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Bring in the spinners: Pennelope says communication is PNM’s problem

PNM Senator Pennelope Beckles believes her party has just one major problem. Trinidad and Tobago doesn’t know how awesome it is and how fabulous its plans are for the country.

“I don’t think the plans of what we would do if we get into government are sufficiently known by the population,” Beckles told the Trinidad Express.

Photo: PNM Senator Pennelope Beccles.
Photo: PNM Senator Pennelope Beccles.

Strange that the UNC and People’s Partnership Government have the same problem of being unable to communicate just how wonderful things have been since they took charge.

And that is why a televised chat with Jack Warner, Roodal Moonilal, Suruj Rambachan, Anil Roberts and Ashworth Jack and moderated by Hansley Ajodha was so uplifting for the nation last September. Everyone immediately felt better about themselves.

Well, with the possible exception of everyone who was not in the television studio and Express investigative reporter Asha Javeed, who found out that Warner knew her home address.

Warner, Moonilal and Rambachan can’t share the same space anymore without excessive eye rolling, teeth sucking and whispers of “Mala”, “Sewage” and “Coonilal” but maybe that is because no one communicated to them lately how wonderful they look together.

What Trinidad and Tobago is crying out for, according to politicians on both sides of the divide, is more public relation spinners.

Or, for the sake of argument, maybe the population is not as dumb as politicians think and can deduce the calibre of its leaders through actions more than words.

Photo: Tell us again why we're happy? We keep getting distracted by the crime and corruption.
Photo: Tell us again why we’re happy? We keep getting distracted by the crime and corruption.

Beckles took the opportunity to reiterate her support for Opposition Leader, Keith Rowley. She said Rowley’s knowledge of topics was excellent and he was very passionate about issues he cared about.

She also said that “some people” felt the PNM was “opposing merely for the sake of opposing, without giving alternatives” and Rowley was too aggressive or they didn’t like the manner in which he put things across.

“But that is his style,” she said, helpfully.

Mr Live Wire has a hunch that Beckles believes she can do better. Or maybe that is just another case of miscommunication.

Bizarrely, Beckles allowed the interview to end without delivering one single gem of an idea that would have persons flocking to Balisier house or printing “Penny for PM” tee-shirts.

According to the Express report: ‘(Beckles) did not think it was her place to articulate these plans since she believed Rowley was considering when was the best time to do so.’

The population continues to holds its breath and wait for the spectacular-ness of its political leaders’ unspoken thoughts to overwhelm the nation. Verbally, of course. Tangible evidence is surely too much to hope for at present.

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