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Kublalsingh must thwart Warner’s death wish

Jack Warner once created a death trap for football fans at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in 1989 by selling 20,000 tickets more than the venue could accommodate.

Sixteen years later, he hijacked Trinidad and Tobago’s 2006 World Cup ticket allocation and resold them to local fans through his family company at a mark-up of roughly 600 percent. The tagline was: “Ticket or leave it.”

The disgraced former football administrator has since repackaged himself as the “People’s Minister” but a peaceful hunger strike by Dr Wayne Kublalsingh, meant to bring transparency and independent review to the construction of the Point Fortin Highway, again provoked Warner’s more basic instincts.

“They say, of course, the Prime Minister (is) killing Kublalsingh,” said National Security Minister Jack Warner, at a UNC forum last night. “He (is) killing himself. But he better do it quickly.”

Kublalsingh has a long and successful record of environmental protests but even Pele’s famous Brazil team lost a match every now and then. In sport, it is not just about creating a line of attack; but also about being mindful of the capabilities of the other team.

And Mr Live Wire thinks that appealing to the conscience of this lot is more difficult than finding love in a whore house.


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  1. Lasana, you have a wealth of info which is usually factually correct. I saw where THA is doing work on Dwight Yorke Stadium and said that none of the 4 stadiums [Dwight Yorke, Mannie Ramjohn, Ato Boldon, Larry Gomes] are owned by the government or people of T&T but rather a group of financiers.

    Can you shed any light on this? I’ve been trying to find out the arrangement for building and ownership but no one seems to be able to answer. Sincere thanks!