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DPP sifts through the political noise

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most poignant comment regarding section 34 of the Administration of Justice Act was made some distance from the Trinidad and Tobago Parliament yesterday.

DPP Roger Gaspard noted that President Maxwell Richards assented the Act, with the controversial clause, three days before Attorney General Anand Ramlogan decided not to pursue an extradition appeal against UNC financiers Ish Galbalsingh and Steve Ferguson last December. Gaspard suggested there must be a link between the two occurrences.

In Parliament, sensible presentations fought for space with old talk. The AG preferred to discuss the timing of a PNM press conference, Sport Minister Anil Roberts brought up the Tarouba Stadium and Opposition MP Colm Imbert unhelpfully mentioned an unnamed Government official drinking Dom Perignon with an equally anonymous person that supposedly stands to benefit from the clause.

The AG declared that every member of Parliament should “man-up, take responsibility and humbly apologise” for the consequences of the clause. He then proceeded to do none of the above.

Judging from the quality of the discourse, Wired868 wonders if it is good value for money to renovate Parliament. A minor extension at Smokey and Bunty might suffice. Somewhere naturally shielded from the view of hard working, paying patrons.


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  1. Very succinct and accurate report of the proceedings – it was very disappointing to hear the leaders of our “developed” nation arguing like little kids about who said what first. I second that nomination for the venue at Smoky and Bunty!