinidad and Tobago’s outside man. And by that Mr Live Wire means that he helps himself to our goodies, never invites us to his house, and only sporadically leaves us some money on the dresser.

But, this morning, good ole Tony warmed our hearts by putting in a bid to purchase the country’s highest national award, the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Medal, which was awarded posthumously to late union leader Adrian Cola Rienzi but is now up for sale on eBay

“ANSA McAL has decided to place the bid of US$25,000 to ensure that this historic piece of Trinidad and Tobago,” stated a release from the company, “is duly returned to our nation in preservation of its bestowed honour and dignity.”

Photo: I believe you have something that belongs to us!
Photo: We believe you have something that belongs to us!

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that Slinger Francisco heard about Sabga’s generosity and immediately changed his name to “The Mighty Order of the Republic of T&T” in the hope that the business tycoon would pay his medical bills.

Well, since the “Mighty Sparrow” also has a ORTT, I suppose he should make Sabga an offer for it. But I digress.

“Our Chairman Emeritus of ANSA McAL, Dr Anthony N Sabga, ORTT, was himself a proud recipient of the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (ORTT) medal in 2011,” stated the ANSA McAL release, “so we understand the significance and patriotic pride to have such an honour bestowed upon any citizen.”

And Sabga would be damned if a fellah who was bidding for Star Wars collectables last week, somehow ends up with a replica of his jewellery.

Sabga’s move in the eBay market should be a relief for President Anthony Carmona, who said the act of putting the “sacrosanct” ORTT for sale, offended his patriotism and exposed a raw nerve.

Photo: President Anthony Carmona.
Photo: President Anthony Carmona.

“I am very much distraught at the prospect of someone peddling the symbol of our national honour and pride,” stated a release from Carmona. “The Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is not a rag doll that is disposable…

“My humble admonition and entreaty to whoever is responsible for the intended sale of the ORTT medal, You cannot do this to us.”

Lord Pussyfoot ent get so vex since Rachel Price did a Joan Rivers impression on his wife’s attire.

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm whether, in an effort to capitalise on Carmona’s outspoken mood, he asked Prez: You not angry about Marlene too?

Photo: Housing Minister Marlene McDonald. (Copyright Andy Hypolite/Trinidad Guardian)
Photo: Housing Minister Marlene McDonald.
(Copyright Andy Hypolite/Trinidad Guardian)

And Live Wire certainly cannot confirm whether Carmona replied: Why? She cut my housing allowance?!

In any case, let it be known that Trinidad and Tobago is a proud, independent nation that is not for sale! Unless, of course, the prospective buyer is SIS, OAS, FIFA, Ish or Duprey.

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that Nobel Prize winning writer VS Naipaul heard that an unabashed, hard-nosed capitalist was purchasing an award given to one of the country’s renowned union leaders and laughed himself unconscious.

Pay him no mind, Tony. Haters gonna hate.

We love you now. We even love CNC3 again, although we really wish they would keep their fake babylon off real crime scenes.

Photo: "Is ranking ting with allyuh yes, TV6!" CNC3 Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne (right) is taken for medical treatment by a policeman. (Copyright CNC3)
Photo: “Is ranking ting with allyuh yes, TV6!”
CNC3 Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne (right) is taken for medical treatment by a policeman.
(Copyright CNC3)

One question though, Tony.

Far be it for a small businessman like Mr Live Wire to give pointers to an experienced business magnate like yourself. But don’t you think you should have waited until after you won the bid for the ORTT before announcing its value to you and the country?

Sabga might be a great businessman but he probably starts sweating profusely and rubbing his head when he is dealt a jack in All Fours.

Trinidad and Tobago needs to get the ORTT back, if only to prove we can recover misappropriated goods from overseas and Canada in particular. After this test run, Calder Hart is next!

So, fingers crossed that nobody gets any bright ideas—after seeing the publicity generated by this noble effort—and puts in a rival bid of US$25,100.

Photo: TV6 crime show, Beyond The Tape. (Courtesy TV6)
Photo: TV6 crime show, Beyond The Tape.
(Courtesy TV6)

And Mr Live Wire is looking straight at you, TV6! Don’t be on no ranking thing again, eh!

One is one.

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  1. These days it’s near impossible to tell if people are being facetious you know?
    You should hear what people actually believe!

  2. He didn’t as far as I am aware. And I have not seen anything to suggest he did.

  3. The government OBVIOUSLY uses our money, Sabga used HIS. C’mon guys :/

  4. Lol I don’t care who did it once they’re kept under good surveillance and don’t eventually get stolen or disappear. Same thing really.

    But Sabga used citizens’ money? Because that’s the difference Sir lol

  5. I prefer that Sabga did it, when the government purchased those Cazabon paintings all dem country bookie was up in arms….dey quiet now so dis better!

  6. “Recognize OUR initial bid”? So … We Trinibagonians and the government, the latter who should have really put in the bid, agreed that Sabga was acting on our behalf? Very interesting indeed.

  7. “Abidh-Waugh said whoever was responsible for selling the award made a “selfish,” “horrible” and “evil” move and that her immediate family was shocked and angry. ”

  8. Well look ting! Sabga -1, Cat lady – 0?. Well played!

  9. That’s what should have been done in the first place IMO

  10. Well, that is a capitalist. He find a way to get the item despite offering less money! Take that!

  11. “Despite the incidence of higher bids on the eBay site, ANSA McAL secured the agreement of the store, Crawford Coin Stamp Militaria in Vancouver, British Colombia, to pull down the auction and recognize our initial bid. This move has ensured that the historic piece will be duly returned to our nation in preservation of its bestowed honour and dignity. ”

    Mr Sabga added, “I am filled with pride and joy that we were able to ensure that this cherished national award will soon be on its way back to Trinidad and Tobago. There are many moments in my life when I have felt we have done something really worthwhile, but nothing can outmatch this by the sheer significance of its national patrimonial value and meaning.”

    ANSA McAL had met the minimum bid requirement of US $25,000.00.

  12. Feeding the hungry is heroic, condemning corruption in all its forms and living it is heroic, a fund for seriously Ill children with partial government funding and their minimal involvement is heroic, bidding on an award given to anyone with the required govt clout, money, power and financial wherewithal is just having extra cash to spend in the wrong place. Make the award exclusive to really meritorious deeds and sacrosanct nowhere near what His Excellency is talking about and by all means great great great. Sir Vidya is a fool who just happens to be a literary genius so I’ll expect even less of him.

  13. Lol. “Poor” Sabga….sorry Dr. Emeritus.. Yada Yada. … Any minute now he might throw down his cards and say…”Too rich for my blood”?

  14. Sir Vidya has now stopped laughing .. I think he’s crying now.

  15. Right now I am reminded of an old song, “The ANSA McAl/ Is blowing in the wind/ The ANSA is blowing in the wind.”

  16. Brilliant!! I can’t stop laughing, well written.

  17. Football players have pawned and sold their Superbowl rings etc. I could have bought a Stanford ring.

  18. I hope you don’t think the only person in Trinidad that can afford to bid is Sabga eh Vernal Damion Cadogan. And I hope you ain’t believe that Trinis ire over foolish is attracting international attention. ???

  19. Trinidadians can fog up a bread and bread sandwich you know?
    This really wasn’t that big a deal. Purple Hearts are regularly found on auction, but we’re indignant about this. Then Sabga jumped in and announced his plans to save the day instead of just saving the day. Now every crazy cat lady and retired person on ebay is gonna try to outbid the banana republic “business mogul” for kicks.

  20. Where’s Adolphus Daniell to launder his reputation? Jack Warner would have bought this with a bounced cheque if he wasn’t distracted by the extradition thing.

  21. Daz just over 7 housing allowance payments inno. I sure he cld more dan make

  22. Five different bidders now and it will cost you US$31,400 to join this party. Who wants Rienzi’s ORTT? President Pussyfoot… Where yuh?!

  23. At present, there have been five different bidders and the cost is now US$31,300…

  24. Well, it seems the horse has bolted! Or is it a donkey? (LOL…because I refuse to cry). What a republic! Bananas anyone?

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