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Ashworth treats Tobago to PP politics

TOP leader Ashworth Jack, the hero of pumpkin and cucumber farmers worldwide, yesterday gave more information on his controversial mansion to Tobago voters.

Jack, who is vying for the post of THA Chief Secretary, revealed that it was a “nice house” and far superior to anything that Orville London and his troops ever constructed. He urged Tobagonians to also build nice houses although he did not specify whether they should also be constructed on someone else’s land and with ambiguous funding.

Jack had a message too for persons who were concerned that he supposedly has not declared his assets with the Integrity Commission for 2010 and 2011.

“I want to say to my critics,” he said, “thank you, thank you, thank you!”

If you are not convinced by those illuminating responses, then you are probably one of the picky few who still want more information on the Reshmi Ramnarine appointment, the PURE budget discrepancies and Section 34.

Mr Live Wire believes that, if Tobago voters are won over by Jack’s utterances on those controversial issues, then Tobagonians have more in common with their Trinidad neighbours than they care to admit.

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