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Trinidad Guardian spoil sports… literally

Let’s just call this a weekend to forget for the Trinidad Guardian sports desk. Or maybe it was a weekend to forget about their sport desk.

On Sunday, the Guardian became the most shameless plagiarist since Father Henry Charles after lifting the vast majority of a Caribbean Cup article published by the Wired868 on the previous day.

The Wired868 story was titled “Warriors spank Suriname to revive chances”. To throw off perceptive readers, Guardian named its regurgitation: “Warriors spank Suriname to revive chances.” Cheating, it seems, is harder than it looks. (Guardian has taken down the story, after complaints, and promised an investigation).

Photo: You mean to tell me that the only thing the Trinidad Guardian forgot to lift was the author and source of that story?
(Courtesy www.9gag.com)

Guardian continued its coverage of the Caribbean Cup today but, to ensure that the accusation of fraud would not be raised again, they made clever alterations to the story carried everywhere else.

Trinidad and Tobago edged Cuba 1-0 yesterday in Bacolet, Tobago on a 67th minute goal scored by substitute Ataullah Guerra, who entered the field of play in the 66th minute.

Guardian recorded the result as a 1-0 win to Cuba instead, listed the goalscorer as Artulo Guerra and gave  the time of the goal as the 28th minute when Guerra was not yet on the field—for either team.

Unquestionably, the Guardian sport desk learnt the error of its ways after its Sunday tangle with Wired868 and atoned as best as it knew how. Hopefully, its readers will embrace the funny side of it too. Presumably they read for the chuckles and not the sport coverage.

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