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Airport employee rewrites rules for take-home pay

A brazen employee allegedly grabbed as much cash as he could hold, in full view of security cameras, and walked off the job in Trinidad. But enough about Jack Warner.

A 23-year-old Cambio Exchange employee at the Piarco International Airport supposedly drew up his own retirement package on Saturday morning as he walked off the job with over $300,000 strapped to his body.

His colleague told the Trinidad Express that he went for a break and, ten minutes later, returned to find that the young man was gone along with all the local and foreign currency, which worked out to about $5,000 pocketed every ten seconds.

Photo: Was that Ish in disguise?
Photo: Was that Ish in disguise?

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that Finance Minister Larry Howai is now complaining that he undervalued himself for his service at FCB.

Unreliable witnesses claimed the employee insisted his unsanctioned take-home pay was actually a gift based on little-known small print in the “finders’ keepers” manual and that there was precedent for his actions. He supposedly retorted: “This is how they operate in the FIFA.”

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