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Dear editor: ‘He was my mentor and a gentleman!’ Ode to Tim Kee

“He was my mayor, vice president, president, mentor, father, friend, big brother…” Former Strike Squad captain and National Futsal Team coach Clayton ‘JB’ Morris pays tribute to the late Raymond Tim Kee: He was Mayor of the city, Port of Spain, where I was born. He was TTFA Vice president …

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Dear Editor: Human rights are non-negotiable; Senator’s suggestion to castrate paedophiles is wrong

“Human rights are non-negotiable and prisoners who may be paedophiles are not excluded. That is the law—even when we don’t like the results. “[…] The implication of [Dr Varma Deyalsingh’s] statement is that the paedophile prison population is the cause of overcrowding and so chemical castration is proffered as the …

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Filbert Street spies new Opposition crime plan

Scene: Wired Towers, the offices of Wired868. 37th floor, corner suite. Office of Publisher/Editor-in-chief, Lasana Liburd. Secretary: “Mr Liburd, your 10 o’clock is here to see you.” Lasana Liburd (LL): “Thanks, Destra, bring him through. And Destra…” Secretary: “Yes, Mr Liburd?” LL: “Put some clothes on. Yuh so damn loose!” Secretary: …

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Prisons go green: But how will it affect Chaguanas West?

In a radical new move engineered by Food Production Minister Devant Maharaj and Justice Minister Christlyn Moore, convicted prisoners will soon be mandated to work in the agricultural sector. Maharaj explained that the scheme was part of the prisoners’ rehabilitation and offers them the chance to earn a new life …

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