Dear Editor: Miracle Ex-Minister beats background check to land Trade job

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Dear Former Minister Darryl Smith,

Congratulations on your recent appointment as a commercial officer for the Ministry of Trade. Your appointment is an indication that you passed the background check with flying colours and landed this very important job to represent our country.

Then Sport Minister Darryl Smith prepares to return a service on the table tennis board.
(via MSYA)

It is truly heart-warming to see you triumph against the odds, especially since you were fired by the Prime Minister in 2018 for ‘interfering improperly in the public service’. What better way to inspire the next generation than by demonstrating that a person could be fired, survived allegations of sexual harassment, and still achieve such a high-status job?

I wonder what would have happened if a woman was accused of sexual harassment?! She might still be languishing in her bedroom begging for forgiveness.

But in the men’s club, you are being celebrated. Whoopie!

In this high-class “wuk”, your main responsibility will be: “to develop overseas markets and boost exports to key strategic trading partners”.  I am sure that your resume is littered with examples of how you are ideally suited for this fantastic position.

During the background check, I suspect that your current boss, Trade Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon asked your former boss, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, if he would recommend you for the position.

Former Minister of Sport Darryl Smith and PM Dr Keith Rowley at Brian Lara Stadium opening in 2017.

And your former boss, who had also appointed you chairman of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation, answered politely to endorse your capabilities.

Maybe, your former boss reflected on the chances of him losing his own “wuk” in 2025 and said: boy, now dat ah in charge, ah go give meh friend everything.

Whatever the considerations, congratulations and may you continue to be a shining beacon of hope for all those who lack ethics or basic qualifications. Steups!

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  1. Why Are You Surprised ?
    What Has Changed ?
    As A People We Are Becoming Morally and Spiritually Bankrupt .

  2. Bwah ha ha ha.

  3. I hope he’s a better Commercial Officer then he was a husband !!

  4. More of the same nonsense. Well said and well written Denise.

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