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DJW launches CFU manifesto amidst hints of UEFA interference in Caribbean election

Suspicions that CONCACAF and UEFA have lent to their support to one of three candidates in the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) election race might harden after presidential candidate David John-Williams released his manifesto, which suggested that his proposed Caribbean Professional Football League (CPFL) is an integral part of his bid …

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DJW unplugged: An illegal TTFA election, tacit FIFA support and a CFU power grab 

The world governing football body, FIFA, stands accused of complicity in the rise of an allegedly illegitimately elected football president from Trinidad and Tobago with overarching ambitions. FIFA handed former vice-president, Jack Warner, a life ban for attempting to rig its 2011 presidential elections. And the disgraced ex-football official is now fighting …

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Omertà (Part six): Knifing Mandela in the back

Chapter six: Bribes took the World Cup to Germany                A RIO RACEHORSE OWNER was paid $1 million to strangle Brazil’s faint hopes of hosting the World Cup. The dark campaign to give the 2006 tournament to Germany involved the humiliation of Brazil and …

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