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Poldier Griffith plans National Security costume party

New National Security Minister Gary Griffith is set to add some much needed swag to his post as the man without a political party stressed yesterday that he intends to make fancy dress parties the first order of business.

“You will see less of me in a suit,” Griffith told the Trinidad Guardian. “I intend to be putting back on my combat boots.”

Griffith did not say whether criminals generally set annual forecasts based on the footwear of the National Security Minister or if the underworld was particularly bothered by his boots when he actually was a soldier and not just pretending.

But he made it clear that he intends to be a hands-on minister.

Photo: New National Security Minister Gary Griffith.
Photo: New National Security Minister Gary Griffith.

“What I want to do is be on the ground,” said Griffith, “to see what are the requirements of the T&T Police Service and Defence Force.”

Griffith further insisted that: “I have no intention for government officials and politicians to dictate the pace. I have seen it too often.”

Sadly, no one interjected to tell Griffith that he actually is a government official; and bypassing Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams to poll policemen would surely constitute the interference he referred to.

Mr Live Wire presumes that no one wanted to spoil Griffith’s dream of reinventing himself as a hybrid ‘poldier’—the merge of police and soldier that the State seems hellbent on. After all, Sport Minister Anil Roberts still gets to call himself a swim coach.

Griffith is the fourth National Security Minister in just 15 months. But then the last three ministers were arguably hamstrung by having his guidance on their job duties.

To be fair, Mr Live Wire does see some merit in Ministers spending a day in the life of the persons they are supposed to be facilitating.

Roodal Moonilal can try to get a HDC house without the use of bribery or race-baiting; and he can sleep in the corridors until he is successful. Tim Gopeesingh could put on short khaki pants and help paint walls and clear pigeon excrement from selected primary schools.

Photo: Sport Minister Anil Roberts.
Photo: Sport Minister Anil Roberts.

And the Trinidad and Tobago national under-15 football team can have Roberts participate in one of their training sessions; without shin pads.

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