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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hafizool fight for public space

Former AG Ramesh Maharaj described this week’s stunning news as one of the biggest scandals in the history of Trinidad and Tobago. Opposition Leader Keith Rowley called it a travesty and insisted that the controversial State appointee was unsuitable for his position. Maharaj and Rowley were not discussing the TSTT’s …

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Save the Wotless Generation

“These young people today have no respect… They don’t want to work… It’s not like it was in our day.” It seems that the youth of today, “The Wotless Generation”, is always under attack. But do their accusers ever stop and consider who created this lost generation? Perhaps if they …

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Bureaucratic Not-So-Flash Gordon ready to probe Ashworth’s mansion

The Integrity Commission has finally agreed to investigate TOP leader Ashworth Jack’s “nice house” after a 16-month delay since THA field liaison officer Moses Thomas initially asked the body to look into the matter. Integrity Commission chairman Ken “Absolutely-Not-Flash” Gordon told the Trinidad Express that Thomas’ report did not satisfy …

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Ashworth treats Tobago to PP politics

TOP leader Ashworth Jack, the hero of pumpkin and cucumber farmers worldwide, yesterday gave more information on his controversial mansion to Tobago voters. Jack, who is vying for the post of THA Chief Secretary, revealed that it was a “nice house” and far superior to anything that Orville London and …

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Pot calls the kettle corrupt

Ernst & Young fraud expert Arnold Niranjan yesterday blasted Trinidad and Tobago for its failure to use anti-corruption legislation and a lack of will to root out fraud and corruption. It is arguably a needed wake-up call to local politicans and lawmen; and is stronger still if one ignores suggestions …

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