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Hunte’s ‘KingPool’ does three-peat in tumultuous December for Wired868 fantasy football

And still the Wired868 Fantasy Football leader… Dia Hunte ‘KingPool’ has now enjoyed pole position for three successive months in the Wired868 Lime Kickers group, as he rounded off the Old Year as overall winner and December 2021 champ.

A feat made all the more remarkable as the England Premier League was hit with Covid-19 positive cases and postponements, which made it difficult to tell who would play on the weekend, let alone thrive. Maybe CMO Dr Roshan Parasram should hire Hunte as a consultant!

Photo: West Ham United forward Michail Antonio (right) celebrates a vital strike against Crystal Palace on 1 January 2022.
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Hunte, with more than a little help from the West Ham United trio of Michail Antonio, Manuel Lanzini and Jarrod Bowen, ended the month with 402 points—despite somehow finding room for the ultimate, luxury player: Cristiano Ronaldo.

It was enough to hold off Daniel Geelalsingh’s geeze and ages and Justin Bhola’s Revenge SZN. And, in the December stakes, Hunte finished clear of Adrian Wilson’s AC Drilan and David Joachim’s Dreadman United FC.

You know the drill, Dia. Your KFC prize is waiting!

KFC Munch Pack

Week 21 winners

1400 (total score): Dia Hunte’s ‘KingPool’

402 (November score): Dia Hunte’s ‘KingPool’

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