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“The most disingenuous person I ever worked with!” Staffers describe life with Sport Minister Darryl Smith

Wired868 spoke to a half-dozen past and present employees at the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Through their allegations and on the basis of various messages and recordings, we are able to provide some insight into life at the Government body:

Darryl Smith was just a few months into his term as Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs when he first got wind of discontent within the ranks. Worse, he realised that he could not count on his personal staff—an advisor, secretary, assistants and driver—to hold their tongues.

Smith pulled one of his employees aside for a quick presentation on a Post-it note. He drew a big circle in the middle of the page and then several smaller circles around it.

Photo: Sport Minister Darryl Smith (right) makes a pass at Minister of Public Utilities Fitzgerald Hinds at the Hasely Crawford Stadium training ground on 20 January, 2017.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

“You see this big circle?” Smith asked. “That is me. And you see the little circles? That is you.

“If I go, allyuh go. Remember that!”

Smith, according to sources, was never shy about throwing his ample weight around and letting employees know that their sustenance depended on his happiness.

“He ran his ministry like his own kingdom,” said one insider, “where people who worked with him felt they had no form of redress.”

“I remember he told me once that I had no job description,” alleged another source. “Whatever he wants us to do, we must do. It was as if we were slaves.”

The complaints ranged from the usual allegations of forced overtime at short notice to the extraordinary. On at least two occasions, Smith’s personal employees were allegedly asked to bathe his children and/or change their clothes.

Reginald Dumas, former Head of the Public Service, has heard of many different issues involving personal staff—including some advisors acting as though they were deputy ministers. But the allegations by former Sport and Youth Affairs employees astounded him.

Photo: Prime Minister Keith Rowley (centre) greets SPORTT chairman Dinanath Ramnarine (left) while Sport Minister Darryl Smith (right) looks on during the opening of the Brian Lara Cricket Stadium in Tarouba on 12 May, 2017.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

“The Prime Minister has to protect contract workers from that kind of exploitation,” Dumas told Wired868. “This is 2018 and that [sounds like] slave labour… That cannot be allowed to continue.”

Another attorney with experience in the public sector explained that the practice of having personal staff for ministers, paid for by the State created a conundrum.

The general legal principle is that the one who hires has the power to fire. In this case, though, the State pays the workers’ salaries without having much control over their duties. So who is the employer in this case?

At the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, Smith’s staff complained of being used more as props than to offer genuine service at times.

Last May, the Sport Minister caused an uproar when he took 12 staffers to the THA Sports Awards in Tobago—despite claims that they travelled to inspect the Dwight Yorke Stadium, less than half of the dozen workers attended the site inspection. But employees said such scenarios were commonplace.

“He liked entering a place after the event started and with everybody looking over their shoulder to say ‘Look the Minister reach with all his people,’” said one source.

Photo: Fore! Cindy Cupid, the personal assistant to Sport Minister Darryl Smith, enjoys herself at the Magdalena golf course on a weekend excursion at taxpayers’ expense.

If employees felt it annoying to be asked to attend events with nothing to do but offer Smith company once there, they found his seemingly insatiable lust for the opposite sex to be far worrying. The word ‘no’, according to sources, never seemed to put off the Sport Minister for long.

“I don’t just want to f**k you,” read one message to a personal assistant, allegedly sent from the Sport Minister’s phone after one of his late night events. “I want to make love to you slow…”

Another time, an assistant alleged that Smith put his hand between her legs in his office and she had to physically fight him off.

By then, it was not unusual to see the Minister make after-hour trips with female employees to his Tower D office, which was first on the 24th floor and then on the 20th.

“Of course, there is no law (against ministers having sex with their staff) but it is a question of ethics and management,” said Dumas. “Even in the private sector, you have managers carrying on with junior staff. But that doesn’t make it right; it erodes office discipline.

“The lady then starts to gallery that ‘allyuh can’t touch me because that is my man’ and I have seen persons even giving instructions to people who were senior to her under such circumstances. From an ethical and managerial standpoint, it is wrong and wrong.”

Photo: The Hand of God?
Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Darryl Smith (right) takes a hands-on approach with a then staff member.

One Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs staffer explained that a few of the ladies—who had to interact professionally with Smith but were anxious to avoid situations where they would have to either fight him off or submit—held private discussions about how to avoid being caught alone with the minister.

“He is a very manipulative person and most people just got tired of being around him eventually,” said one former staffer. “We realised that it was all about him trying to get us separately in certain situations so we would discuss things that happened to each of us and work together for our own safety.

“Eventually, I think, he caught on and he started telling each of us things about the other and we shouldn’t trust this one or that one. There was always these mind games.”

Halfway through Smith’s term, personal advisor Garvin Warwick is the only member of his initial personal team who has remained in place.

This was the setting in which Carrie-Ann Moreau, a young, attractive single mother, found herself when she joined the Sport Minister’s personal staff in November 2015.

“You better leave it alone,” Smith supposedly warned one staffer, gesturing in the direction of Moreau. “Daiz for me!”

“Not me, minister,” replied the employee. “They are all yours.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Sport Minister Darryl Smith (left) has a laugh with NAAA president Ephraim Serrette at the 2016 NAAA Open Championships at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port-of-Spain on 25 June, 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Moreau never made herself sufficiently accessible to Smith, despite his supposed pleading. And in just a few months, the distraught personal assistant had to turn to fellow employees for help. She lasted exactly six months on the job.

“He would start to treat you differently with out-of-the-way tasks,” said one insider. “Sometimes, he would give you the bulk of the work to do or treat you badly and talk down to you. Or sometimes totally ignore you.

“All of a sudden, he would say ‘She isn’t performing.’ He would want you in work at 7:30am or before. Or say you had to go to events although others offered to go for you, and then make an issue when you cannot make it.”

Shabaka Kambon, who was communications manager at the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs during Smith’s tenure, confirmed that Moreau brought allegations of sexual misconduct to him and he advised her to seek legal redress.

“Those allegations of misconduct did come to me while I was there,” Kambon told Wired868. “I cannot verify whether they are true or not but what I did do in my capacity was to advise that she follow the appropriate channels; and to pledge my support. It is the 21st Century and you cannot dismiss such allegations out-of-hand because we know how power is abused and women are often the victims.

“Those of us in senior positions have to take these things seriously.”

Photo: Shabaka Kambon of Cross Rhodes TT discusses Milner Hall at the Central Bank Auditorium in July 2017.

Moreau’s precise claims are now, controversially, hidden behind a non-disclosure agreement, which was brokered by the Attorney General’s office.

Smith was dismissive of the the legal battle with staffers.

“I hear yuh girl carrying me to court,” the Sport Minister allegedly told one worker. “I don’t care. No matter if she wins or she lose, it’s not my money anyway…”

Moreau was represented by Advocate Trade Union—a tiny firm which amassed a total of 35 likes on its Facebook page after four years in existence. Although Smith’s behaviour was central to her case, the suit instead named the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and the Chief Personnel Officer as defendants.

The Union, which also represented Kambon and roughly a half-dozen former employees against the Sport Ministry, demanded TT$234,360 for Moreau, which represented her salary of 30 months (TT$189,000) plus gratuity for three years (TT$45,360).

In the end, just a day before their Industrial Court date on 28 January, 2016, Moreau decided to accept TT$150,000 and move on.

Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs Legal Officer II Judith Joseph described the outcome as “savings” of TT$84,360.

Photo: Sport Minister Darryl Smith (left) and his then Permanent Secretary and travel agent Natasha Barrow. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to use Bookings.com?
(Copyright Trinidad Guardian)

Smith could not care less about the cost to taxpayers. When his then Permanent Secretary Natasha Barrow informed him of the settlement, he showed concern for just one detail.

Barrow: “Matter with Carrie-Ann Moreau resolved. Settlement in the Amt of 150,000 agreed and cheque collected.”

Smith: “[Thanks emoticon]. confidential signed?”

Barrow: “Yes it’s [sic] was part of the settlement agreement that we both signed.”

Smith: “[Thumbs up emoticon]. and no mention of sexual harassment”

Barrow: “No.”

But employees were not the only ones to suffer. Another insider reflected on Smith’s first 100 days in office when he made a grand show of meeting every National Sporting Organisation (NSO) in the country.

When staffers brainstormed over Smith’s promises and returned to him with a potential action plan, the Sport Minister was confused; he could not even remember what he told the sporting bodies.

Photo: Sport Minister Darryl Smith (centre) meets with TTGF president David Marquez (left) and his executive committee in 2015.
(Courtesy Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs)

“He asked us what were we talking about,” said the source. “He never had any intention of turning any of his promises into reality. This is a man who would stop on his way to work to take a selfie with a garbageman to create an image of himself. In truth, he is the most disingenuous person I ever worked with in my life.

“The man is a total megalomaniac.”

On another occasion, Smith gave a moving speech about using sport to fill the gaps in social services, as the government tightened its belt in several areas. Suitably impressed, a group of over 20 elders from Laventille—former Olympic athletes, volleyball players, football players and coaches—rented a maxi and travelled to the Sport Ministry to share their ideas on how his vision could be implemented in their neighbourhood.

According to the employee, Smith declined to see them although he was not in meetings on that day. Out of respect, other staffers met the elders and took down their suggestions.

They tried to relay those ideas to the Sport Minister but did not get far.

“Why allyuh meet with them?!” Smith supposedly asked. “Who authorised that?”

Given the leaking of Smith’s relations with then communications contract employee Kate Balthazar, his farcical and costly Tobago excursion, fall-outs with star athletes like four-time Olympian Richard Thompson and the scandalous case of sexual harassment, employees felt certain that his tenure as Sport Minister could not last.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago’s London Olympics 4 x 100m relay team of (from left) Richard Thompson, Emmanuel Callender, Marc Burns and Keston Bledman pose with Sport Minister Darryl Smith (centre) in a ceremony at The Anchorage, Carenage on 29 June, 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA Images/Wired868)

But Smith insisted he was unsackable and destined for great things within the party—when Marlene McDonald was sacked as Housing Minister, the Diego Martin Central MP assured some staff that the position was as good as his.

He never did get the Housing job that he craved. But his ability to dust off public scorn and retain his position stunned—and dismayed!—staffers.

“At the end of the day, we are employed there and we want to keep our jobs,” said one employee.

For some at Smith’s ministry, the sight of Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi and Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General and Office of the Prime Minister Stuart Young going to great lengths to avoid implicating their colleague in wrongdoing on Wednesday was too much to bear.

“Nothing will come of this,” said one employee, on the allegations of sexual harassment against Smith. “The party always defends its own, even in wrongdoing. Everything is pointless.”

Photo: Sport Minister Darryl Smith tees off at the 2016 Open Golf competition.
(Courtesy Ministry of Sport)

Editor’s Note: Wired868 sent a list of allegations by past and present employees to Sport Minister Darryl Smith and his Permanent Secretary Nicolette Duke:

  • Did you ever use the 20th and 24th floor of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs’ waterfront compound to engage in sexual activities?
  • Did you have sex with staff member(s) at the Ministry of Sport?
  • Did you physically and inappropriately grab or touch any female employee at the Ministry?
  • Did you send sexually explicit text messages or engage in sexually explicit phone calls with any member(s) of staff?
  • Did former employee Carrie-Ann Moreau complain that you had been inappropriate with her/and or sexually harass her during her time of employment?
  • Did you use personal staff employed at the Ministry for chores that would not be reasonably expected of a government worker including—but not limited to—bathing and dressing your children?

Up until the time of publication, neither had responded.

About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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    Did you send sexually explicit text messages or engage in sexually explicit phone calls with any member(s) of staff?
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      Asking for a friend…

    • Damian R. Scott put forth a distraction and contain from behind…… Cellphones can record conversations as well as take pictures … but perhaps my questions would brush the line of investigative reporting vs a lawyers line of questioning (non of which I have any experience) but I’d go at him differently …… sideways ….can’t really explain it on the fly …. ask him the same questions in a roundabout way … lol

  85. If this is factual, then the Prime Minstrel needs to do something now…not later but RIGHT NOW!!! If it isn’t then you need to talk with him seriously about what could be the problem. My main question to him, the PS and the PM is “Why was a payment of $150,000 made to an employee who accused him of sexual harassment?”

  86. It’s a disgrace that those questions should have to be asked of any public official, let alone a sitting government Minister.

  87. I hold no brief for the Minister, I don’t know him, never met him and I’m no party hack. What however is clear to me is that Mr. Liburd appears to have some personal gripe with the gentleman, he has prefaced all of his comments/statements with the term “alleged” or “allegations” with no evidencial facts, no names and no balance. Of ALL the persons employed with the Ministry you mean to say that he found not one who had a positive word? Nah man! Something wrong here somewhere. This Minister must be really hurt you so personally that you appear to have lost your objectivity big time. Sorry to say.

    • One thing I do have a record for in my years of journalism is being accurate. Even if people sometimes have to wait a while to see it for themselves.

    • Lasana Liburd. Nonsense! You based a whole article on allegations and now hoping for self fulfilling prophetic results? What kind of journalism is that? Where is the accuracy and why must ppl have to wait a while to see for themselves ? That’s just baseless and could never see the light in conventional media. If you are so “accurate” why don’t you just name the names and give credence to your article. Then and maybe then I will take your article seriously.

    • Having read Lasana Liburd articles in the past and his many collaborations with international journalist, I don’t see anything self serving in this article.
      This is the kind of journalism we need in TNT. One that seeks to shine light without fear or flavor. And by the way all investigative reporting is wait and see, because you always need that one person who will come out on the record

    • Liburd keep doing yuh do great job.

    • Jason Wilson . Yeah let’s wait and see indeed. International investigate reporting gives facts with dates, extracts etc. Not this nonsense of a series of “allegations” and inuendoes that pass for evidence. The article is baseless and meant to destroy and not to inform. There are ppl with 20 years experience and ppl with 1 years experience repeated 20 times. The choice is yours. If sources are willing to be recorded and are truthful then their is no need to fear of keeping food on their tables. All we need even on social media is balance. Mr. Liburd needs to take a page out of the book of Ms. Rhona Bharath when she investigates a topic. Facts only.

    • I will and have moved on.

    • Ben you know more about international standards of journalism than me? Lol. Cute.

    • I agree with u. It amazes me that persons could use the cloak of alleged to smear ppls names. If youre making and accusation stand up declear who u are and say what u have to say. Stop hiding behind aledged to protect yourself from lawsuits. Remember u put this out into the public domain and you claim its fact back the fact up by posting Mr Smith accusers.

    • Lasana Liburd. Sir you are NOT the resovoir of all knowledge.

    • Ben I never said I was. But I think I know a bit about journalism though. And that isn’t restricted to journalism in Trinidad and Tobago.
      I have respect for rhoda. And I do believe that is mutual. If you like, why not ask her what she thinks about my journalism?

    • Our questions to the Minister and sent to the PS: Did you ever use the 20th and 24th floor of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs’ waterfront compound to engage in sexual activities?
      Did you have sex with staff member(s) at the Ministry of Sport?
      Did you physically and inappropriately grab or touch any female employee at the Ministry?
      Did you send sexually explicit text messages or engage in sexually explicit phone calls with any member(s) of staff?
      Did former employee (Claire Munroe*) complain that you had been inappropriate with her/and or sexually harass her during her time of employment?
      Did you use personal staff employed at the Ministry for chores that would not be reasonably expected of a government worker including—but not limited to—bathing and dressing your children?

    • Lasana Liburd. Now I can agree with that statement “I think I know a bit about journalism”. Speaks for itself as its your words not mine as I have tried to be obective in all my responses.

    • Great article Lasana Liburd. I hope this will lead to some action

    • Lasana Liburd. Don’t take the bait….I don’t know the minister, and I am no Party hack either. But your reputation in journalism thus far has been of determination to get to the truth…in spite of obstacles, no matter how long it takes. You are being careful and professional in your words….just in case there is an investigation. Keep up the good work. We depend and appreciate your work sir. Don’t “Ben” down to their criticisms. ..lol

    • You read this article and wonder if all this is true why nobody went to police and report to police……….. if he forces his self on employees why and following the article there have been many incidents nobody not a single person has made a police report. It is amazing that so many women are willing to take sexual abuse and not report it. This has to be a smear campaing because if all this is facts and quality reporting why wasnt the question ask and published as why not a single female employee has reported him to the police.

    • Victor Curtis Young-Lumkin . It’s not my intention to be a “Victor” in this discourse but to be “curt is” sometimes interpreted by not too “Young” a mind when you use logical arguments to be “lum kin” as simple criticism. Don’t make unfounded comments about “Ben” down as it maybe revealing your preference. ..lol to you too.

    • Ben yes. I know just a bit. Thanks for granting me that at least. Lol. Go with God sir.

    • The relationship between journalists and their sources is complex. They have to access the vulnerability of sources, as well as their value as providers of information is of paramount importance is the need for journalists to reassure sources that their identity is protected.
      Protection of sources is well recognized in International Law as a key principle underpinning press freedom specifically by the UN and the Council of Europe .

      IF THE COURT ORDERS A JOURNALIST TO HAND OVER MATERIAL THAT WILL REVEAL THE SOURCE OF INFORMATION. THE ETHICAL REPORTER WILL INSTINCTIVELY DEMUR. Therefore, if Lasana Liburd concocting these wild stories which I have absolutely no reason to believe he is, due process will take place.
      Anonymity is a right that should be enjoyed by those who need it, people who may lose their jobs for whistleblowers or others at the risk of exposure.
      So it’s not just a matter of a person vendetta. It’s also the journalist and his sources at even more risk.
      Keep up the great work Lasana it’s clearly in keeping with International standards.

    • Thanks Reyna. So far the only comment I’ve seen attributed to Darryl is that he apparently accused Rhoda Bharath of being my source.
      Hardly a denial of the information is it? ??
      I gave Smith three days to respond to the allegations and he didn’t.
      Journalists should never use “anonymous sources” too often. But sometimes they are absolutely necessary.

    • Heaven forbid if El Chapo’ s sources were revealed…I guess Lasana Liburd this story sounds too salacious to be true ?

    • Reyna the funny thing is I only used what had multiple witnesses or messages and recordings to back up. You wouldn’t want to hear some of the stuff in which there was only Darryl and the respective employee within earshot.
      Like at site visits for instance… ?

    • Oh geed, please save us. This is quite a lot to digest ?

    • So I it’s ok to tape ur boss on the job?

    • Lasana Liburd you should call names if you have what you say you have dont play mas and fraid powder

    • Lasana Liburd not to make light of this but wiuld he have remembered? If he cant remember what he promised or said to Sports organisations he probably would have not recalled who said it to esp if there were so many people he harassed. But great work! He has to go!

    • Cecil my name is there. I’m the one who is sued if any errors can be proven. So I’m clearly not afraid of anything.
      But then I’m paid to write. I can’t jeopardize the livelihood of others for a good story or to satisfy you.
      My choice is to either use the information as an anonymous source or don’t use it at all. I chose the latter.

    • Plenty journalist inherited from the last administration so I guess now is pay back time

    • Cecil when you can’t find anything else, it is natural to attack the messenger.
      If you are sincere and you really want to know how Wired868 treated the last government, just go on the site and put “Anil Roberts”, “Brent Sancho” or anyone you choose into the search bar.
      Then if you’re man enough, you can come back to the thread and tell us what you find. ?

    • Lasana Liburd, you made a statement there saying he accused someone who pretends (not your word, mine) to be a journalist of being your source. She’s on the inside in this and many things then? Makes one wonder..fr. See why we’re in this mess?

    • Lasana Liburd if have more important things to write about the population don’t want to hear who bathing who children we want to hear about Christopher Wiley

    • Ben Nel, why did the Ministry pay an ex- employee of his 150, 000 of our tax paying dollars?

    • The way how the media printing fake news that ex employee have to tell me that ent the express headlines say Rowley told tobagonians to walk on water

    • Lasana Liburd if there are recordings did you advise the source to take them to the police? And if so did they do it? Because if all this is indeed fact and nobody sees it fit to report to police youll have to be mad. Until there is and actual police investigation and charges laid this is just a story. Read your article there are accusations of sexual assault on more than one occasion with witnesses so how nobody have not brought the police in is mind blowing. But then again you got to defend what you write…..

    • You have the right not to take the article seriously if you choose. I have to respect the fact that the workers who spoke bravely also need a job to keep food on their tables.
      In fact I was told much worse than what was published. But I only used info when there was more than one witness—in large part, so the minister couldn’t identify the source. I have the messages, recordings and multiple witnesses to satisfy me that the story stands up.
      But I won’t ask you or anyone to take my word for it. If you think the story is nonsense, you can leave it there and move on.
      Like I said, in 20-odd years my record speaks for itself I think.

    • Adeola James. I was at pains in a previous thread in this discussion to indicate that there are SEVERAL disputes at the Industrial Court against government ministries and or government agencies in which judgements have gone against the relevant Ministry for which they have to pay damages to ex employees with tax payers money. Some are settled by consent or by court judgements. Hope that answers your question.

    • And if there is a police report, you can say wait for conviction. Then wait for appeal. Then they might say the judge sister in law wore yellow once. There will always be reasons to refuse to accept information.
      You can only take a horse to water…
      If I am being unfair on darryl, he will know his options.

    • A big reporter like liburd coming on social media and talking about who bathing who children why he er find out if the allegations concerning Christopher Wiley is true

    • The bathing of the children piss me off

    • Then imagine how the employees felt about it. ?????

    • Adeola James .employees of the ministry are not employed by the minister and he cannot fire them either.

    • Martha Clarke-Jack oh but he can instruct so don’t play semantics with me

    • Adeola the minister hires and fires from his personal staff.

    • Lasana Liburd yes that is their prerogative. I wasn’t aware it was a personal sec

    • The pay off was to a personal worker. And that in itself should set off alarm bells because serve at the whim of the minister essentially and don’t have much legal protection. The fact that she got a payoff like that shows something odd is happening.
      I’m sure some of the people commenting know this full well but are just hoping they can confuse some people.

    • Lasana Liburd did you advise them to take it to the police yes or know? Because these are serious allegations. Youre inferring sexual assault and if youre a good journalist you should pride yourself in doing the right thing. Dont use the argument that if it becomes a police matter we gonna say wait for s conviction. That argument is thin. You cant smear ppls name saying u have evidence but u simply cant say u advised the accusers to take this to the police.

    • Ben Nel soak it eeen !! Ha. Hah ha. Ha

    • Saying “It is clear to me’, means you are convinced, yet you confess to having no brief or party affiliation, but you do have a conclusion about Liburd’s motive. You have taken a side!

    • Lasana Liburd stop entertaining him…ever heard the saying “people will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” He sounds very ignorant, and quite the “party hack.” Keep your head up and do your job, who vex loss. Happy Easter.

    • Lana thanks. Happy easter! ?

    • So, there are allegations anonymously leveled against the Sports Minister by persons unknown about activities in which he was supposed to have been engaged. He is expected to respond and then his response will be dissected by the same media who asked him.
      The way I see it, there is only one loser here, the Minister. He should adopt the same stance as the CJ – wait until the media shows their full hand and if it is not adequate or proper, sue them. However, he should never fall into their trap of creating content for their various media.

    • Almost all of the allegations quoted by Wired are criminal and therefore this crap about protecting their jobs don’t hold water. If they value money over their self-worth, then I say, let the worse continue. The problem with out professional class is that they want justice but don’t want to sacrifice anything to get it. Well, that doesn’t float by me. Get your ass out there and face your oppressor in court and let’s see who is right. I’m sure that Their husbands won’t have the same view as they do if they had to choose whether their wives remain as bed partners or unemployed

    • Lana Jessica Ameerali check the name of the person saying this.liburd sorry for you .

    • Hey, l am dying to know who put down that wuk on Dana Seetahal, probably Mr Liburd can spend some time on something meaningful rather than destroying someone character.

    • The Diego Martin Central forces are rallying? Very sweet. Happy easter people

    • Now that’s the hard part, I don’t live in Diego Martin, I just want to see you media guys dig into something worthwhile. There are certainly more important things to investigate, if you want I can send you a list. Happy Easter to you too.

    • Michael I’m happy for your faith in me but I am primarily a sport journalist. If you have suggestions on football feel free to let me know.
      Otherwise you can check Mark Bassant on Dana.

    • Reyna Kowlessar And that’s the kind of story that is guaranteed to turn heads and start people talking excitedly.

    • Lasana Liburd , weren’t you the one who was recently posting the views of your lawyer friends regarding the CJ. Wouldn’t think you were a Sports Journalist then. Now we know

    • What is great is that more of the population is now more aware of the characters who pose as independent journalists locally. They have learnt their lesson from Partap and the others who we see in party colours and other circles over time

    • Michael Mc Intosh. I also don’t live in the west far less Diego Martin so I guess I was also “lum kin” with the rest who contributed in this issue. Tsk Tsk.

    • Roger Collin Pierre if I post a story on plumbing, would I be a plumber? Lol. I can write on anything. My specialty is Sport.
      Anyway guys, you all clearly come to the thread to talk about anything but the story at hand.
      Happy easter.

    • Lasana Liburd. Happy Easter too and please stop taking constructive criticism so personally.

    • Thanks Ben. Nobody in the public arena can afford to be thin skinned and that includes journalists. If you think I need to work harder at that, then I will bear that in mind. Take care.

    • Okay Sir, For a moment there I thought that we were discussing politics or whats going on in the country that warrants attention. I am not a football fan but I love cricket and there is so much there to talk about e.g, that farce of a cricket team we sent to Pakistan.

    • So give the sports minister a rest and lets discuss the problems with cricket, football etc, etc. Maybe, just maybe we can give him some ideas. I don’t need to know about his personal life. I am not interested in that. I want us to win the cricket world cup next year. I want us to qualify for the next soccer world cup, I want to see more of our sports men and women winning on the world stage. Those are subjects that really need our attention.

    • Glad you are aware of this. Social media has now prevented you guys from dictating narrative to achieve your own agenda.

      Until you can prove that you are able to police your own, I will treat local journalists the same as I do for all local professionals, I will call you all out.

    • Michael Mc Intosh there are many different sporting stories on Wired868 and stories on Darryl Smith are less than one percent. His name doesn’t even come up in the cloud tag of our popular subjects. Let me know if you need help navigating the site.

    • Roger, the ones who need to be policed here are the media and Wired868 eh? Ok pardners. Police away then.

    • Like we as a people have a curse on we the UNC supporters does never go against one another or their party but we like they put we so

    • Roger Collin Pierre this what i have been saying. All the allegations are criminal but it seems ppl or the journalist here rather a story not a criminal case. He claims there is recorded evidence why not take it to the police, is it that ppl care so much more for a job than justice. Madness

    • Ben Nel mate you don’t wanna call me out!

    • Lasana Liburd people who talk about revealing names are the ones who want to sleep under blanket of freedom but never ask what is the cost. They are happy to see somebody else in pain but if it was them they begging for mercy.
      How many citizens have in the past gone up against the establishment and then their fellow citizens make their life hard. If people want the country to change then demand better! Not try to pull down somebody who trying to throw light on what is going on! These are the questions that Allyuh asking in the office , on a lime on social media.And when somebody ask it out loud is excuses. Ask the Questions bro don’t stop.

    • Lasana Liburd , you all, like all the other local professionals don’t get off that easy. We need to see YOU police yourselves.
      You have MATT, business has AMCHAM, Chamber of Commerce, TTMA etc. , doctors have MPATT. The responsibilities of these organizations is supposed to include policing your own members to ensure proper moral and ethical conduct simply because you are the specialists in your respective fields. This places you in the best position to seek the welfare of the wider society, NOT only to have awards and seek your members’ interests

    • Jason Wilson , according to your logic, then no names should be called. Natural justice demands that you face your accuser. In addition, we are talking about criminal conduct here, not stand-pipe bachanal.
      I would not respond to any abstract accusation of this kind either. It places me at a distinct disadvantage with the only winners being the media as they are assured of content for the foreseeable future. I will not give life to the stories and by extension, money into the coffers of the media houses.

    • Ben Nel. . FIRSTLY. .you don’t refer to a man with that attitude ” gentleman”

    • Or maybe the minister is a loose cannon,eh?

    • Lasana Liburd keep up your good work my friend, ?

    • Lasana Liburd I hope the ones who berated you about having a person vendetta about former Minister Smith can now have the grace to apologise. I sincerly hope they grasp the severity and significance women being harassed in the work place which should have been absolutely revolting and disturbing.

  88. BARREL SMITH should NEVER hold the title of MINISTER…any relations to BALGOBIN …

  89. I think Reginald Dumas has rather high expectations of the PM with respect to protection of contract workers or their rights.

  90. Among other comments this should be enough to get a minister fired, IMHO:
    “I hear yuh girl carrying me to court,” the Sport Minister allegedly told one worker. “I don’t care. No matter if she wins or she lose, it’s not my money anyway…”

    I am speechless by all the revelations, I really am.

  91. When we come to the realization that the Sport Ministry is not important to a sitting government then he will be able to do whatever he pleases.
    There is enough evidence from these employees to present to the PM and get rid of their boss.

  92. Such an oxymoron that we have an obese SPORT minister. Shouldn’t expect much from it.

  93. ..This is a revolting read. Imagine your female relative being stalked by a predator. Sickening..

  94. The man needs to go. He’s sick and depraved, sadly he’s not the only one

  95. Why they protecting this man?

  96. this has to be the most bizarre story about a local politician Ive ever read

  97. This is why this government will never agree to a sexual offenders list. They will be first on the list.

  98. This was a brilliant although vomit-swallowing read. Me thinks the Minister needs to be in jail or left naked on an island. But if everyone can agree to castration, I’m all for that too. Me also thinks that no one wanted him as a youth so this portfolio is nothing but revenge on the opposite sex for years of rejection, which is exactly why no ministerial post should be given to ‘the boys’ but reserved for people with mature minds. At the very least, Ministry staffers now need to be counselled for a considerable period of time to get his stench off them. Fire this loser before he holds someone hostage in that building, while shouting “they love me, they all love me.”

  99. The man is a bum…….cost the state, a tidy sum…….

  100. Hmmm why is this man still in office?

  101. And I thought I couldn’t get more disgusted by him and this government.

  102. We’ve witnessed this hubris before and we already know how it usually ends. Jack Warner thought he was unmovable, Anil Roberts thought he was invincible and Anand Ramlogan thought he walked on water. I don’t think any current Government Ministers would be fired under this PM as I get the feeling the later’s selling point and brand he wants to present to voters next election is a stable Government where Ministers were not fired for corruption and where there was no high Minister turnover as the previous regime. The mistake is, that may not be enough to sway voters who have already crossed the fence because of their disenchantment. Voters would be judging the Government based on “results” not the turnover rate of his Ministers.

    • What punishment did jack, warner and an get?

      They were made richer, richer, filthy rich with assets; all free to live and roam.

      We lie to ourselves a lot
      Them no longer being ‘ in seats of political power s of zero consequence. It is not permanent from day one, hence, their raids

  103. wait u mean d guy that spent a couple hundred thousand taxpayer dollars on a tobago weekend fete and another 150 thousand tax dollars on a harassment settlement is also an asshole at work? shocking

  104. As I have been saying… this pappy-show man should have been terminated long time now.

  105. This entire PNM government continues to disappoint me daily….I hold faith in Mr. Fitzgerald Hinds though… because deep down i know he is not happy with the state of things… Mrs. Glenda Jennings Smith continues to be a beacon of hope within the slowly crumbling regime as well….I sincerely hope that these two individuals will not be tainted by their colleagues’ actions or inaction thereof.

  106. There is value in much of the disclosures, Shabaka Kambon’s confirmation of the contemporaneous conversation with [“Munroe”], but the use of anonymous sources is a slippery slope.

    “In truth, he is the most disingenuous person I ever worked with in my life…. The man is a total megalomaniac.”

    I fail to see the value in such personal attacks cloaked in anonymity. Anybody with an axe to grind could easily exploit such a situation for their own purposes. Smith hardly cuts a sympathetic figure and is easily among, if not my least favorite cabinet member. But I would be a hypocrite if I spoke up only when it’s someone I ‘like.’

    • Anonymous sources aren’t my favourite either and I try not to use them in often. In this case, so many people are contract employees or see the public sector as their best chance for a decent job–now and in the future.
      So I had to respect that and do story now or just ignore them.
      I just tried as best as I could to give an idea of life at the Ministry under the circumstances. It won’t be a flawless narrative but you can line up some of what is said with what has actually happened under his tenure too.

    • And don’t forget I did have access to messages and recordings. I was advised by legal counsel not to publish them–out of an abundance of caution–but just to keep them for if necessary.

    • Whereas, I understand that not all anonymous sources are truthful, truth is, anonymous sources are a key element of investigative journalism all over the world man. Now, the fact that Wired868 sent the list of allegations to the Minister and PS for their feedback before publishing is a certain effort to balance the story. In my opinion, the non response of the Minister and PS is not to their benefit on this occasion at all. Hope they do take the time to provide their side of the story as these are pretty serious allegations in my humble opinion.

    • This made me so sick. What arrogance and shamelessness . God does not sleep.

    • Lasana and Brian, the issue isn’t one of truth or untruth… can either of you prove that Smith is “the most disingenuous person” the source ever worked with, or that he is a “total megalomaniac?” Neither of those are factual statements, but rather opinions. Publishing facts from unnamed sources is fine, facts can be verified. I just take slight issue with people using anonymity to take potshots at others. If you’re brave enough to state an opinion it then be brave enough to stand behind it.

      Or we should just stick to the unattributed (if necessary) but verifiable facts.

    • Nigel, if story quotes Keith Rowley calling Darryl Smith a total megalomaniac that won’t make it more or less true would it? That is an opinion. And one based on something that is easily visible.
      You either agree or disagree.
      If I say someone is the most boring person I ever met, you’d criticise me for not being able to prove that?

    • Lasana my point is that the comment is slanderous and you give the person making it cover while adding nothing but a gratuitous potshot to the article.

    • Nigel I disagree. That is fair comment on a public figure.
      The statement that he put his hand between an employee’s legs and tried to hold her down is libelous. But then he knows exactly who that employee is and the messages he sent her.

    • Lasana that statement is only libelous if untrue. An opinion as rendered can neither be proven one way or another. If challenged, how does one assert truth in one’s defense?

    • You don’t need to assert truth for an opinion. You need to show that it is a fair comment based on some shred of evidence.
      And the Judge obviously won’t ask you to list everyone you worked with either.
      Smith promise to help mih and then he ent take my calls. I therefore I think he is extremely dishonest. (Fair comment on a public figure)
      Smith is a thief. (Libellous unless you can prove he stole something)

    • Lasana that is your understanding of libel laws?? “Fair comment” is a defense? Okay, good luck with that.

  107. How is it a country as tiny as Trinidad could have such pieces of S*** running our organisations …how does this happen???

  108. Buh wah trouble is this eh I always thought that it was only meh Auntie Kams political party have these type of ministers eh Them really good yes