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“People follow instructions to the letter of the law, [which] can be good and bad”; Day in the life of a Trini oil expat

“[…] The work ethic [in Azerbaijan] is completely different. People [here] once they are told what they need to do, they usually follow instructions and carry it out to the letter of the law. This can be good and bad because you do want people to have the ability to …

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Daly Bread: Blues for 2020; insensitive, culturally obtuse leaders burden T&T

‘Never to know, never to tell’ was the street cry of a sweepstake seller when I was a boy in Newtown. It reflected that you never know what your luck might be. In a sweepstake, the punter bought a ticket from a sweepstake seller. The winning numbers of those tickets …

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‘Caribbean people […] think they can say what they want to you’! Day in the life of a flight attendant

“Caribbean people tend to be so ‘familiar’; they seem to think that they can say what they want to you, however they want. Also, I’ve noticed while travelling with other carriers that passengers aren’t as demanding and difficult to the North American or foreign crew members. “Something that I still …

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Day in the Life of a secondary school principal: Keeping everyone satisfied

A principal’s job is no walk in the park. Wired868 spoke with a teacher of mathematics and additional maths for more than 17 years, who eventually became the principal of a secondary school in East Trinidad. She finds it taxing but would do it all again if she had to, …

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“A tree [can] fall on you resulting in instant death!” Day in the life of a lumberjack

“While cutting down the trees […], there is a possibility of a tree falling on you resulting in instant death. Another fear is hunters that use illegal pipe guns to shoot wild animals. Loggers can get shot, so we are always on the lookout for hunters.” Wired868 highlights the day-to-day …

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