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Wired868 and I: Tell us your story

Fast, clever and entertaining.

Wired868 will celebrate its two year anniversary on 12 January 2014; two years of pumping exclusive sport stories and witty, satirical news pieces to your smart phone, computer and other internet devices.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago football fans have been well served by Wired868's football coverage. (Courtesy Allan V. Crane/ Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago football fans have been well served by Wired868’s football coverage.
(Courtesy Allan V. Crane/ Wired868)

In that time, we earned honourable mention from renowned foreign news companies like the Wall Street Journal, ESPN and the UK Guardian.

While you and the rest of our readers helped make Wired868 one of the top 35 most popular sites visited by Trinidad and Tobago web users and the second most popular local content provider according to Alexa Internet, a California-based subsidiary of Amazon.com and web traffic analyst.

So, how do you think we have helped the media landscape?

Tell us what you have enjoyed about Wired868 during our existence by leaving a message in our “Comments” section below.

Photo: Jayden Sancho takes the mic during the 2013 Wired868 Football Festival at UWI. (Courtesy Allan V. Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Jayden Sancho takes the mic during the 2013 Wired868 Football Festival at UWI.
(Courtesy Allan V. Crane/Wired868)

(About Wired868)

Wired868 was born on 12 January 2012 and has led the way in coverage of the Trinidad and Tobago national football team and Pro League and has been a vital source of information on the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF), the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) and CONCACAF.

Our satirical columns are just as popular as Mr Live Wire and Filbert Street have engaged and entertained readers in equal measure by offering fresh perspective on local and global news pieces carried elsewhere in the media.


Wired868 has routinely been first on the local scene on a wide range of issues from the Soca Warriors’ historic 2006 World cup bonus case, Minister Anil Roberts’ failure to account to the Auditor General for close to $45 million, the TTFA’s recall of former world Cup coach Leo Beenhakker, the questionable “I Support Akeem” Native Spirit campaign as well as Jack Warner’s alleged failure to relay emergency financial aid to Haiti, his ownership of the Centre of Excellence, his threat to bankrupt the previous TTFF administration with Roberts’ help and a FIFA affidavit that accused Warner of pocketing at least US$40,000 from Mohamed Bin Hammam.

Photo: Only a quarter of the proceeds from "I Support Akeem" tee-shirts went to the recently deceased national footballer.
Photo: Only a quarter of the proceeds from “I Support Akeem” tee-shirts went to the recently deceased national footballer.

We handled the sensitive issues like the struggle and ultimately tragic death of former “Soca Warrior” Akeem Adams and the brave recovery of Candice Worrell, the fiancée of national goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams, from a brutal robbery.


And we gave you insights into the work of national icons like players Jason Scotland, Ataullah Guerra, Chris Birchall and Carlos Edwards and present and past national coaches Stephen Hart, Jamaal Shabazz and Hutson Charles; as well as analytical overviews on the worth of the TT Pro League, racism in football, the undignified rush to the Akeem Adams bandwagon, Warner’s legacy in sport and governance, the socio-political problems that dog the Brazil 2014 World Cup and a suggestion for honouring our former national football heroes.

We have benefitted too from input by our friends.

Photo: Former 2006 World Cup teammates Chris Birchall (left) and Carlos Edwards share a moment before their tribute match against Jamaica in Port of Spain.
Photo: Former 2006 World Cup teammates Chris Birchall (left) and Carlos Edwards share a moment before their tribute match against Jamaica in Port of Spain.

Former Trinidad and Tobago captain David Nakhid and England World Cup 2006  defender Terry Fenwick shared their football knowledge on the famous Clasico between Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid while former England PlFA employee Kevin Harrison chided corporate Trinidad and Tobago’s tardiness in supporting Akeem Adams and British investigative journalist Andrew Jennings revealed his role in a FBI investigation that might extend itself to Warner as well as the problems facing the Brazil 2014 World Cup.


Satirists Mr Live Wire and Filbert Street have added a dose of humour to a range of issues like the fire truck scandal, the Prime Minister’s response to the FBI probe into then minister Jack Warner, the smear campaign on investigative journalist Asha Javeed, Ian Alleyne’s vehicular accident on Stone Street, the Government and Opposition’s view on hanging, Warner’s political skyfall, his premature obituary and rebirth as a threat to the People’s Partnership, Prime Minister’s odd response to the Local Government Election results and how a young engineer controversially beat Microsoft to a National Quarries IT contract.

Photo: Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. (Courtesy FIFA.com)
Photo: Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.
(Courtesy FIFA.com)

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And, of course, be a part of the conversation by sharing your thoughts on the site in our “comments” section.


Editor’s Note: Comments and “likes” on articles written before August 2012 were, regrettably, lost after the website moved to a new host.

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  1. R.Walcott

    Wired definitely brings something new and more exciting for readers, while maintaining a high quality. The satirical pieces are golden.

  2. Lasana Liburd

    Thanks so much to all of you for taking the time out to leave feedback on the site. It is greatly appreciated!

  3. Wired 868 is by far my main source of information from Trinidad and Tobago. The site offers a fresh take on journalism, providing accurate and trustworthy reporting, combined with sharp wit and just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek. Living in Boston, I rely on the up to date emails and social media posts to keep me abreast of developments in my homeland.
    Wired 868 is the blueprint and the beacon for modern, online Caribbean journalism and I do not know what I would do without it!

  4. Wired 868 – Informative, up to date, analytical.. and the list goes on… The recent satirical pieces are hilarious!! I get that you are very enthusiastic about your work and appreciate the professionalism and thoroughness – Keep striving for excellence!

  5. Everald Gally Cummings
    Everald Gally Cummings

    Let me tell you a little story I heard once.

    This coach was doing some work around his house one day and heard his seven year old son talking with his friends about what their respective dads did for a living. One said that his dad was a Banker, the other said his father owned a Gas Station etc, They then asked his son what his dad did for a living and he said, my father is a coach and all he does all day is play games.
    When the other boys left the yard the father put his son to sit down and explain this to him.
    Being a coach also involves helping people to develop and become the best individuals they are capable of being. Helping them to overcome problems that hold them back from their best performances. It involves building character and to face problems not as insurmountable obstacles but as challenges to met and conquered.

    Lasana, you represent much more than you get credit for.


  6. Lester Henry

    Wired868 is different and a welcomed change from the usually pedestrian reporting of sports and current affairs in Trinidad and Tobago. Lasana Liburd brings life to his stories and never misses a chance to poke at both the government and the opposition. So essentially, he is not a “rogue”! Anyway, given the current political climate, there is enough scandal and drama to keep wired868 in business for a very long time.

  7. The first thing that needs to be said, I think, is that Lasana has not merely transferred his paper from newsprint to its electronic berth. What he has done is that he has carefully developed a journalistic form which is congruent with the demands of the medium and of the age. That is why although I still read the dailies on newsprint, I read Wired868 on its own terms…and enjoy it immensely.

  8. For a non-football fan like myself to say that I read Wired868 daily is high praise. Along with Slate it is in fact, the only online magazine/newspaper I read daily. The mixture of sports, intelligent, snappy political news updates and satirical commentary is unique. The discussions on the comments boards informed, balanced and rational (instead of hysterical, racist and ignorant).

    The fact that other newspapers have been “paraphrasing” (a proper legal caution is required here) wired868 pieces is of course the sincerest – if unethical – form of flattery.

  9. If as Bill Shankly would say “Football is not a matter of life and death…it’s much more important than that” then in the same way Wired868 has become essential reading. Nowadays, people want much more than just the score, they want the inside story and the back stories as well. In this way, Wired868 has become a convenient and fast source of news, analysis and satire to bring a wry smile to your face to brighten your day yet always keep you thinking.

  10. Great Job to Lasana and team. Wired868 keeps me well informed and entertained at the same time.

  11. I enjoy the satirical commentary on events and issues – usually insightful, and at the same time witty. It’s a pleasure to be informed, and to be invited to think about serious matters while being made to laugh at the absurdity of life in T& T. Controversial issues are also usually dealt with even-handedly, and that’s important to me too. [I actually don’t care much about sport – so in the end, I read Wired868 simply for the pleasure of encountering the qualities I’ve described in Lasana’s writing.]

  12. When I want coverage on my Soca Warriors, I look first to Wired868. I also appreciate the honest and investigative news coverage. It’s refreshing to see such open and indepth coverage of our current events. Their FB page is a must as it allows me to follow T&T from afar. I love wired868 and I am a believer in its content.