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EPL Infrafred Sauna

“When was your last serving? Was your appetite quenched? Do you thirst for more? Of course you do! Well, let’s get right into the poetry, enthusiasts!  

“Have a taste of my unreleased poetry from my unreleased manuscripts I’ve left to marinate in time. Have your fill!”

The following poems were submitted to Wired868 by Fordi Kaius:

I am the Blacksmith by Fordi Kaius

As ironsmiths use fire to shape their art
The fire within the Blacksmith is the power of his craft
Flowing in his veins like a volcano’s lava’s rage
Give him a pen and feel the heat as he scorches the page

He’s seen many kings come and go to the hereafter
I liken him to a chess connoisseur
Play your games but don’t play mad
You’ll win a free one-way trip to the gulag

He’s been given a mind with more words than dictionaries
In his mind are mines full of more jewels than encyclopedias
He’s a literary drug that will have you hooked more and more
The only constant treatment that is better than cure

Any person with an imagination can write
Not many persons with the right imaginations are left.


The last page slayer by Fordi Kaius

I’m not here to please
I’m a tree ever growing and shedding leaves

I leave you a mess
Of your mind
You should stress
On the shortness of our time

My words make pools
Dive right in
Simple enough for the fools
Who cannot swim

My mind is a deep sea
It takes your breath away, bring oxygen
Blank pages take shape like the dragon of the sea
Follow me as I slay pages with my pen.


Wisdom and grief by Fordi Kaius

Age doesn’t always bring reason
Time doesn’t always bring the answer to every question

Silence gives joy to one and sorrow to the other
The shoe that didn’t fit one perfectly fits another
If you lost your roots you won’t find your route
When the liar will love the truth, the barren will bear fruit

All seasons don’t bring the same handful
Not all will see tomorrow, today be thankful
Consider not all gold will glitter
There’s no end to the wait for sweet fruits from trees bitter

The wait can be much heavier than the weight
The heaviest burden you can carry is hate
Secrets will continue to eat you, until you empty your plate
Spend your time wisely for death is always seeking a date.


A time with the devil’s daughter by Fordi Kaius

Here another rhyme
A slight touch of rewind
Once upon a time

I was in the middle
Watching fools follow sounds of a fiddle
I wouldn’t be made a fool by a riddle

I had run away from freedom
To walk the lonely roads of a dark kingdom
I met her near Babel’s tower in Babylon

There she found her lost memories
On the first step we sat as she told me her sad stories
Her tears a winter’s rain froze me

She’s the devil’s daughter, but he wants a son
He told her with a son, his will be done
Many battles he fought in the war, not even one he has won

Entrancingly she asked of me a favor
Our little secret to savor
Afterward she would do the labor

Her beauty engulfs my eyes
Would I become captive to her thighs?
Just then I was a fool even if I had ever been wise

Yea I was a rebel
But only fools find courage where demons tremble
In the end we’ll stand opposite when we assemble

Although I had sympathy for her
And her language and appearance had me in awe
I had to keep the words of my father

Let me ascend these steps and touch the sky
Before I give my blood to sacrifice better I die!
After one finds the truth how can one still follow a lie?


Cold meditations by Fordi Kaius

Slumber in the summer
Wither in the winter

There’s no avoiding this I thought
Way up north
In cold meditations I wonder
Many thoughts do I ponder

My thoughts are more chilling than temperatures outside
From our thoughts where can we hide?
A heavy heart is a burden
You don’t get to say it over so be mindful of your wording

The silence is heavy here in the last resort
Hoping here isn’t my last resort
High on a frozen mountain in a deep dark valley
I’m at a defining chapter in my story.



I am Kaius son of Cleopatra
I write but I’m not just a writer

I have done a lot
I’m here to do a lot more
Some do a lot less although empowered to do a lot more
Some go to the sea and never pass the shore

Why go to the sea and don’t bathe?
Why have a bed if you’re not going to be laid?
If we are not found, are we not still lost?
How could we know worth, without a cost?

True riches the rich have fumbled
Therefore, currency and stones they store
Humble yourself or be humbled
You’re so woke yet how loudly do you snore

I woke up and choose truth
Uncover my pen to pen a message to the youth
There’s a way with the word, leading above the silver lining
Our minds are fields of diamonds, they’re after our shining

It’s not the size of your following
It’s the depth of your writing
It’s not the quantity of likes you get
It’s the quality of love you receive

It’s not just the art you put out
It’s the substance you put in
For when it touches the heart
It becomes more than art

Listen more and speak less
For when truth is known lies are useless!


Woman by Fordi Kaius

My body heats melting my frozen heart
She’s the artist and making love is her art

She’s in my mind
Rooted like a gem
The finest I will ever fine
Out of all women

Her lips are a thousand pure springs
I’m ever the parched bird
She speaks, I hear angels singing
Her tongue satisfies me with words

She gives time taste and life flavor
GOD bless that glorious day I met her
To journey together I prepare for a roller-coaster

Knowing every up and down will bring us closer.


Take me as I am or leave me as you are by Fordi Kaius

Take me as I am
I’m just a man
Striving for but from perfection very far
Take me as I am or leave me as you are

Take it all with a pinch of salt
Too much will increase your blood pressure
You should know for you what’s a good measure

I can feed you a home grown home cooked meal
Only have an appetite to listen or to read
Food for thought you can take out
Though it’s never fast and never takeout

Here for the night until the sun’s out
I’ve come to come out
Out of the mud let your mind come out

I didn’t sell out, I stole in
Like the spook by the door, I let myself in
And as I’m in I’ll say one more thing
Love to for allowing me to do my thing.


Now that you’ve tasted I hope no word was wasted, and though I cannot tell if you’ve digested well, thank you for reading thank you for sharing. Please leave comments, I’m interested to learn which is your favorite poem, line or lines, quote from or just your thoughts. Follow me on IG @fordikaius, interested publishers or persons can send a dm, or an email to, I leave you with four poems from my 2021 publication now available on Amazon, Charli she cast a spell. A chapbook written as a collection of love letters to a beautiful writer of things. Until our paths cross again, enjoy!


She’s not mad Page 8 of Charli she cast a spell on me

She knew I’d fall in love with her
And all she did was just be herself

A little mad or not
Sometimes sad or not
Only her rejection can deter me
Because it’s her inner beauty that stirs me

Any and every Tom Dick and Harry
Can see the external beauty
And the way how she shines
Maybe even the blind

But to see the unseen beauty that’s inside
Like opening an unopened chest of treasure
Heart races and butterflies go wild
It’s my pleasure to have had that pleasure.


Charli she cast a spell on me Page 9 of Charli she cast a spell on me

Her lips don’t make sentences they make magic
Has my lost heart finally found true love or a trick?
If she’s selling lies I’m buying, and if she’s buying I’m sold
Her words are feathers in my ear, but weigh and worth more than gold

Her skin is a river of honey cream
I lay in bed awake, to fall asleep, to awake again in that dream
Once more hoping that once more, will be as before
Staring into each other’s eyes, in the sunset by the seashore

I’m addicted to her voice, say more
Cold-hearted and a tourist to these emotions, show me more
Her eyes are milky ways; her touch heats me like a rocket
I search for balance; I’m acting out of pocket

Lost in unfamiliar territory
I find myself in love with Charli.


The saint and the witch Page 10 of Charli she cast a spell on me

I didn’t awake early to watch the sunrise
I’ve been here since sunset
I can’t get that look of her eyes out of my eyes
When our two worlds met

She opened her door taking me to her inner room
Before my eyes adjusted, my nostrils were filled with perfume
I drifted into a trance, as she held me close to slow dance
Light flickered on a candle, next to an athame’s black handle

As we cuddled I kissed her arm
Would love cost me my soul, and could she be so cold?
Is there a question when there is an answer?
Denial eats away at the conscience like cancer

I leave my fate to my faith
The full moon freezes over the lake
Magic we’ll make she whispered
Then the earth shook and my body shivered

She pointed to her special ink and dip to write
If you’re a poet, then write
But not of stars or starlight, that’s too cliché
If there was a way out, this was my way

I took her outside, the moon alone was out
As we sat by the lake under the moonlight
I filled the sky with stars as I traced them out
Thus she fell into my arms, and in her eyes I saw the light.


Is this our last poem? Page 31 of Charli she cast a spell on me

Maybe I don’t know you anymore
But I know the beauty I saw upon the sea shore
Unquestionably the most graceful woman
To ever live and will ever live

Now I ask you to be gracious again
Every heart beat my heart beats in pain
You are my only anaesthetic
But the fabric of my heart you’ve teared it

Sadly, the only seamstress able to mend it is you
But you’re too busy writing all the things you do
It’s not my intentions to be a bother to you
I’ll leave you to do you, but before I do

I have just one more question
Is this our last poem?

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