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Children’s Life Fund CEO falls to dangerous wordplay

Children’s Life Fund chairman Varun Maharaj revealed that the organisation parted ways with its former CEO Geoffrey Lewis after he told the Trinidad Express that the charitable body had not received promised contributions from People’s Partnership ministers for most of their two years in government.

A Cabinet note on 4 June 2010 said that ten percent of the Prime Minister’s salary and five percent of the salary from Ministers would go to the Children’s Life Fund with immediate effect.

However, Lewis said the local charity only received its first cheque from a Parliamentarian in late 2012.

Maharaj disputed his statement—in part. The Children’s Life Fund chairman said Ministers had been contributing but the money “remained in an inaccessible account at the Ministry of Finance” which was then run by MP Winston Dookeran.

Photo: You mean the Ministers pooled our money, gave it to another Minister to hold and then expect me to applaud?

Maharaj claimed that Lewis resigned promptly after his press statement and he was happy to see the back of him.

“You must be able to trust the CEO on any type of organisation,” the chairman told the Express.

Mr Live Wire is aghast at Lewis’ mischievous suggestion.

Any parent knows that you can quiet a child’s rumbling stomach by simply informing “little Johnny” that his lunch is being held at a restaurant until some unforeseeable date in the future. The same principle should surely apply.

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