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COP chairman discovers time-travel

COP chairman Joseph Toney presumably stunned reporters yesterday with news that he has discovered time travel.

Toney was recently handed a legal brief for the CLICO Commission of Enquiry by Finance Minister Larry Howai in what COP Leader Prakash Ramadhar described as a fair move. It only required the allegedly baseless sacking of the former legal team and a massive cost for taxpayers to pull it off.

However, Toney was at pains to stress that his boss was actually not Howai but former Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira although she was kicked out of Cabinet two years ago with the change in administration.

“I want to make the point I am representing the Ministry of Finance,” Toney told the Trinidad Express. “I am not representing the present Ministry of Finance I shall be representing the Ministry of Finance which was in office at the time in office of the Clico/HCU fiascoes. So it is not to say that I will be representing the government of the day.”

Mr Live Wire is glad that the COP chairman cleared that up although meetings with his boss, Nunez-Tesheira, on CLICO matter are likely to be awkward as she has no staff members present to whip up a cup of coffee.

Wired868 cannot confirm news that CLICO shareholders are happy with the State’s change of lawyers on one condition. They want Nunez-Tesheira to be the sole signatory on all of Toney’s cheques.


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  1. Joseph Toney happy to eat ah food now. Easiest way to silence all those COP hypocrites is to fill up dey mouth.

  2. Ok Joseph Toney, you win………….I’m confused!