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Now Jack lectures the Anglican church

National Security Minister Jack Warner took his holier-than-thou routine to new heights yesterday after criticizing Anglican Reverend Dean Collin Sampson for supposedly lowering the bar in religious values by criticising the People’s Partnership government.

Dean Sampson suggested, during Monday’s opening of the Law Term, that the nation was outraged by recent political occurrences and demanded sobriety in public affairs.

“I was sitting there and listening to myself, and saying to myself this cannot be the house of God,” Warner told the Trinidad Newsday. “And therefore everybody now seems to be lowering the bar in terms of religious values.”

Warner further advised the Dean and other clergymen to criticise past governments instead, which is presumably taken from the Book of Jack.

Wired868 cannot confirm that the Chaguanas West MP was asked whether he used his time in church to confess about millions of missing money meant for the 2006 World Cup players, the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) and earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

Warner, according to an unreliable source and Paul Keens Douglas fan, retorted that he tells God about his sins not his business.

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  1. Jack can continue to fool some of the people some of the time!

  2. lol Therein lies your problem Mr. Warner, start listening to other people and stop listening to yourself!