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Prisons go green: But how will it affect Chaguanas West?

In a radical new move engineered by Food Production Minister Devant Maharaj and Justice Minister Christlyn Moore, convicted prisoners will soon be mandated to work in the agricultural sector. Maharaj explained that the scheme was part of the prisoners’ rehabilitation and offers them the chance to earn a new life …

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The enemy of my enemy is my prisoner

Prisons’ Officers Association President Rajkumar Ramroop sacked his General Secretary Burton Hill for “colluding with the enemy”; by which he meant the Public Service Commission. Wired868 understands that prisoners are urging both sides to put their differences aside for the sake of a harmonious living environment.

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Forget NHA and give me a cell

Proposed new prison rules offer inmates reading material, large windows with natural light, intimate time with spouses, children and relatives as well as in-house day care centers. Displaced or financially-challenged persons arguably now have an attractive option to begging for a NHA house—or paying legal fees.

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