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Pull up a chair, Wired868’s Premier League Fantasy Football challenge is here!

Yuh ent fed up bad talk the coach? Are you ready to show what YOU know about football?

Wired868 now offers Trinidad and Tobago’s England Premier League football fans the chance to win more than just bragging rights with its own Fantasy Football challenge, which is a subset of the official Premier League Fantasy League.

Photo: (From left) Chelsea’s Kai Havertz, Manchester United’s Jadon Sancho and Tottenham’s Son Heung-min all offer excellent Fantasy Football value. Right?

It’s very simple. Participants register for free, select their 15-man squad within the permitted budget and they get points once their players deliver on the field and deliver. Click HERE to get started.

It’s so easy that anyone can do it! (Well, it might need a bit more explaining for Barcelona FC fans.)

Anyway, the Premier League kicks off on Friday 13 August, however fans can join the Fantasy Football challenge at any time during the season—which ends on 22 May 2022—and still be eligible for monthly prizes.

KFC Munch Pack

Eh… the prizes. We can’t promise that a certain John Wick clone will eat his hat, but Wired868 does have a few commercial partners who are working out the details.

The aim is to provide monthly rewards for the Wired868 Lime Kickers’ top manager in each calendar month, while we also hope to soon have prizes for various categories to be announced.

Photo: Pull up a chair… The England Premier League’s most expensive player, midfielder Jack Grealish, can make his Premiership debut for Manchester City this weekend.

We will keep readers updated weekly on the fate of our managers via Wired868 and the Burdie and Barney Show.

Jack Grealish is in. So too Jadon Sancho, Romelu Lukaku and Leon Bailey… So what are YOU waiting on then?

Editor’s Note: Joining the league couldn’t be easier. Simply use the link below and you’ll be added automatically after you’ve entered the game.


League Code: fa5qjr

Looking forward to playing against you this season!

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  1. This article/ prom highlights what is wrong with football in T&T.
    Here we are promoting a contest for foreign teams where none of our nationals are involved. Why can’t we “big-up our own”. WE have our local schools/ colleges league and instead of diving fans to these leagues and the Pro league ( Covid allowing), we promote foreign football!

    How may people can name the captain of the various teams, the leading goal scorers or even the coaches of our local teams. But they can rattle off the full roster of the foreign teams, how many championships etc. And who is primarily to blame- the MEDIA.

    Time fro a change in priorities!

    • Lasana Liburd

      Orson, do check Wired868’s A/V section, our YouTube page, or our video section on our Facebook page… And feel free to report back with the ratio of local videos to foreign ones. If there is one media house that you cannot accuse of ignoring local to promote foreign, it should be this one.